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People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

K so... I got my self all fired up talking on another thread... It really chaps me when I'm out with Ruby and someone who LOVES dogs comes up to her and grabs her by the face (cheeks) or by both side of the neck (wear the ruff is)! They will immediately stick their big face down low to baby talk to her while they grab at her neck, leaning over her- all this happens very fast in one swoop. I hate that!
Ruby's body language changes immediately and she looks at me like "WHAT THE ****?!". Of course I immediately put my hand between them and bring her right to my leg and tell them "She doesn't like that." Or "Oh! Don't grab by the neck, just pet her like this..." I've had people get quite cool and look at me like "JEEZ!" or say "Oh it's ok MY dog loves this..." uh-huh ya... and your dog is a big sloppy lab you've known for 10 years, where as mine will EAT YOUR FACE! I mean ****... you can even see her fur fluff a tiny bit like "ACK! Get away!!"

Children I don't get upset with, I use it as an opportunity to teach them. But adults should know better. This happens quite often too.

Does this happen to you? What do you say? Are people rude to you?

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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

OMG...we have always taught our daughter to ASK before she even thinks about approaching a dog she doesnt' know...DH and I always ask to..because you don't know the dog and the dog doesnt' know you.

My lab mix is as sweet natured as they come but he has been known to emit a low growl if someone grabs him like that.

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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

Apparently these people want to get a face full of dog teeth. YIKES. It's one thing to do that to a dog you know but some strange dog on the street. . .not smart!

No one would get close enough to Risa to pull something like that. And if they tried, it'd probably set us back on the 'people aren't scary' training. I'd be fuming.


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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

I guess they will figure it out when they no longer have a nose.

It is sad, but I have gotten to the point were I don't really allow anyone to come close to my dogs unless I know them or they ask first. You just never know what some crazy idiot is going to due. I have even heard stories of people trying to provoke dogs to bite so they can sue the owners for everything they have. It is a sad and crazy world we live in.

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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

I've always taught my children to ask before petting a strange dog/puppy. I haven't had anyone not ask first if they can pet Chevy.

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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

The law firm I work for was involved in a case involving two college friends. There was a horse race that attracts a lot of people and most everyone drinks from the time they get there until the races are over.

These two girls had come home from college and were staying at one of the girl's parent's home. College girl's parents owned a dog and also their next door neighbor owned a dog that would come over to play with parent's dog.

After the horse race was over, both girls returned to the parent's home. The visiting college girl was 10 sheets in the wind when she went into the backyard, she grabbed the visiting dog by the head and ears and brought it right up into her face. Dog bit nose off because 1. this scared him; 2. did not know this person; 3. was talking in a very loud voice.

Visiting college friend sues her friend. Asked for one million in damages. She did have damages - had to have skin taken from stomach area to build up nose because tissue was already necrotic. She was told there may be a difference in skin tone Case ended up being settled for $65,000.00.

It's always the dog's fault which gets completely under my skin.

So therefore, just as all of you have expressed, I am careful about letting people come up to any of my dogs - lots of caution going on.
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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

That would make me mad. Course it would never happen, Morgan projects 'I would eat your face' with her eyes. Had a woman one day pass us on the sidewalk and say something to the effect of 'Bet your dog would take my arm off if I touched those kids'


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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

I have to be very careful with Sarge, he doesnt mind women or kids but it gets pretty dicey with the men. I can tell by his posture and body language when someone approaches. We met a couple in the park the other day. The wife walked right up and started petting him. He put his head against her leg and enjoyed getting his ear rubbed. After a bit the man started twards him. He was about 8 feet away, Sarges hair stands up and he goes into full alert mode. Does this low growl then like 3 barks real quick, standing up on his hind legs. I have him on a short leash so I corrected him and he sat down, still watching the guy, who backed off to a safe distance.

That pretty much dried up the conversation and the people walked on. In Sarges defence it was kind of cold and the guy was wearing a big long black coat and a fairly goofy looking hat. Hes a Florida dog and not used to seeing things like that. When we have company he naver has a problem with anyone. Its just when we walk, there's just some people he dont want touching him.

My wife works with mentally handicapped people, she came the house with 2 of the clients, a female and a male. She got out with the female, (sarge and I were heading out for a walk). the female comes over, shes clapping her hands and jumping up and down to see the dog. Im holding sarge on a very short leash and watching him closely. His ears go back and his head goes down as she approches. She pets him and he leans into her loving every minute of it.

My wife gets her back in the car and out comes the male. Hes walking very slowly and not making any sounds. Sarges ears go up and he leans twards the man and does a low growl. Of course I stopped the man long before he came close to sarge. I told him maybe next time he could pet the dog.

Sarge is an abused rescue dog so I really dont know what goes on in his mind. So while were out on walks I have to pay close attention to his posture and body language when we meet someone new. As long as people keep their distance he doesnt care who it is, when he sees their getting close then he starts to pay more attention.

"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail."

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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

Grimm at 16 months old and very puppy-like, mirrors your enegry level exactly. If someone rushes up and GRABS his face-fluffs, going "Booga-booga, cuuuute puppy!!" Grimm will respond in kind-- exact same energy level, and with jumbo puppy enthusiasm, he will grab the person, too, just as firmly, and yes-- ALL IN FUN. But who cares if it's "all in fun" if they have bruises? Grimm loves everyone, hasn't a mean bone in his body-- his intentions are always friendly... but at his age, he gives what he gets, and is very enthusiastic.

There is one man living here who (grrrrr) encourages Grimm to JUMP. I have to work hard to communicate with this well-meaning man that I do NOT permit that. Ever. Dealing with other people is truly difficult sometimes!

Frauchen von:

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Re: People grabbing at the FACE and RUFF!

I would never do that to a stranger's dog, I don't know what possesses people!

However, I will grab an ear or hunk of Brenna's cheek and give a playful tug she always makes a laughing expression when I do that like it's great fun when mom yanks on your face. hehe

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