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Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

Hi, I've been bringing my dog to obedience school and let me tell you... IT WORKS! So Stormy right now can sit, heel, lay down, and stay all by commands. Now that he has learn the basic commands, I want to teach stormy the ways of being able to know the difference of a threat (stranger) and a friend. I want to know how I can teach him to bite like how those television shows...(with the protection suit) and command him to bark when I'm next to him. I'm eager to do this because I've been ransacked and my neighbors too. If I was in danger, I would want my dog to be able to know the command to protect. NO, I do not want to do this to make my dog aggressive. If I buy the suits, how do I make my dog bite it? Maybe if anyone is from Southern California and knows some training place, please do PM me with some information.


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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

That takes a looong time. Maybe you should hook up with your local SCH club so you can learn more about the sport.

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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

You need to seek out a professional trainer. Not all dogs can be personal protection dogs, they have to have the right temperament and you will need to have your dog evaluated by a professional before any training begins. Not from your area, but Im sure others can steer you towards a good trainer near you.

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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

Besides, Owning a bite suit or sleeve and wearing it on yourself is NOT a good idea. Then, if you let others wear it, you need to make sure they are trained to wear the suit or sleeve. One can never be sure where the dog's instinct will bite. It requires lots of training from a professional protection trainer as well as lots of patience. This is NOT your normal OB or agility training where you can wing it.

I've met with a few schH schools in Southern California but so far, none of them are what I've expected or up to par with what I want.

Lastly, depending on your neighborhood, it would be a lot cheaper to install an Alarm or invest in a can of pepper-spray, then to jeoperdize your dog in those situations. Unless other reasons such as being attacked when you're in the streets..
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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

Originally Posted By: StormyK9If I buy the suits, how do I make my dog bite it?
Please do not try this on your own.

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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

ok, Thanks everyone. So I guess me training him to do this is out of the picture. I want to seek a professional, but Technostorm, you said some are just not as good. So how do I know which one is a perfect trainer? I know that if I meet with one of these trainers and they show me some there skills that they have done with other dogs, I can be easily persuade which is something I don't want to happen. I want to know what is a good/bad trainer. You guys also metion "SCH club", may I ask what is that?


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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

Aren't obedience classes great?

I bought a book called,

Manstopper!: Training a Canine Guardian (Hardcover)

by Joel McMains.

Very interesting read even if you don't plan on doing this type of training. However, since you are new to this, experienced help is important. But you probably learned that in your obedience classes.

As above, your best bet is to find a local Schutzhund club.

(BTW, the list of clubs in under the INFO tab.)
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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

Quote:So I guess me training him to do this is out of the picture.
Just think of it simply like this: Do you really want to train your dog to EVER put his teeth on YOU? That would send the WAY wrong message to your boy, not to mention potentially put you in danger. I second what has been said about finding a SchH club near you.

SchH stands for "schutzhund" which is a dog sport designed to test a GSD for breedability. (LOL did I just make up a word?) I like to tell people you can compare it to a human triathlon. You train your dog to go to trials and compete against other dogs in three events, Protection, Obedience, and Tracking. It is truly an impressive thing to watch a fully trained SchH dog work.

This would be great for you, as it sounds like you enjoy training and working together with your dog, and that's a huge part of Schutzhund. Just do a google search and you will find lots of info. There's also a schutzhund section on this board. Also, be sure to do a search for schutzhund videos on YouTube.

I hope your interest is sparked! Good luck!

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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

The first insight to know if a trainer is a good one is: If you ask to protection train your dog and the guy tells you "ok, there is $xxxxxx money" run away. If you ask the same question and the trainer tells you that not all dogs can be trained and needs to evaluate yours, your environment (place the dog lives in, family members, etc) and the level of control you have over your dog to start thinking about training BOTH of you, then it would gain some points for me.

Other think is bad trainers threaten the dogs until the feel so stressed that learn to avoid stress by biting. Very old school but very widespread too. You need a trainer that works in boosting the dog's confidence until he thinks he's the bigger monster of the world and can eat every burglar that enters your house because he always wins. But... it may take months to even years of work and you must be aware of that.

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Re: Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command

Your pup is approx 6 months old? Imo, that's entirely too young to be thinking seriously about training any sort of protection work. You need to be socializing your pup so that he knows most strangers are perfectly safe.

It's my experience that a very well socialized dogs learn how normal people behave in everyday situations. Then, when they encounter someone who is behaving outside the norm, they will act protectively. So, the more socialization, the better.

If you simply want a dog that barks on command (when the doorbell rings, for example), you can teach your pup to speak. Give him a hand signal that you can repeat -- like pointing at him. Then he'll repeat the barking each time you point at him. It sounds the same to the guy outside your door, but to your pup, you're just playing a happy game.

At this stage though, you need to be protecting your puppy, not the other way around. Any sort of "protective" activity you see (if any) is fear being acted out. We don't want that. A happy carefree puppy will be your best bet for a loyal protective adult.

Check out ScH clubs, if you're interested in ScH. Certainly you can look into PPD training too. But I've found that all of my dogs (regardless of breed) have been protective when they see something/someone that isn't right, without a bit of protection training.
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