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I am sorry you are having this problem. But, you have gotten some good advice, and some not so good advice. You have to consider carefully the source and what might work for you.

If you persevere with this puppy, you will have an awesome dog, and you will have learned much more about puppies and dogs, leading, managing, and training them, than if you got a dog that was more appropriate to your experienced and lifestyle.

Good luck with your puppy.

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CM900 Thanks for the update. It is always rewarding to hear that things are working out.

Really is.
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I adopted a five year old GSD, and I take her out,we got to the river and dog park(I got an E collar and it works great. I got on Amazon for $45.95 but if you have prime there is a coupon for $6.00. and this one has viberate which I use, Shock which I don't use and sound it beeps which I also use. It is called Brefac , go on you tube , put in Brefac E collar and there is a video. The instructions say to charge for 2 hours and mine ran out of charge so I asked the guy on the you tube video how long to charge and he said over night)but what I was gonna say is the previous owner gave me my dogs treadmill and that does help, my kitten was watch my dog on it and he did it too.

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They are high energy, I have a 5 year old and is a ball of energy, and you have a puppy? You have along road a head. You probably should get a chuck it, tread mill, and very durable toys. Sounds like your pup is bored, obedience classes are a must, it teaches them manners and obedience. Also I watch a lot of you tube videos on Dog training.These are the 2 I like.

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Update: my puppy is doing much better. I’ve started walking him once every day no matter what, sometimes twice. And I’ve added in trying to walk past people or sit and watch traffic so he can take in more new experiences to tire his mind.

However I need help correcting 2 behaviors that I’m not sure are bad or if I should or shouldn’t be concerned.

The first thing is my puppy does not bite at all EXCEPT when he is on our bed. That’s the only place. It’s strange. However He is exceptionally bitey and playful on the bed. This usually is where he jumps after I let him out of the crate. After I let him out he immediately jumps to the bed where he is being calm wanting love and I’m giving him pets then after he’s satisfied with love he gets hyper and starts to play bite. This is something he does every single time. It’s a daily occurrence. We always correct him but he never seems to stop when it comes to the bed. He bites a LOT on our bed. I’m not sure if it’s bdcause he’s hyper after getting out OR if he’s trying to be alpha on our bed?

The second thing is if he’s out roaming the house being *good* and we are sitting on the couch he will sometimes bring toys to us to play. This is fine except sometimes he will not take no for an answer. He will jump his front legs on you and drop the toy on your lap. It’s cute but if you just walked him for 2 hours and don’t want to play anymore it gets annoying. I try to tell him no and correct him but he just does not give up. He will keep coming back over and over until you crate him. I want to show him only to play when it’s play time and I’m not sure if I should correct this behavior or how I should corrrct it. Also I don’t want it to seem like I never play! I play with him a lot. Even after I play with him for a few hours he will still do this as soon as I sit down to relax, that’s the problem!

Other than this all the tips I’ve gotten have made for a much better behaved pup and I understand him more now and I can feel our bond has become much closer. I feel like he’s MY dog now.. I mean he always has been but now I feel like he’s part of me and like a son almost. Hopefully I don’t sound crazy! Haha

Thank you
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You've gotten lots of great suggestions and advice so far and you seem to be incorporating it to good effect. I've got one global suggestion and a couple of more specific ones. First, consider changing your perspective a bit. IMO, raising a puppy is more about shaping behavior in the direction that you want to see as s/he grows up and less about correcting undesirable behaviors. There are obvious exceptions, but I'm speaking generally here. I'm not suggesting that you ignore undesirable behavior, but that you consider thinking about it differently (e.g., "How do I turn this into what I want vs. focussing on endlessly correcting what I don't want?") which will lead you to alternate approaches/interventions. At base, from the moment the puppy/dog walks in the door, you're thinking about the adult that you want it to become and actively shaping those (desirable) behaviors in your daily interactions.

Here's a less cerebral suggestion. In my world, all dogs must learn good manners and develop self-control. It's a gradual, age-based approach, but they have to learn and we have to teach it. In your bed jumping scenario, one of my rules is that dogs cannot come up on furniture (beds included) without invitation. Period. If the puppy comes up uninvited, I say 'Off' and remove it from the bed/sofa/chair. Then (and here's the shaping bit), I immediately give the pup a command that I can positively reinforce. I might tell the pup Sit, Settle, Place or Crate --- depending on what it already knows. Once s/he complies, I say, "Yes, what a good girl," give a treat, and continue whatever I'm doing. Rinse and repeat for however long it takes.

