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General Information

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  1. Something funny
  2. Help Chief Out!
  3. 1 1/2 year old gsd
  4. Boxer living with my GSD pup
  5. With all the GSD photos we put on this site can't believe
  6. Stray GSD found! His mix is? or pure bred?
  7. WWII recruitment poster that Military Dog Handlers/K9 Search & Rescue ppl might love!
  8. Diff between gsd and mal
  9. anyone in miami can suggest a good trail?
  10. Dog forum security answer
  11. Is a German shepherd right for a first time owner
  12. places to explore in Massachusetts???
  13. Marital seperation and dogs.... I'm soooo torn
  14. If you wrote the dog park by-laws
  15. Have you ever been refused a dog?
  16. Two male GSDs Living Together?
  17. Need advice... Would you pay?
  18. Flying large dog from South America to Canada
  19. Ice Cubes
  20. Follow barron on instagram fellow gsd lovers!
  21. Is this what you would call a Red Sable German Shepherd?
  22. How much do you care about a CGC paper?
  23. Registered Name Question
  24. German Shepherd: TOY CRAZY!!!!
  25. Home Depot just won me back! Happy happy!
  26. Does anyone on here own a Rottweiler along with your German Shepherds?
  27. I can't tell if he's pure breed HELP!!!
  28. Freaking out new gsd mom
  29. Do Aussie Shepherd Dogs require more physical/mental stimulation than GSDs?
  30. What the reintroduction of wolves has done for Yellowstone
  31. Overbite in 4-month GSD....Should I be Concerned at This Time?
  32. Vermonters. Is anyone going to Iron Dog tomorrow?
  33. Introducing New Kitten
  34. Finding Dog Friendly Rentals
  35. Pancrea Powder Plus
  36. How Many?
  37. Forget 7 degrees... the 3 degrees of the working dog world
  38. Sable 6month update & harness question
  39. Swarming Flying Ants.. Why would they land on Zelda?
  40. Canoeing (bragging and questiion)
  41. Looking for advice on moving with 2 GSDs
  42. A cool photo from this weekend... or "Interpreting dog body language"
  43. my dog gets nasty.
  44. 2 year old Sch 1 imports
  45. Sarasota Fl area GSD
  46. make you feel guilty look
  47. Have you ever caught yourself staring at your GSD for long periods of time?
  48. Outfitting the New Car
  49. GSD with no papers
  50. German shepherd listed at #2 most likely to turn on owner....
  51. Flying with my daughter
  52. Kurunda beds FYI
  53. 2- 5yr. Old GSDs looking for new homes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  54. First time camping with Titan... Help!
  55. Coyotes responses to dogs in heat
  56. How to address an irresponsible owner that is a friend
  57. Some people and their dogs..
  58. Pet Insurance
  59. Dexter lifted his leg to pee today
  60. Seeing good Vet for GSD...
  61. I just want to get it right this time!
  62. INPUT Repeated attacks? Advice/opinions needed!
  63. Unfortunate incident
  64. allergies
  65. my gsd keeps losing her id tags need ideas
  66. Opinions on the Cane Corso Breed?
  67. Registered Name
  68. In case anyone wants to follow along...
  69. Visit from the Sheriff..what would you do?
  70. Tennis court exercise?
  71. Ideas for Dog supplies
  72. 7yr. Old GSD in Ottawa Humane Shelter
  73. Time fora big basket muzzle when in crowded areas?
  74. Training an older German Shephard
  75. Pup got attacked. Was I wrong?
  76. I think my dogs saved my house...
  77. K9 Kennel Store Feedback
  78. Need Help Identifying...
  79. Study about Crate Safety for travel
  80. Sometimes i wonder if my posts/threads are visible on the forums?
  81. Need a name for our puppy..?
  82. how I spent my summer
  83. This dog is going to do me in...
  84. Hey Florida Folks!!
  85. pedigree food recall
  86. Cut mouth/tongue from Jolly egg-anyone else?
  87. German shepherd defeats a Jaguar to protect night watchman at zoo
  88. Saving up for GSD trainer, in meantime is a manners class a good idea or bad?
  89. Are dogs ears sensitive to sounds we would perceive as loud?
  90. My dogs paws smells HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!
  91. Working line or Show line?
  92. And now we have baby squirrels...
  93. Yard Cover
  94. New Friend for my 1 Year Old
  95. Puppy Kicking
  96. The saga of Woolf and stairs
  97. high drive or no drive?
  98. Coat development?
  99. Home invasion
  100. Do you have names picked out already for future dogs?
  101. Mostly done growing?!
  102. Crates for GSD in the car?
  103. Purebred or mixed?
  104. Lactating after spay?
  105. Any Belgian shepherd or Tervuren experience??
  106. Running on Flagstone?
  107. stairing at self in mirrors
  108. Coat to semi-stock
  109. Lightening has hit twice
  110. Invasion of toads and frogs
  111. Dealing with wasps: tip
  112. Possible Storm D:
  113. Do you let your dogs around unvaccinated dogs?
  114. Tell me your pup's trying to "get away with it" habits!
  115. How do other people react when they meet your dog?
  116. What do you wish you had acclimated your dog to as a puppy?
  117. problem in car
  118. Venting on today's vet visit (weird comment)
  119. Is there any IRC chat etc. that people similar to those here hang around
  120. Vicky vs Eagle
  121. How did you become involved in the "dog world"
  122. Haven't been on in Awhile !
  123. Does anyone know a GSD named FLASH living in SOUTH KOREA?
  124. Help with my GSDs papers.
  125. pedigree?
