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General Information

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  1. Anybody with a Tall or "Lanky" Shepherd
  2. Bringing my 2yo gsd to visit breeder (mom+dad) for first time!
  3. Attention WOLF DOG EXPERTS: does this mix look like it has any wolf in it?
  4. Help needed - pulling problem
  6. Keeping house clean
  7. I don't understand.....
  8. Neck Deep in Dog Hair Arrrgh! Micro fine undercoat
  9. Where do you buy your decals?
  10. Mom and puppy gif
  11. Big Dogs Who Think They Are Lapdogs
  12. A little Saturday DIY
  13. Proud to Live in Kentucky
  14. General Dog Question
  15. My sister is getting a GSD!
  16. Check out these collars!
  17. Any health risk to buried raw bones?
  18. Need dog bed help
  19. Bitch-to-Bitch aggression
  20. Barkbox
  21. Humping!
  22. Doggy 'smell': simple trick
  23. Taping Ears
  24. Advice on GoPro Cameras
  25. Need advice. How do I go about changing my pup's dry food to a different brand?
  26. Halloween Matching Outfit - Suggestions
  27. Moses scores 700+ on his activity tracker?
  28. Language
  29. Silly Question????
  30. Is there an age limit on Crating your Pup?
  31. Tell me about your water bowl situation
  32. Adult Dog New Puppy Dog Behaviour
  33. Her brother may become available
  34. house too small for GSD, rescue vs puppy
  35. What to expect when female in heat
  36. Fostering for Breeding Program
  37. What to do with dog while in school!
  38. Dog Food Making A Difference for Newlie!
  39. Do YOU have a GSD type Personality?
  40. Hoping to get a German Shepherd this November
  41. Can't find place live-breed restriction?
  42. Jobs I can bring my dog to???
  43. Cutie and the Beast
  44. Gsd questions.... Help appreciated
  45. Have ya'll ever seen this color
  46. Ignore or Correct?
  47. She's a social butterfly???
  48. Raw meat diet opinions?
  49. Help finding someone
  50. How do you verify if ultrasonic toy works?
  51. Alsatians.
  52. Thoughts / Recommendations
  53. What are the dos and don'ts of the dog world?
  54. Peak Performance: Coaching The Canine Athlete
  55. Exercising your dog in hot weather?
  56. My 20 mo. old 80b female ate a whole raw chicken leg...
  57. leash?
  58. Need Shelter Dog Advice
  59. Should I get a pad for a kennel? Should I even get a kennel at all?
  60. How rare are Liver gsds?
  61. Is my German Shepherd a pure breed?
  62. Hide & seek
  63. Are you a one dog kind of person?
  64. Help to determine blood line??
  65. Is my GSD pure?
  66. Just sold house, now can't find an apartment in interim
  67. Picking up adult male in 2 days. what to expect?
  68. Has anyone been saved by their dog?
  69. tether tug toy
  70. Feeding my German Shepherd
  71. myDog - Android App
  72. Help us win a contest!
  73. My girl bit my face...
  74. Best Shampoo/ Tricks to remove smell
  75. Fromm difference ( Black Gold vs Green Gold)?
  76. ANYONE know where i can find an adult czech GSD???
  77. Fascinating Alpha wolf findings in Yellowstone
  78. Neighbour's dog giving me problems
  79. New member. Few questions
  80. Old to New thread listing
  81. Many thanks to the members of this forum!
  82. My dog decided he's the "police". Is that okay?
  83. Do you manhandle your dog?
  84. Simba is growing up!
  85. Is my gsd puppy quarter percentage wolf?
  86. 2 Story house living with a GSD?
  87. Bringing another German shepherd into the home..:
  88. What does the bunny hop look like?
  89. Working dogs, sport dogs..
  90. is it okay to get a second female??
  91. SV registration
  92. GSD goes to Miami
  93. First heat cycle...own an intact male.
  94. What is Your German Shepherd's Favorite toy?
  95. Top GPS collars - ergodynamic and effective??
  96. Exercising in heat.
  97. Disinfecting a yard?
  98. Jax 4 months old
  99. How well do they see?
  100. What are you training today?
  101. GSD auto vinyl decals
  102. About those nails
  103. Cringe-worthy dog owner acts
  104. Dog spayed
  105. Ear Infections & Feeding Raw
  106. Senior & Puppy Questions...
  107. Newlie, the "Sniper" Dog
  108. Poor guy on full physical restriction - what to do?
  109. My neighbors called the police on my dog due to excesive barking
  110. Been a while (pictures inside too)
  111. Advice on owning a working line GSD in Miami
  112. Emergency calling all mods!!!!!!!
  113. Flirt pole?
  114. Fun Tricks and Games
  115. Gas station awareness - GSD in vehicle
  116. Need Advice as i am a member on another fourm and was told show lines are deformed?
  117. Czech Wolf Dog Illegal In Lincoln, Nebraska
  118. Help!! Upset tummy issues
  119. Relocating from Toronto, Canada to Atlanta, GA
  120. Nail trim
  121. Paws and sand
  122. Pregnancy
  123. gay tail??