Since being on the bed/sofa with you is too exciting right now, why not start with something more basic (e.g., learning NOT to come up without invitation) on the basis of which you can later shape what appropriate bed/sofa behavior is? There's no Doggy Bill of Rights in my world. They have to earn certain privileges and coming up on the furniture is one of them. Play is wonderful and a great basis for training, but only when you initiate it --- at least until the pup has learned better self-control and can ask politely. IMO, he's being a bit of a bully at the moment.

Second, I'm assuming that you've gotten a crate which I heartily endorse; if not, do so ASAP. Crate training is a great way to teach the pup self-control. So, try this approach after walkies, formal training sessions or any activity that revs him up. As soon as you come in (or the training/play session ends), give him a drink of water, and send him to (or put him in) his crate with a toy or treat. Tell him he's a good boy and Leave Him There for at least 15-20 minutes while you do whatever. It's not a correction, he won't be destroyed by the experience and he'll learn that fun times and activities are followed by quiet periods. Again, you're shaping the adult behaviors that you want to see. If the rambunctious behavior happens when you let him out of the crate, Put Him Back In and wait a minute or two. Only when he's calmer (and your standard for this should increase as he 'gets it'), do you try it again. Again, rinse and repeat for as long as it takes.

Here's another example: I work from home most days and spend an ungodly amount of time on the phone. I can't have dogs harassing me while on a conference call. When the Wild Child was a baby, into the crate she'd go (with a chew toy) before a call started. At the end of the call, I'd take her out of the crate and we'd go outside for a potty and/or kickball break or, time permitting, a quick stroll. She not only got the point ("It's Quiet Time when Mom's on the phone"), she also learned that as soon as I said "Bye," I was available for potty breaks, a scruffle or a stroll. Now, I never consciously taught her that; she figured it out all on her own. I call it collateral training. LOL.

Overall, it sounds like you're doing a good job; congratulations! It also sounds like you're well on your way to becoming a dog person, so kudos to you. Is that crazy? Some folks might think so; I don't.
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Originally Posted by CatMan900 View Post
Update: my puppy is doing much better. ....... d we are sitting on the couch he will sometimes bring toys to us to play. This is fine except sometimes he will not take no for an answer.
Great to hear you're doing better together.

In regards to him insisting on playing with toys, I'd keep the person-dog toys away from him when you're not using them. Why not just kick them in a cupboard? If he continues being annoying put him in his backyard /kennel/pen/crate.
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Thank you for the advice aly! I will try to think of it that way, I never thought of it like that. I’m still so new to all this

Also max I will try that. I do crate him when he’s overbearing but my biggest thing is I hate crating him! I know now there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact he loves his crate. But I just hate putting him away because I like spending time with him. It’s always we play or walk, try to relax, puppy won’t stop being crazy so we crate him. it’s just he can never really relax and sit with me. but I’ll keep working with him as I’m the one responsible to teach him 🙂 I know he will keep getting better, he’s only 8 months and sometimes I forget that because he’s so big!!! He’s a little kid in a big boys shoes 🙂
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I just want so badly for him to be out with us all day and sleep outside the crate and NOT destroy stuff and not have to constantly watch what he does

Currently he sleeps in the crate every night

I’m going to keep working and working with him until this is possible! I know it’s ME as a trainer and not him. He’s a very good listener and even if he’s a wild pup I’ll keep molding him like you said 🙂
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Did you or your dog pay for the bed? The bed, furniture, toys, etc. are yours. You allow him to play with your toys. Letting your dog on the bed and the furniture will just create problems. You can always get down on the floor with him. As far as your dog not taking no for an answer regarding him bringing you the toys, he has learned that from you. If he brings you toys and you don't want to play, make him invisible. This will get worse before it gets better because your dog will experience an extinction burst. It is kind of like when you put some money in a drink machine and always get a drink and then one day nothing comes out. You are likely to act out and kick or hit the machine. You are probably providing intermittent reinforcement which actually strengthens the behavior. In that case, you ignore, you ignore, you ignore and then eventually you give in. This is how slot machines make so much money for casinos. Also, let him drag a 10' section of light clothes line attached to a flat collar so you have control and can provide a correction if necessary and teach the "leave it' command. But never leave him unattended with a collar on, as he can accidentally hang himself.
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