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Intact Male x2 introduction and play

Hello guys,

Saturday I am planning to go with a friend who has a 20 months intact male. Mine is 15 months.

The dogs have not met but me and my friend went out already with Rex on a desert area here with trees and some hills. There will be no other distractions. He says his dog is super friendly with the same demeanor as Rex. My friend had GSDs before and he is an experienced dog owner. So I think his judgement can be trusted.

The plan is to go the two of us and our dogs on the same place and walk and play. My brother is telling me a male male that are intact is not a good idea....He also has dogs before but not a lot of experience.

Is this a good idea or a no no in all cases? If it is okay, any suggestions on how to go about this?

Many thanks

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Definitely depends on the dog. My boy Steel's sire isn't too fond of other intact males, but as long as they aren't in his face, he tolerates them. The two you and your friend have may be young enough to not have to worry, but again, depends on the dog. I'll leave introduction advice to the experts. I would just watch body language when they first meet, preferably not in one of their "territories."

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Yes, it's really hard to predict how they'll get along. My male was fine at the dog park, playing with other males, some of which were intact. I took him there both before and after he was neutered.

Then, one day we met up with an intact mastiff. I could tell right away from this dog's body language that he was Trouble. His owner was aware, too, and we kept the two dogs as far apart as we could.

Unfortunately, we let our guard slip as we were leaving the park. We were able to get the dogs separated before they hurt each other, but the mastiff's owner suffered a nasty bite to her calf.

Just be careful, watch the body language, and be prepared to intervene if things start to go south. As a safety precaution, you might want to leave the leashes on the dogs when they are playing, or have them on long lines/lunge lines so you have something to grab to separate them. NEVER grab a fighting dog by the collar. That will almost guarantee a bite.
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Start walking them on leash and out of reach of each other to see their body language. Reward them for good behavior in each others presence. Take your time before ever letting them off leash. It can go both ways. Have a plan to separate them for when there is trouble.
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I wouldn't do it. I've seen dog fights and they are ugly. Thing is, dogs are fine until they aren't... and sometimes, if you don't have a lot of experience, you won't see the body language before it starts.

Breaking up a serious dog fight is like sticking your hand in a blender. You might be OK but most likely you'll come away with some serious injuries.

If you do this, carry a bite stick and know how to use it. A dog in a real fight will clamp on and be hard to release.

Intro on leash is a good idea, at first, but they might decide they are blood enemies an hour into the walk. Or might be playing nicely until something happens and one dog takes offense and goes overboard and a fight breaks out.

Two intact males can be fine, but in the real world, would be fighting for females and territory just about at this age.

Sometimes adolescent boys are ruled by only one body part and the brain control goes missing for a while.
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Yeah, my mom's vet called it 'the lower brain'!
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Mmmmmm. Making me worried....I thought that because they were in open field and only both of them, that it would be fine.....
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Originally Posted by Mozi View Post
Mmmmmm. Making me worried....I thought that because they were in open field and only both of them, that it would be fine.....

JMO but if your friend knows his dog like you say and his dog has been around intact males before with no issues and you should know your own dog--has your dog been around intact males before if so how did he act ??--frankly if you don't know what's meant when folks here say "body language" and how to read it--should anything begin to develop you won't recognize it--hopefully your experienced friend knows what he's looking at.....frankly I'm more concerned about you being worried--anxious and fearful of what to expect...I've said it before and so have other forum members....your dog WILL know (they CAN read body language of both dogs and humans) and more than likely react accordingly- by defending you.

I've done what you're asking about many times over the years--as long as I know the other owner and that his dog is not "dog aggressive"---unless a third party is planning on bringing a female who's in heat I wouldn't expect any problems...but again if you can't get by the worry and fear in your own head about this meeting...which your dog will surely pick up on...than my advice is... don't do it
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Just my take from a beginner's point of view...

It seems like a worthy outing to try. How will you learn if your dog is ok with stuff like this if he's never exposed to it? Best to do it with a trusted dog and handler like your friend. Also gives you more experience at reading their body language. Just mitigate the risks. Don't commit to some long road-trip type outing where you won't feel easy about packing it in and going home if things don't go well....just keep it simple and relatively close to home, easy to get in and out of. Also, give yourself lots of room to walk "together" but "separate" at the same time. If the dogs don't seem to want to get along, but are ok being near each other, then you can still get a good walk out of it, and give your dog a chance to learn that other dogs aren't a threat.

That's how I'd look at it, if it were my outing.

-- Judy

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With every thing else that was said, how is the recall with both dogs? Have both been thoroughly recall proofed around other dogs? If so and if you and your friend understand their language, when it's time to leash up, I would put a little distance between you and your friend before calling as it will keep clear that play time is over and attention needs to,be focused on their humans. It will probably help with the transition and any opposition to being leashed.. This is just my thoughts.

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