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jfisher 06-10-2009 05:06 AM

Beware The Puppy Teeth!
I have another thing on my mind that I would appreciate hearing from others about, and that is the mouthing/biting of hands, feet, wrists, faces, etc! LOL! I certainly knew from experience that that was part of what to expect with a working line puppy, I am just wondering what everyone finds to be the best method of handling this. I've heard answers that range from "Do nothing about it" to "Always correct." Currently the little shark-pup is quite happy to bite, bite, bite! The way I've been handling it is like I said in my thread above entitled "Workin' Pups." It's the same way I handle chewing on improper objects and that is to voice-correct and redirect her to one of her toys as quickly as I can, praising when she grabs it. This has not seemed to reduce the amount of mouthing she does however. In fact, over the week she's been with us she's gotten much bolder and each day we see more signs that she's a very confident and happy girl with lots of drive and I am just thrilled about that except for the noticeable increase of "OW!!!"s coming from us, the Mommy and Daddy! She is definitely the mouthiest pup I've raised so far. At her age (9 weeks today) would it be a good idea to try another type of correcting or just keep it up with trying to redirect her to a toy? I don't want to over-correct or have her get to the point where she's not taking us seriously if we're correcting too often. Since I've never experienced mouthiness at this level before, I'm not sure if the behavior is desired in young pups, or simply accepted, or if it's undesirable for a puppy this young to be this nippy. And actually, it's beyond nippy! She's got a solid hard unbelievably STRONG bite on that little mouth and while that makes Mommy very happy, (thinking future calm full grip! LOL!) I am not sure how I should be reacting to it properly. If anyone can give me advice on that matter, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


onyx'girl 06-10-2009 08:37 AM

Re: Beware The Puppy Teeth!
I would redirect and give her things to chew. There are some threads recently on suggestions for puppy toys, chews. Playing tug will help, using a soft towel or plush rope toy. If she goes for your face, just put her up in her crate for a bit to calm down.
My house has toys strewn all over right now, it stops Karlo from chewing things he shouldn't. Empty water bottles with the cap and label removed are a favorite!
In my SchH club there is a 7 month old pup that has a great bite, but when the handler comes near she spits out the tug, they must have chased her around when she had inappropriate things in her mouth-making her give them up when she was younger.

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