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HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

<span style="color: #3333FF">Hi all,
As I belong to a vegetarian family, I would like you all to help my GSD regarding her meal.

She is 1 yr old breed and weigh around 20+ Kilograms.
Is she thin or is it the right weight for her.

Please let me know what should I treat her in vegetarian (no egg) for her?

Is it good to give milk everyday?

It would be nice of you all if i could get few vegetarian recipes to treat her.

Please help me because this is really important.

Thank You
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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

Unless your dog some extreme medical condition that requires her to eat vegetarian, you should not feed her like that. Dogs were designed to eat meat and it's not healthy for them to eat vegetarian. There are a lot of vegetarians that feed their dogs meat. They understand that their preferred way of eating isn't the way to feed their dogs and there are even a lot of them that feed raw. Eating vegetarian can be a very healthy way of eating for people, but it isn't for dogs.

Elaine and the herd
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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

Great post Elaine and I absolutely agree.


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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

Hi Steve,

While dogs can handle small amounts of vegetables/fruits in their diet, they are carnivores. They have teeth designed for tearing and eating meat/bone. Digestive tracts designed to eat meat/bone. Please reconsider the desire to feed your dog against her nature. She may do OK, but she will never thrive.

Lisa Clark

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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

I agree with the above posts. Dogs were never meant to be vegans or vegetarians. At 1 yr. your dog is still developing and needs lots of meat in her diet if you are feeding raw. Otherwise get hold of the best brand kibble you can find and feed her this.
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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

hi Steve, I'm a vegetarian, and I agree with all the others. I've heard of fully-developed adult dogs living a vegetarian --lacto-ova -- life, but I really don't know how healthy that is for the long term. Your pup isn't even fully developed yet. Even once she reaches her full size (about 18-24 mos), I certainly don't see how you can pull this off without giving eggs, which are a rich source of protein and other nutrients.

Dogs can be lactose intolerant, especially in the massive doses of dairy products that you would need to feed to provide the protein and enzymes that your dog isn't getting from any other animal sources.

I feed my dogs a home-made diet. I feed them a large variety of vegetables. But I do feed them meat. I just can't see a way around it.

Here's what it boils down to for me. We vegetarians are usually vegetarians because we have some strong principles or ethics that require us to abstain from meat. But those same strong ethics should require us to give our dogs the best nutrition possible. If we are unwilling to do so, then we really need to re-think our decision to have a pet that is omnivorous and needs a heavily protein-based diet.

I have chosen to purchase mostly organic and grass-fed meat and organic poultry, from local farms as well as certain species of wild fish. I buy it at my health food store. It's not perfect. But many of my reasons for abstaining from meat myself are mitigated -- including horrific treatment of the animal by industrial farming; no hormones, antibiotics, etc; a smaller carbon and pollutant footprint on the environment, etc.

Ultimately, I can't treat my dogs improperly because I have ethics that dictate that I, myself, don't eat meat. That's contradictory in so many ways to me.

BTW, GSDs fed a single food for a long period of time *tend to* develop allergies to that food. So even if feeding soy-based proteins like tofu every day were practical (I don't think it is), you may just end up with a dog that is allergic to soy.

Sorry there isn't better news. Being a vegetarian is rarely convenient, is it?
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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

Okay, here goes. I am a strict vegan myself, and do not even have anything in my house that has animal products or is tested on animals, EXCEPT the dog food. It's a moral dilema that I face daily, and I do not think that people were meant to have dogs as pets, but since we do, I do think they need meat to be healthy, unlike us.

I've found a little bit of a happy medium in Dr. Pitcairn's Book. He does offer several vegetarian recipes, But IMO I feel dogs really should have meat as well. Either way, I think you will enjoy the book.

I agree with 3K9Mom and, when possible, I try to get free range meats when on sale. Remember organic just means the animals are fed organic foods but could still be kept in tiny cages and what go with free range when you can. Also, try going to some local butchers. A lot of times they end up throwing out the "extra" parts that are good for dogs like gizzards, hearts, bones, etc...

I do give my dogs milk occasionally and they have no issues with it, although many times I feel dairy cows are treated more poorly then the cows used for meat.

Thanks for posting - I always get so excited to meet new veggies, and keep in touch, I'd like to know how things go!

Cindy M
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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

Dogs were born to chase animals, kill animals, tear apart animals, eat animals, live by animals and die by animals. Everything in their bodies requires meat. It's cool that your family is vegetarian, but if you were able to consult this decision with your dog, she'd probably look at you as if a foot sprouted out of your head and request that you continue feeding animal-based foods to her and never speak of veggies again.


If you're just looking for *treats* and not looking to replace a kibble diet (which should already have meat in it), my dog loves bananas, blueberries, strawberries, fresh and canned green beans, fish, peanut butter, carrots, celery, bok choy, doggie fruit smoothies and doggie ice cream (all homemade), garlic, potatoes, canned pumpkin, the list goes on! If it's not poisonous or deadly for a dog, I'll give it to him and if he likes it, he'll get it as a goodie. Renji does get a raw diet though, mostly a prey-model diet but he seems to do very well with some veggies or fruits in his meal. I wouldn't give milk as it can cause stomach issues (but I have given it in small amounts when making smoothies or ice cream for him without issue), nor would I give soy (tends to be an allergen for dogs). If your bitch is 12 months old and about 50 lbs, that sounds a little small, but she could just be on the low end of the standard. Do you have a photo of her?

This is what I made as a cooling treat for my pooch: I mashed up a banana and some strawberries, added some chunky natural peanut butter, a splash of milk (I didn't have vanilla ice cream on hand), a bit of honey, then I froze it in a bowl. Once frozen, I gave it to Renji and he polished it off QUICK! Next time, I'm loading the Kong with this but mixing it with baby carrots to make it more difficult to extract. Also, giving whole frozen bananas and carrots and celery is fun. I'm pretty sure most of this goes in the dog and out the dog without much "in between," but he enjoys it and I like giving him goodies like that. Sure better than a silly Milkbone!

Renji - 6 y/o M GSD x chow rescue

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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

3K9Mom - Could I send your post to my friend that owns the natural pet supply store?

She and I were just talking last weekend about vegetarians and vegans that own dogs/cats.

Your post says beautifully what I was trying to say.

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Re: HELP ME...... Vegetarian Recipes...

I might make that "cooling treat" for my pups - thanks!

Cindy M
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