  126. How to Introduce My Yorkie to My GSD?
  127. What your dogs exercise routine!
  128. Looking for Dog Shows
  129. How many hours/km/miles do you go for your training? And how often?
  130. Are dogs just property?
  131. Tell me the saddest/happiest story
  132. Owner Found
  133. Feeding raw bones!! The smell of them the next day!!!!
  134. What to expect?????
  135. GSD ability to get along with small dogs?
  136. Bite History, how does it work?
  137. Common hypocrisy
  138. Apartment breed restrictions...
  139. questions on how to read a pedigree
  140. need advice on outdoor kennel
  141. Likely Goodbye :/
  142. Getting tree sap off my dog
  143. Should I?
  144. Tone of Voice
  145. Cant think of a name >_<
  146. How did you get your puppy?
  147. Dog Howling
  148. Anyone watch Kommissar Rex on MyGermanTV?
  149. Need thoughts quickly ...should have posted earlier...
  150. Dog appetite
  151. Memories ??
  152. Are his ears big?
  153. Are West German Showlines generally bigger/taller/heavier than working lines?
  154. Walking an unneutered male
  155. Dog park disaster-beware
  156. A dogs baseline
  157. Which posts do you ignore?
  158. Show me your DIY dog puzzles and toys
  159. is this a breed of German shepherds
  160. Severe Issues with 1 year old (escaping crate)
  161. Blue Spot on Tongue
  162. Dog Run advice
  163. Strong smell of neutered males urine.
  164. For full time working (or just busy!) parents.. exercise routine..
  165. Is this even legal??
  166. GSD + Belgian Malinois mix
  167. My neighbor fell victim to "knockout" game trend
  168. Working Line Shepherds as Family Pets
  169. Chinese german shepherd?
  170. More sad news from Michigan/spider--EEK!
  171. Is raising a child *like* raising a puppy?
  172. Breeding Question
  173. regarding antlers
  174. Apartment company allows GSDs
  175. What would your response be to this email..?
  176. Help! Looking for 6 month "ish" male?
  177. promiscuous shiggs.
  178. Carlos Rojas Alpha k9 Academy
  179. Please help me contact THE KENNEL CLUB in ENGLAND! No contact emails work.
  180. irresponsible dog walkers
  181. Fencing Options
  182. Off topic: anyone know a good Pug Forum?
  183. GSDs and Cats - Success Stories??
  184. Boarding- multiple dogs
  185. NILF Abusive?
  186. How to get over MY own anxiety..
  187. What does your username mean/stand for?
  188. What's your biggest weakness?
  189. sjk9solutions
  190. Do dogs sweat through their paws?
  191. Name the most annoying thing they do
  192. First Doggy Birthday ~ Ideas?!
  193. one owner?
  194. Any recommendations for soft/fabric toy with NO stuffing/hard to shred?
  195. First Time Owner, Some Odd Questions.
  196. Your dog is likely NEVER going to protect you!
  197. Reading v. Stephanitz's book about a Champion GSD who was 26.5" and 70 lbs. Serious?
  198. Young Dog Tormenting Old Dog
  199. Winston-issue with cats
  200. Moving into much smaller home. Current behaviours may become problematic.
  201. Thundershirt and car anxiety.
  202. Colors?
  203. Who here lives in an apartment?
  204. Moving to a condo....need advice with transitioning my dog.
  205. Great video
  206. Boarding DFW
  207. GSD friendly apartments near Spartanburg, SC???
  208. I need some opinions about adopting a GSD.
  209. What to say to people against breeders?
  210. Going to try e-collar with my Zelda,thoughts on e-collar.Progress or not?Life Update!
  211. Her face itches.... like ALL the time.
  212. Invisible Fence vs Dog Watch underground fence
  213. Very happy post :)
  214. The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture. Did I buy the CENSORED version? Uh oh.
  215. Dr. google, really??
  216. What color is he???
  217. Saw some Kurilian Bobtail Kittens Today
  218. Summer is expensive!
  219. How to get two females to get along
  220. Help me determine mix
  221. Police Dog Stabbed, but survived
  222. What are your favorite German Shepherd proof toys?
  223. extra finger
  224. Fireworks Question
  225. I can't even pet my dogs without shocking them due to the dry air. Help!
  226. Relocating home
  227. Am I being overly obsessed or..?
  228. another puppy
  229. Just having some fun
  230. bald spot around eye
  231. sad puppy?:(
  232. Does anyone else GSD act funny when owner sneezes?
  233. know her house
  234. Dog people vs. Regular people
  235. Purebred?
  236. multi-dog homes, do you stagger walks?
  237. If you lost everything, what would happen to your pets?
  238. Pets and kids: so much to consider
  239. Question about GSD coat
  240. Raw soup bone question
  241. Breed Restriction
  242. Cleaning all this hair!!!
  243. What is the most POPULAR sport?
  244. Any ideas on what my pup is mixed with?
  245. Does my GSD looked mix?
  246. Blue Buffalo
  247. In case anyone is interested- (women's) shelters that accept pets
  248. GSD's hair?
  249. New GSD - Worried about neutering
  250. My German Shepherd is to skinny