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Injured pup!

I took my 5-month old out for a walk today, and seen noticed a distinct limp. It appears to be the front left shoulder. Yesterday, I didn't notice it... I think it started last Friday (3-4 days ago) at the dog park, when he had been chasing the ball and must have hurt something.

This really sucks, as I like to exercise Jupiter twice a day. He seems so much happier and more content that way. I had also hoped he'd be able to heal in a few days, but now I'm getting concerned.
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i've read a similar post like yours and a member suggested "keep exercising him", which is counter intuitive i thought. because if YOU sprain your ankle, would you keep running?
i would rest. and no different with a dog.
no need to continue to "put him to the test" to see if he's ok.
just let him rest.
hopefully it's nothing.
if you take him to the vet to be safe, most likely a guaranteed x ray.

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I suggested that if a dog stumbles, yelps, holds a paw up for a minute, etc, give them a few minutes to see if they walk it off.
If your pup has an ongoing limp then yes he needs a vet. Shadow used to get put on crate rest every few weeks she was such a klutz.
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Plus, if you start resting him now and feel that he needs a vet in another day, along with possible ex rays or whatever, you will already have implemented the 10 day rest advice that vets often give before doing anything further.

@Sabis mom, that walk it off was standard for kids in sports also and basically that is what they did more often than not. We could tell within a few mins to 1/2 hr if they needed further attention.
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The injury needs to heal. I like to give Rimadyl to reduce the inflammation coupled with rest. Now "no exercise" is extremely hard on a high drive pup, so I usually fudge and add long walks. I've also taught my pups to play hide and seek where they have to stay while I hide the toy somewhere in the yard. They watch me pretend to drop the toy at numerous spots but don't actually see the spot where I leave it. Then I release one of the pups to find the toy. They love this and will trot/slow run to find the toy and bring it back. This provides some exercise and a lot of mental stimulation and is a great game to play while injuries heal. It has worked well for my pup.
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@Heartandsoul, exactly! I ran track when I was younger, and played volleyball and baseball. Walk it off was standard and you know within a second if it's really bad, and within a few minutes if it needs rest and ice. When I was dancing same thing. We have always done it with the dogs and the horses. Sometimes a stumble will make a horse wince for a minute and then it's all good, dogs are the same way. I had a horse that would limp if she caught a rail. No damage at all, she just always thought she should limp. If I kept her moving she was back in 3-4 strides. Shadow banged a leg one day and the way she carried on I would have sworn she tore it off. I kept her moving, partly to assess gait and in two minutes she was fine.
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also - young dogs get inflammation of the growth plates in the long bones of the leg - panoestiotis or "pano"....could be that as well....easy to diagnose with an x-ray

Hope he recovers and it is not serious

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Sigh. Wet blanket I am.... I'd take him to the vet and have him xrayed.

Why? Because one pup fell off the porch, catching a toe in the mud grate (she pushed the older dog off and fell on top of her.) Took her to the vet, she seemed OK. A few years later, hip & elbow problems on one side only. Should have had her xrayied but since she seemed OK we opted out of that. Next: Pup hurt her back, cried I howled but ran and "got over it" --- 4 years later ---- her back causes her significant issues. Should have had her xrayed after the injury. Then there's this: Dog yelps and limps a bit but seems to recover. Take her to the vet anyway (after other two experiences I seem to learn) but arthritis from an old injury - (for which I saw no signs that I remember) no correction for the injury now. Take your dog to the vet, have them do an xray so you know what the heck you are dealing with.
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This isn't a particularly helpful post, but all these talks about limping bring a story to mind.

One of my dad's favorite "dog stories" was about a large mixed-breed dog they had when he was a kid. The dog got hit by a car and injured one of his front legs. Much fuss was made over his injury and he got lots of attention. Some months later, he was still limping. My dad and his brothers were out playing in the yard one day. The dog was also out, but in a different yard. He came charging around the corner of the house at full speed...and as soon as he saw my dad and the other boys, he skidded to a halt, lifted his paw and limped over to them. He'd milked that injury for months before getting caught.
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The walk yesterday really seemed to have exacerbated the injury. Last night and now this morning, he has a distinct limp, just walking around the house. This is disappointing. My poor old Golden tore her ACL when she was 10 or so, and it has really impacted her quality of life. I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with my pup. He loves to run and play and chase balls, and I enjoyed his athleticism.
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