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Originally Posted by CometDog View Post
LOL! We use to use an inflatable fake owl on the side of the house for deterrent..I dont quite remember for what. But he had a name...Horace..and he was awesome!
Sorry but that stuffed shepherds face does look owl-ish around the eyes. lol.

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I talked with the lawyer, and he'll be looking into it for me, it's not even that expensive, but he's a friend of good friend.

I was passed by a car with out of state plates on the road today, a car I've seen before. It was coming fast behind me, so I got out my phone and filmed it as it went past. The car stopped about 20 feet past me and rolled down the window. I stood there filming and slapping at mosquitoes. I thought maybe they'd actually talk to me, which would be cool because I would love to just resolve this issue and communication goes a long way. But they stuck their phone out the window and started filming me. I said "didn't you say you were afraid the dogs would jump in through the window?" No response. Dogs are just standing there calmly. Good dogs.

Finally the car left and I finished my walk. I decided to call the police (police are animal control) and report the incident first, just in case they tried to claim my dogs chased the car or something else. I explained that I felt very vulnerable and we had a pretty long discussion. Anyway, police will go talk with them, and I have video proof if they claim the dogs did anything remotely "illegal".

I hate to go down this route, really, but I need to show I'm willing to defend myself and am paying attention. I have every right to use that public town-owned road, and I worked and work very hard to buy the house I chose in part because of access to the non-motorized portion of that road.

At the moment, I'm not going to pay that ticket. I'll see what my lawyer finds and go from there.

Advice to anyone else in this scenario is to talk to a good lawyer.

Hopefully this can be peacefully resolved as that is truly the end goal.
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It will be interesting to see what your lawyer says. Here, it is pretty simple and a lawyer would be overkill. I don't know what further ramifications would be there for you and your dogs should the neighbor persist. Simply contesting the charge by showing up and telling what happened will likely discourage any further complaints. Here I found the judge very fair (of course she ruled in my favor!) The court system was very familiar with the family, too. It was a pain in the butt because the fellow persisted and I needed to file several complaints, document everything, etc. Just the need to do all this is going to discourage your neighbor from filing more unfounded complaints.

BUT it is important to either pay the citation or contest it. Don't ignore it.

BTW I love the "creepy" dog. I have a funny story about life size, relatively realistic stuffed dogs.
not for this thread but hey...

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If you are going to video then I would not potentially escalate the issue by commenting to them.
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Jax- you are right. Commenting certainly won't de-escalate the situation. The filming also didn't help, but I wanted to make sure there could be no false complaints this time around.

I really do wish we could just have a conversation and resolve this whole thing. But I have tried and it was a waste of time and I'm not sure I could keep my cool through another conversation like that.

I'd always give the advice to communicate with neighbors first, before bringing in others- because that is by far the best solution. Unfortunately in this scenario, that ship has sailed.
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Yes don't be so obvious with the camera; what did he say about filming? The advice I was given by the polic concerning my neighbor was to not say a word to her even if she said something and, yes, the camera needs to be made less conspicuous.

I agree with your sentiment on communicating and feel so much could be resolve through just talking but some folks just don't roll that way.


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Yeah I would avoid this neighbor like the plague until things are settled. They can purposely start trouble with the dogs and video that. Good ideas suggested earlier about walking in town around people or far away from this person. You never no who your dealing with.

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Originally Posted by Saco View Post
I'd like a go pro anyway for training, so I will look into getting an older model- I don't need the newest and absolute best.

Also, I thought about buying this creepy dog and sitting him at the edge of my property looking toward the road. Honestly, it will be useful as a dog training aid anyway, and it's not super pricey.

Creepy though!

If only this one was weatherproof....

German Shepherd Dog Life-Size Statue
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That is a nice statue- very realistic.

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You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. But sometimes it doesn't work like that. If you have to take off of work, then there's $50 right there. Pay the ticket. If you can plead "no contest" then you are not actually agreeing to being wrong, but not fighting it, because it will cost you too much to do so.

On the other hand, what is stopping him from doing this once a week? He is wasting the court's time and the police time for non-events. There is absolutely NO way to prove a non-event. So, it becomes his word against yours. You cannot video-tape, because, he can say that it happened when you weren't videotaping. This is why the burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused.

If it comes down to he said, you said, and the dog has been ticketed on multiple occasions, then that might play into it in the absence of proof. So yeah, if you can, fight it. And if the yayhoo is working, then he will have to miss work to go to court over this. I think. I don't think that only the officer would have to go. Maybe. I think what would happen, is that you would go to court, and they would set a court date, at which time the officer and the accuser would have to be present. But I could be all wet.

It seems with animals, due process sometimes doesn't happen. Like, animal control can come in and take your dogs. It is easier for them to remove dogs that are possibly being abused or neglected than it is for them to take children out of abusive/neglective situations. If your GSD is on leash, properly licensed and vaccinated, and a Yorkie-mix runs up to it, barking, and your dog bites it, which kills it, then there should be no question, one dog owner was following the law, one was not, but we can't guaranty anything when it comes to critters.

Fight it if you can. Take a hit for dog owners everywhere. Either way, I think you lose.

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