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How to transport from state to state?

Okay so I decided not to agree to breed for a puppy I found a 5 month old in a rescue in California and would like to know if anyone has done this kind of thing before he would be traveling to Spokane wa thanks for your help
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I would never take a rescue without meeting the dog first. Most GSD rescues would not adopt a dog to someone out of state. They usually require a home visit.
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Talk to the rescue. They have transport routes based on volunteers. Typically broken up in 1.5-2 hour drives per leg.

I've done home visits for Echo GSD Rescue. They are a nationwide rescue and transport dogs across states.

Now - the chances of you having your application processed, home visit done before that puppy is adopted are slim. Typically, there will be applications that are already approved and people waiting. the rescue. Get approved. Get on the list

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Have you seen pictures of the dog from all angles? Is it a purebred? I’m only asking because the big CA German Shepherd rescues will never ship a purebred puppy out of state. They don’t need to and they insist on seeing your home. Is it a small or all breed rescue? I was just in the ER with a young man who had broken up a terrible dog fight caused by his adult GSD rescue he got as a puppy. Only it was not a German Shepherd. It was a mix of a GSD with a fighting breed. He rescued it at 8 weeks as a “purebred” German Shepherd. The head looked a little shepherd and the dog probably did as a puppy but as an adult, the size, body shape and coloring were the other breed.

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Here are the possible ways this can go:

-A public shelter asks for your name and credit card, and hands the dog off to whatever agent you specify (usually to be boarded at your cost for 2 weeks, during which time the dog the dog can get a vet-issued interstate travel certificate at your cost-- commercial transporters won't take dogs without that or without a 2-week period outside of a shelter; airlines require the transport certificate too).

-A rescue is desperate for homes and authorizes transport, usually at your expense, and/or helps you put together a volunteer relay run. They'll either do things right and arrange for the health certificate, or do it illegally without one, or even use a vet that will sign off on one for just about any dog (and if you're lucky, the dog won't be sick when it leaves, or catch parvo during a stop at a place where an inexperienced volunteer in the relay stops to pee...or it will, and you'll end up with $1000 vet bill a few days after the pup arrives)

-A rescue is willing to adopt out-of-state, but only if they find a partner to do the home check and send the report. Then it either goes like above with transport, or they require you to come get the dog. If it's the latter, know that it's to avoid all the problems of volunteer relay runs and to really get to know you and have a relationship where they can trust you to bring the dog back if it doesn't work out. They're being responsible, IMHO. That's how our breed rescue operates--we meet all adopters face-to-face, and we have to see whether the person and dog "click."

-In any of these situations, the rescue may contact local Washington breed rescues and find out if they know you (have you ever applied to adopt from them?), why you aren't adopting locally, etc. If you've been turned down locally, that's a big red flag.

-Sometimes the rescue simply says "no" to all out-of-area adoptions because they lack the person-power to deal with them. Or "no" to puppy adoptions because they have plenty of local apps for puppies, and puppies are at special risk during transport.

Please keep in mind that if a dog goes out of state, the rescue's usual safety net gets holes in it. If it's a good rescue, expect to be scrutinized carefully because of this -- if that upsets you or you are a very private person, the process may not be for you. They need to know the dog will be safe far away, and that it won't be dumped if things don't work out.
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@Magwart, I was shocked and a bit annoyed the last time we rescued and they wanted to see my home and even the bedroom! I thought it was very intrusive. I thought the yard would be our weak point since at the time, it was messy in one area, and maybe not great for a puppy. They barely looked at the yard. This was after I had already been approved and was fostering for another rescue. They would not just interview the first rescue.
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Originally Posted by LuvShepherds View Post
@Magwart, I was shocked and a bit annoyed the last time we rescued and they wanted to see my home and even the bedroom!

Often they're looking for signs of dogs in the house -- it's usually as simple as that. Even when people are neat freaks, you know when you're in a home that has inside dogs.

You'd be amazed how many people put "inside dog" on the app and repeat it during the interview, but they're lying -- we find well-worn dog houses, and all the dog stuff outside, without any sign of a dog ever being allowed inside, and then they say, "Oh, we put 'inside' on the app because this NEW dog will be allowed in sometimes, but the OLD ones I already have can't because they're not housetrained." I think I've probably had some version of that conversation a dozen times.

Outside, they're checking fencing/gates, and safety issues--not how pretty the yard is. We've pointed out a lot of Sago Palms to people who had no idea they can kill a dog.

As for taking another rescue's word....honestly, there are some rescues whose word I wouldn't take. Others I trust implicitly. Some I just don't know one way or the other. Sometimes a rescue won't give the info because they're trying to keep from losing a foster...forcing us to start from scratch.
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