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crating the dog while at work

It would seem that Ontario folks are very, very outspoken about what they deem proper treatment of pet dogs.
I am running into issues with folks not wanting to allow me to crate Shadow.
Briefly I am trying to find a place to live and also find a job. Shadow and I are in a huge transition right now and I am starting all over. I can stay in a cheap motel with her but I am not allowed to leave her unattended to work, so that can't happen.
I have looked at a room for rent short term while I sort life out but the lady was adamant that Shadow be left loose in the house with her while I was gone. That is never going to happen. First of all she has allergies, so cannot be fed random crap all day by a well meaning but ill informed person. Second she is dog aggressive and fear aggressive, so again cannot be handle by someone who thinks she is a toy poodle, lol. Third she is prone to panicking and bolting, which is why she always wears a catch collar and why she cannot be left with someone she does not know.
I debated trying to board her during the day but all I can find are daycares and she is not spayed and dog aggressive.
I looked at rental properties but agency handled properties are strict about dogs (not spayed, not vaccinated, etc) and the one private rental I found that was reasonable the guy refused to have a crate on his property and flat out told me he would report me if he saw it. Now I am aware that it is ok by law to crate my dog but the hassle and potential for issues is not what I need.
Shadow is a good dog. Left alone she is quiet and well behaved, not at all destructive. However, she makes bad choices. She climbs on things to get better views or investigate odd reflections or shadows. She has been caught climbing bookcases, standing on ledges and tables, walking on counters and once was on the fridge.
It was not my intention to rent here but at this point I desperately need to normalize life for both of us and get back to a routine.
I am absolutely bleeding cash right now and need to stop that and get to work. I debated moving in with GatorBytes and working nights so one of us would always be home but she is too close to Toronto, lol. And I can't seem to convince her that the north is better.
Currently, sitting a bit from Barrie, debating North Bay or Orillia.
I also took her out the other day on her prong, because Canada Day weekend and stuff, and was informed that prongs are illegal in Ontario! I have no info on this and like ---- will I stop using it when I need to.
Let me be very clear, Shadow is not, never has been and never will be negotiable. It's just that if I cannot fix the truck I am out a bedroom, lol.

Help me out here, my brain is just mush at this point.
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Oh my gosh, the fridge!? that's impressive.

Does the private rental have a garage or a basement or a laundry room that could be emptied or mostly emptied of furniture and provide a safe place without a crate?--though the landlord doesn't sound like a great person to deal with and that might be a deal-breaker on its own.

What about a secure outdoor kennel and run while you are gone, covered and locked, like breeders sometimes use? I've never priced them, and I imagine they're not cheap, and maybe your winters are too extreme--but if people are objecting to a crate, maybe they'd be okay with a run?

If I lived in a place where prongs were banned, and I wanted to use one, I'd probably just make a cover or buy one with a cover, or just tie a bandanna around the collar, and use it. I guess that would depend on the consequences of being caught.
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Leerburg sells a hidden prong. Looks like a regular collar but works like a prong.

I wish I had good advice for you, but I know little to nothing about Canada and their laws. Does the guy renting privately not want her crated inside the home, or outside?

I know with Lyka, I never thought she would be okay with someone else handling her because of the same issues, but she seems to be just like my kids. A monster at home, and an angel with other people. Still reacts to men and dogs poorly, but doesn’t do half the crap when someone else is watching her. I always hear what a well behaved dog she is when she comes back to me (before I married, I traveled a TON for work, so I was slightly in your spot, not willing to give her up, but still needing my job). I reached out to local GSD group on Facebook, and had many volunteers to watch her while I was out of town, even with all her issues. Maybe look into something like that? I never had to board her. I ended up with a great group of 4 people who would gladly take her when needed. It was a godsend. But again, I had to get ride of all preconceived notions of how she would react without me, and trust the people I had chosen to treat her well, and manage her in areas that she would absolutely not do well in.