  124. Do you allow your dog to sleep in the bed
  125. Do you allow your dog to sleep in the bed
  126. Pet Insurance
  127. A Shepherd's Work is Never Done.
  128. Making chow for the pup
  129. Here is the contact info for The National Dog Registry in the US.
  130. Ideas for a ramp to go over stairs for swimming pool?
  131. Which collar would you get for our GSD?
  132. ear tattoo
  133. Ear notching?
  134. At what age did your dog stop being submissive to other dogs
  135. Dogs are not directly descended from wolves
  136. Pup has a large lump after Rabies vaccination
  137. Beach
  138. My Fallon dog GSD
  139. Poison free Yellow Jacket nest treatment
  140. Hot-N-Pop-Pro - help with Police K-9s
  141. Fireworks
  142. Tori thinks she is a cat
  143. Mixed with?
  144. another role for dogs
  145. Air Temps and Surface Temps and dog feet
  146. 1-yr old mid-content wolf / GSD / Malamute cross...if only there was a way!
  147. Looking for opinions on breed/mix
  148. Looking For Correct Term/Word
  149. How do you read a pedigree to tell what lines a GSD is from?
  150. Bi-color Or black and Tan (how can you tell the difference)
  151. GSD/Lab Mix or GSD/Malinois Mix?
  152. Burping
  153. I have no patience left....
  154. Need some help. Have a few questions
  155. Physical hurt another to protect your own??
  156. UPS lost my package. How can I locate it without a tracking number?
  157. Needing Czech/Slovak name help!
  158. I cant seem to be able to potty train one if my puppies
  159. Schutzhund vs personal protection
  160. Cooling Pads
  161. Grrrr....import issues
  162. This beyond bogus!
  163. Funniest things people have said to you...
  164. Which is better the runt or the biggest puppy
  165. Can you tell working or show lines just by looking at a GSD?
  166. Max The movie and Mals everywhere.
  167. A questionable number of puppies
  168. Will my German Shepherd puppy be black and red or black and tan?
  169. Are there any Forum members who live in Greenville, South Carolina?
  170. Biggest pet peeves?
  171. Need to find a Breeder
  172. "SHEPHERD: The Story of a Jewish Dog" movie coming soon?
  173. Ear size
  174. Dog and 3 week old puppies need foster in Lancaster, CA
  175. Am I ready for a working line GSD???
  176. Barking when people arrive
  177. Wolf's coming to Florida...18 hour drive
  178. Sable coat much thicker along the spine (18 months)?
  179. Crate or keep outside?
  180. Fallen Policerís K-9 Goes Home To Love And Protect His Wife
  181. New addition
  182. Falsely Accused
  183. passing of Peter Lauder
  184. 2 puppies, liter mates, should I rehome one of them?
  185. Insurance Old House - GSD any nationwide companies?
  186. advice on a second puppy.
  187. Windshield Washer Warning
  188. Should i get a gs?
  189. Extreme shedding after becoming indoor dog?
  190. Suggestions regarding keeping intact male and female dogs
  191. The First Thing I See in the Morning
  192. Idea for recycling
  193. Prayers for Apollo Please
  194. Red Sable GSD?
  195. The Key to Success is Grit
  196. Allergies!!
  197. I thought I'd post this for peoples info
  198. Aggression Problems
  199. Type of Doggie Door?
  200. Hip and joint supplement for puppy ?
  201. It's summer But...looking for a dog sled harness for Xcountry skiing w dog nxt winter
  202. Have you had or do you live with an intact male shepherd?
  203. Feed a Hungry Dog or Cat in 20 Seconds
  204. DFW area - who watches your dogs? (boarding, etc)
  205. is it to late to train him and change his behaviors?
  206. Heat Exhaustion
  207. Hope getting wet!
  208. How do you keep your house clean?!
  209. Is It Possible to Over-praise a Dog?
  210. Hips ?????
  211. Ordering food and treats online in Canada
  212. Bear or Pepper Spray???
  213. Dog Attack
  214. Crating?
  215. Poison Ivy
  216. Separation anxiety, vet anxiety, and we need to him boarded for a weekend...
  217. Head shaking with objects
  218. Bones
  219. GSDs and Goats?
  220. Canada to USA
  221. Quick question how many cups
  222. What value does your dog place in your life?
  223. Silly ?
  224. A lot of dogs (esp. little dogs) hate my 10 month male GSD.
  225. How to help friend/puppy?
  226. Contact for Deejay Von Hausnobilis??
  227. Please educate me on this microchip registration thing!
  228. How to post a Poll?
  229. German shepherd only. Is that wrong ?
  230. Mouthyness
  231. Be Careful With Dogs on Elevators
  232. Beginner's Guide To The German Shepherd
  233. I met a dog whisperer today....
  234. Highly Trained Senior GSD Scheduled for Euthanasia
  235. 2 shepherds are better than one/prayers are needed
  236. Newlie's X-Rays are Today
  237. how are they with same sex?
  238. What do you give your GSD to chew on?
  239. BREAKING NEWS: Nara will get her 4th sheep to herd Jan 31, 2016! We're pregnant!
  240. Fence problems
  241. Adult girth size?
  242. Who is responsible for vet bill?
  243. Ball Drive. Why is it so important?
  244. Can Females Use the Bathroom Alone?
  245. Secluded swimming areas in Ontario Canada
  246. How much growth left after 15 months
  247. Don't know what to do if it's cancer
  248. Collar size for 90lb dog?
  249. How does our GSD show love and affection?
  250. Is my puppy German Shepherd?