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Originally Posted by Jenny720 View Post
Our house is lit up but you need a flashlight to walk down the street at night. Taxes have not went up though. They are quite high already. Yes it's been awhile so I'm sure another request is due and there have been changes with the electric company so maybe we will have better luck.
Our town won't pay for street lights that are out of city limits. But people can request/purchase them from the electric company. Maybe you and your neighbors can get together.
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I'd say both - dogs and home security gadget. Apart from that I'm both hands for additional measures like scissor gate, window bars, electric fence etc.
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We had our share of break-ins over my of which we were all asleep upstairs. None when we had a dog.

I'd like to think that I'm realistic about what my dogs will do. But who knows? This is what I think would happen. The previous dog would've probably dropped a ball/frisbee by the feet of the "bad guys." The current one...not sure. He's pretty unpredictable so far. (Besides, he's still young.) And also, he's not as "socialized" as the previous one. He's growled and barked and showed aggression at Mormon missionaries at the front door...chasing them away. But then he welcomes the plumber into the house. I guess he knows when people are invited in...that they're ok. I'm just happy that these break in scenarios haven't happened in about 30+ these dogs haven't been tested.

My expectatiions….at the least, the dogs are just deterrents. I don't expect them to be "protectors" but if they are...bonus! Firearms: have, just hope I never have to use them. I don't have a security system. I have cameras set up but they're more for catching other dog owners not picking up after their dogs and leaving their mess in our yard.
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Even if Jack doesn't engage with a burglar (though I'm fairly certain he would if he was approached and grabbed), he's huge, has an extremely loud bark, is unafraid of circling people while barking, and has big, terrifying teeth. That would be enough to make me back off, and would definitely be enough to make a burglar back off. And even if that didn't work, he'd buy us the precious seconds needed to grab a firearm and increase the physical threat to the intruder.

Most burglars are cowards, though, and I think shooting them is unlikely most of the time. Even brandishing a firearm at them is enough to make them run away. They don't want to fight. They just want to come steal your stuff and get out ASAP.
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Not a GSD but our English mastiff is a definite deterrent. He has a loud boomy bark and is huge. Additionally if somebody unknown entered the house without us there he would engage. Our GSD is likely not a deterrent, she's on the smaller size and very friendly. While she might bark once or twice when she heard them she'd also run up for attention. My dad is planning on getting a security system. Why choose between one when you can have both? They make some that alert your phone and you can talk through the audio. I can imagine those would be a good deterrent.
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Luna can be more quickly accepting of strangers out /service people she can be aloof but may show a two seconds of sweetness then be done without inspection or warm up needed. she is always out there watching over the property with a intensity. I had a family/friend stay over night the dogs knew her well. My friend told me when she woke up to get a drink of water in the kitchen and Luna must of forgot she was over and charged at her across the room in the dark snarling and invading her with Luna’s nose smelling her and gave her kisses the moment Luna knew who she was. So I was a bit surprised. You never know what they will do even the less intense sweet friendly dogs. The alarm lets you know someone is in the house the dogs really are a big deterrent though I am glad they make a ruckus when someone is on the property. Having two floors in the house it does make me feel much safer having two gsds going downstairs in the middle of the night for a drink with or without an alarm or if wind or possibly something else sets off alarm off in middle of the night.

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Years ago I watched a program where they had interviewed convicted burglars about the presence of dogs in homes. Most said that they would leave as soon as they heard a dog (any dog, any size) bark since they assumed it had alerted the owners and rather would try another home.
For me personally, they can take everything when I am gone. I don't have a clue what Deja would do when she is not crated. I hope she is friendly to them so they won't have to kill her.
I feel perfectly safe with her when I am home. When someone is at the door she alerts me but quiets when told, yet intently observes the "subject of concern" while sitting next to me. Her dark sable face, her silhouette and the fact that I have her under voice command is all that's needed for me.
I assume she will spring into action but I don't fully rely on it without protection training under her belt or does Rally count?
Maybe naive but after many years of being worried of "whatever can happen", I have decided to not live in fear.
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My experience with gsds are grateful to own the ones with natural protective instincts as should be part of the breed. Some dogs do have these instincts that should be natural but not all. Although I’m sure having these instincts strengthed and fine tune with protective training would give these dogs an advantage but they need those instincts to begin with.

Thread Reminds me of Rex. The dog in the news last year. A parents nightmare and a blessing at the same time.

Of course I had to check on him

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What a revival.

Security gadgets>dog. My dog didn't make a peep when my care was stolen next to my garage in the middle of the night a couple months ago.


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I have no doubt that my GSD might make noise or she might just sleep through a break in. If a neighborhood dog barks during the night she is likely to to bolt up and fly through the house barking like maniac on a mission.
Then as has happened twice that I know of mischievous kids have walked right up my very well lit driveway, gone through my truck (thank you husband for forgetting to lock it after you used it) even stopping to text before moving on having found nothing to steal. All the while my GSD was sleeping next to me while I was watching tv at 2 am in my livingroom just feet from driveway. I didn't hear them. She didn't hear them or just didn't care. How do I know it even happened. Several of my neighbors weren't so lucky and left valuables in unlocked cars. One was relieved of an unsecured firearm left in his unlocked car...idiot. Another was unburdened of his adderall prescription. So we checked the cc-tv system. Yup...there they were in clear view and recorded. Yes we gave a copy to the local PD. They recognized some of the teens and thanked us for the video.

Is she a deterrent ?...some times. Would she challenge an attacker ?...not a chance. Does she scare people? As often as she can lol! She puts on a good show most of the time with strangers around the house but she is really just afraid of them. Since they don't know that she can come off as not to be messed with which is ok with me.

As Slamdunc suggested we rely more on good lighting, quality locks, cameras and keeping access points as secure as we can for our home. Being smart about not leaving valuables in vehicles and locking them (well most of the time). Would I rely on my dog...nope. If the unfortunate were to happen could she surprise me...maybe. Let's hope I never have to find out.
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Ziva 03.07.2013
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