I wish you lived in the states, I’d let you and Shadow stay as long as you needed!
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Wow, didn't think Canadians were so "uptight." My Canadian friends are some of the most laid back people I know. I just don't understand why some people are so anti-crates. Some people don't understand that crates used correctly can be the most useful tool in raising a dog and keeping it safe. I know it's a lot of work but can you keep looking for other places to rent? Maybe places a little further out perhaps? Sometimes we have to do what we have to do for our beloved dogs, like working nights and/or having a longer commute.
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The landlord that I spoke to said crates are illegal where he is from and was opposed to having one on the property at all. Very hot summers and bitter cold winters make outside tricky, I actually have a dog run in my trailer. Not to mention the flies and stuff that bite like crazy.
I think I give people the wrong impression, Shadow is a really, really good dog. She is for the most part a super quiet, compliant, easy dog. She does not chew or dig, she is largely content to lay in her spot or on my bed when I am not around. She responds well to leash pressure and will kennel on command. She prefers to have a private spot well away from the house to use the bathroom and nuisance barking was always discouraged so she doesn't bark much.
But she is insatiably curious! And very agile. Her climbing is a dangerous issue.
She is also fearful and has proven repeatedly that she has no qualms about biting if she feels threatened or trapped. Although she is environmentally stable, loud or raised voices scare the pants off her. Even on TV. And strangers grabbing or reaching for her will get bitten, she's very shy. Gunshots, fireworks, planes and jack hammers are a total none issue. Ear flicks at best. Noises just don't bother her.
Other dogs make her ballistic and it's very important to know that you need to stop her BEFORE she starts. She will absolutely redirect.
The big problem I have is that people don't understand that dogs have allergies. No one gets it. No matter how clear I am about NO food or treats that I don't buy, they always do it and then I deal with the vomiting, hives and hotspots.
The bandana is a perfect idea for her prong, I can get her a yellow one.
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I commented on your other thread about prongs in Ontario. I will check with my trainer to be sure.

Please don't litter. Neuter your pets!

Quinn, Mar. 8/07 - Dec. 13/18, my best boy
Shadow, 1995-2007, always in my heart
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Prongs are absolutely legal in Ontario!! Crates, too! Gosh, people can be such dumbasses!!

I know I suggested you could stay here, but with your dog being dog aggressive, it might be a bit tricky. Also, I don't yet have a secure fence around my place. Part of the property still has only a 4 ft. high snow fence.

I do have a tent trailer you could use.

Willing to discuss it if you're still stuck. Have done crate and rotate before with an aggressive dog.
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You could set up a outdoor run in a bedroom? If , like said the landlord wouldn't see that as a crate! And if you don't think she'd try and climb it. Does she do ok in a closed room such as a bedroom? Maybe just a bed and something to block the window if needed. do they have rent to own properties there? You wouldn't really be locked in to buy, but maybe more receptive of Shadow? Some rv parks have rv's or trailers for rent or sale.
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How about a crate that looks like a dog house for indoors. people are weird and many just accept that what they are seeing is what it is. I don’t know how it can be done (home made maybe and the door would be tricky but it could be a possibility.

with the bandana, I would attach it so it doesn’t slip and expose the collar.

With the food issue, I would stop explaining it as an allergy and re-label it as a Medically necessary diet and if not followed strictly lands her in the hospital. Add “people have snuck treats to her and it almost cost her her life” or something along those lines. Some people just don’t listen unless there is a consequence that they will have to face. I.e. Most don’t want to carry the burden of guilt that killing a dog would create. Turns the thought of giving an innocent treat into a deadly weapon.

Idea just popped, heighten your bedframe and use underneath as her “containment” area. Just remembered when daughter was in college the beds had leg height extensions so that underneath had enough room for a study area with desk, chair and a bit of storage area.

May be hair brained but maybe not.

Edit to add I promise I was still typing and hadn’t yet seen readaboutdogs reply but great minds do think alike
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"If you can't see his soul when you look in his eyes, then you need a seeing-eye dog"

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Or dog run in garage or basement? Renting isn't on my list of lovely things and renting with dogs is worse. I've lived in real dumpy places to have my dogs. Or create a safety room?

When things fall apart, I try to remember that good stories come from adversity. (with that thought: I must have some really great stories...) Right now it seems like you need to have things come together and the heck with any more good stories.
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