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Originally Posted by Steve Strom View Post
Will it bring back my hairline, abs, and formerly upright posture?
Ain't nothin' short of a good surgeon fixing that.

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Maybe Doc having pannus is a good thing. He probably can't clearly see who's holding his leash.
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Originally Posted by Chip Blasiole View Post
There is no need to neuter a dog. It is promoted by vets to make money. I am willing to bet there are no male members on this forum who have been neutered.
I do not agree with that in the least. At least in the US from what I've seen the far majority of owners are crazy irresponsible and their dogs will knock up others or get pregnant themselves if they aren't altered. Or they'll got talked into at least one litter if they're intact. I don't know how many people I've heard say they would've bred their dog if they hadn't already been spayed/neutered when they got them. These are often mutts or possible purebred dogs of totally unknown background. I may not agree with pediatric neutering but it has stopped a lot of dogs from getting bred. With the designer dogs craze there was a huge huge puppy boom here and any intact dog pretty much it seemed was getting bred making super mutts and selling them for $400-$3000 dollars. Or tons of cheap byb purebred litters. I'd see countless litters of german shepherds getting pumped out and I routinely see them rehomed at about 8 months old.

And in nearly all the litters the people ended up with 2-3 puppies they couldn't get rid of to save their butts because there were so many puppies in the market.

Additionally pyometra is a very real thing.

I personally will wait to alter my female dogs until 2 and I'm not sure if I'll neuter my males or not.
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Originally Posted by AlphaHunter View Post
I have to ask if anyone here has ever dealt with spay incontinence? It will make its appearance gradually after the spay surgery. The cause is the fact that it is a total hysterectomy which means estrogen drastically drops so, the urethra sphincter muscles weaken. The cause is lack of estrogen hormones.

Anyone deal with this issue?

Did you just live with it, or treat it? You can try hormone replacement. There are other prescriptions that reduce the leaks too.

It's not a harmful condition, but it surely is messy and annoying. I've known of a few people that have dogs with spay incontinence.

I'm now wondering if doing a tubal ligation to keep everything intact is a better option. That would preserve the ovaries, keeping the hormones running as nature intended, but you prevent potential of pregnancies. Yeah, there are risks, but let's be clear here that a spay surgery, despite having become like a rite of passage, being so routine, is still a seriously invasive surgical procedure. I don't take spay or neuter surgery lightly.

Anyways, about spay incontinence??? Have you dealt with this issue?

Seven female dogs, all spayed, no incontinence.

The youngest of them is a dog that was a repeat guest at the shelter. She was first adopted out at a couple months old. She was spayed before they let her go.

The latest spay is a beagle bitch that I got from my breeder after she had one litter. I had her spayed at about 2.5 years old with zero ill effects.

And yes, this is major surgery. There is no such thing as routine surgery.
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If they develop a problem in their reproductive parts, and the best solution at that point is to alter, that is when I believe in altering a dog.

When I acquire a dog, when I make the decision to get a dog, than I am making the decision to get an animal with hair and ears, a tail, and hormones, character/personality, and all of that. I buy/acquire the entire animal. I prefer to keep them that way. The beauty of a GSD is that to have them appear like the breed standard, you do not need to dock their tails or carve up their ears. I don't hack off testicles either.

If I choose to have a boy, then I want those testicles there. Because hormones are for more than growth. I think an intact dog develops a little different both in character and physically than his neutered brothers. I prefer the dog that makes it to sexual maturity with his nads on board. And, then why nick them? I can't think of a single reason to spay or neuter a critter that holds any water for me except if they have a physical problem with the plumbing. And even then, usually treating the infection or whatever the problem is, would be the first course of action.

I have never experienced mammary cancer or pyometra in my girls or testicular cancer in my boys. My first litter would have been 14 in August, and Babsy passed away in May. So she did not make it. She was intact. Jenna was almost 13, and intact. Heidi just turned 13 and is intact. Odessa I imported. She will be 12 in October and was spayed at almost 8 because she came up empty, and had never expelled any fluid prior to the C-section. So the fluid in her uterine horns might have become infected. I was not going to try for another litter, so I had her spayed. She looks great at this point. I hope she makes it to 14 or even older.

If others find having seasons difficult and want to spay for convenience, that's fine. I would hope they would wait until the bitch is at least 18 months, so that most of her growth is done and the growth plates are closed. I just see no reason to spay.

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Originally Posted by Steve Strom View Post
Because of our egos, we just call it marriage. Combined with age, the results are comparable.

You speak the naked truth.
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If my guys testicles had actually descended we wouldnt be neutering him. They are Both up there so we are getting him neutered at about a year old.
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Neutering a dog is kind of like pulling all your teeth so you won't get cavities.
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Thanks for all the insight and rationale. Frisco had his first doggie daycare day yesterday and the owner gave me an earful on neutering at 6 months. I told her I was a big believer in waiting until puberty has completed or two plus years old. She proceeded to question me with "Why's" and "What's" - basically telling me there is more downside to waiting. I don't plan on debating with her on this topic. She's very opinionated and strong minded. I like her though, she is a GSD person, had 9 in her lifetime and just lost the last. Frisco was very therapeutic for her yesterday and again today. She said he was an exceptional GSD and was blown away by his temperament and obedience for a 15 week old. She is contacting my breeder. Felt good to have someone who runs a daycare with 50 dogs a day and a self proclaimed GSD expert gushing over him and tell me he was exceptional.

Anyhow, enough gloating. I do need coverage every now and then. A day or two a week. Someone above was down on doggie daycare. Besides being a necessity as well as kenneling for a vacation, I don't see what the issue is. Dogs love to play with dogs. Sure beats sitting in a crate all day or laying on the kitchen floor all day. And yes, I play with him as much as possible outside.

He came home exhausted last night and this morning he ran in the place like he owns it.

I so hope I can find a daycare that takes in tact males.
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