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Looking for a specific Kennel

Does anyone know a breeder, not pedigree, but purebred, that has pups for a reasonable price? I am not looking for something to show, I just want a dog that can and will track, as my other three are either too easily distracted, or terrified of the woods, not really sure which as they get whiny every time we get under the trees.

I would also like to know of any place that offers S&R training for a smaller fee.

I love GSDs because a GSD saved my life as a teen. I was incredibly depressed after the death of my grandfather, followed two weeks later by my girlfriend who was killed by a drunk driver while on her way home from school, and was about to end my life when a random dog came running out of the bushes and knocked me over. It was the closest I had ever been to a GSD in my life, and this dog just played with me for three hours. By the time he was tired and ready to leave I was no longer in that darkest of places, I followed him to his home and found out he was a retired police K9 from NY.

That dog changed my life forever, and that was after he saved it. I live to help people find dogs that do the same for them. So anyone who could help me find the right dog to train for S&R would be helping me save lives. Even if I just train the dog for Therapy, it would be making a huge difference. Rescue dogs are great for many things, but S&R training has to start at a young age, and I have tried several times to get rescue puppies into the training only to be met with 'They're not the right breed' every time. Even the Labs and hounds that I have gotten through rescue.

Sorry for the title I googled the kennel and found out they were closed down several years ago.

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How about finding a SAR team and having them help you find and select an appropriate candidate.

And, just to clarify, therapy dogs are not SAR dogs. Totally different. SAR dogs find lost people, therapy dogs do not. Though they may help lost souls.
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what is reasonable to you?


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You said in your other thread that you plan to breed your male GSD mix (again). Is he terrified of the woods too? Would some training help him learn to focus? Maybe you could build some training accomplishments on him?

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Dreamwolf, welcome to the forum and I've got great news for you! Your learning and education on how to become not only a 'responsible' dog owner but one that knows what 'responsible' breeding is can be developed from sticking around on the forum and reading!

With the millions of healthy happy dogs being killed in shelters each year, the only breeding that is supported here is for 'responsible' breeders. Just start reading here ---> https://www.germanshepherds.com/forum...e-breeder.html

Does anyone know a breeder, not pedigree, but purebred, that has pups for a reasonable price?
If you don't care about dogs health/temperament chances and want to pay for a responsible and learned breeder then your best bet is just go to your local shelter/rescue. Exactly the type of dog you are looking for and wonderful dogs available.

Many of us have dogs with fantastic pedigrees and lineages but we get them spayed/neutered cause we know there are enough 'good' dogs already and if we don't have the knowledge/skills/ability to try to get GREAT dogs we leave that to the experts. And go to them and pay for their dogs.

Do you know anyone like this? ---> What is a Backyard Breeder? Dog Tip: How Responsible Breeders Differ from Backyard Breeders and Pet Shops
Buyer Beware: The Problem with Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders » PAWS


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Yup, as gsdsar says, find a SAR team first and they can help you find the dog. That is the preferential order of things. Typically, it is much harder for the human to get through the training than the dog. Plan on at least two years of training with your first dog and giving up nearly all your weekends. It is a lifestyle not a hobby really.

If that is too much look at doing nose work with a local trainer. There are more and more nose work competitions. And again, find them and I bet a good trainer can help you find a dog.

GSD are definitely not the only dog to do SAR with. If you just want the nose, Labradors are right up there. Lots of Golden Retrievers on our teams and lots of hunting dogs too.

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Have you talked with the folks at MESARD? Like the others.... without being on a team, don't worry about getting a dog and they can help you find the right dog when you are ready.

Please clarify the comment "I have tried several times to get rescue puppies into the training only to be met with 'They're not the right breed" ..... even mutts can do SAR if they meet the physical and temperament requirements and have the drives for doing the work.

I would determine if you want to do SAR or if you want to do Therapy work. Typically, even though SAR dogs are great with people they are not usually the best dogs for therapy work....


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To clarify the 'not the right breed' comment, when I tried three times to get puppies I was fostering into the SAR program, the first was Glory, a GSD Golden Retriever mix that had started being trained for tracking before his owner lost his home. I was told a golden retriever would make a poor SAR dog, too easily distracted is what they told me, without even meeting the dog. The second was Daisy Duke, a Lab Beagle mix, again they used the phrase, 'too easily distracted' and again they never bothered to meet the dog. The third was Joey, a GSD Bernese mix who could already track my little sister to a hiding place in the woods behind my house at the age of 4 months. This time they told me he was too old to start the training and that a Bernese is 'too anti social' which is ridiculous because every Bernese I have ever known was very friendly, almost dangerously so (my neighbors Bernese purebred was almost stolen because a guy walked into the yard with a leash and just hooked the dog up and started to walk away, the dog followed like it was normal)

The SAR club I have been in contact with before calls them selves the 'Maine Brigade' but they are not an official club, they are SAR Enthusiasts, self described of course. they only charge a yearly membership fee of $200, so they seemed like a good start, since other groups won't even take you until your dog is fully trained (at least this is what I was told). I found them to be a bit snooty, and very stuck up. They told me my best chance was for a purebred GSD or a pure Lab, though they also embrace the use of Great Pyrenees, which seems odd to me since GPs are more of a herd protector breed than a tracking one.

And yes I do plan t breed my male one more time, but not in my home, I have entire litters of puppies at my home on a regular basis as a foster home, and even though Baldr is a good dog and loves puppies, his girlfriend Hope does not like having young puppies crawl on her if they are not hers I also recently downsized after my last landlord lost the property I was living on for failure to pay the taxes, so instead of a small farm with a heated kennel attached to one end of the house, I have a four bedroom two family home I purchased with my mother, that has a very small yard. I walk my dogs multiple times a day and they get plenty of exorcise, but I can only handle either small litters of medium dogs, or litters of small dogs.

And as for how much time I have to spend on training a dog, although not physically disabled, my illness makes finding work difficult, and keeping a job harder, doing SAR is what I want to do since I cannot be a Game Warden or Police Officer. I have lots and lots of time, and my hope is to not only learn to do SAR with a dog but to be able to then teach other people and dogs for it. Of course my dream is to have my own GSD Kennel that produces Military and Law Enforcement K9s as well as dogs for Service and SAR.

And I do know that Therapy dogs are very different from SAR dogs, if I found the perfect dog, but that dog ended up being too willful or flat out crazy (I have had a few of those) it might be good to train them for something different. I believe things happen for a reason, but I also believe in having a back up plan.

Also, Baldr is not the only odd dog I have, his sister would make a great Therapy dog, but she only does well with children and kittens ( she has never had a litter or even gone into heat, but her maternal instincts are second to none) I almost had a purebred GSD this spring, I helped a local breeder track down his $6,000 stud who had gotten loose. I tracked that dog for nine miles in the woods and was promised a puppy from his next litter for finding him and bringing him home, they never followed through on the deal. Not that it struck me as odd that the did this, those are $3,000 puppies they have from German Working Lines.

I have contacted people who charge only a few hundred dollars for a pup, but three of the four had puppies that were obviously not purebred and seemed sickly (I reported them after finding out that the dogs were left outside in all weather with little shelter, they were not breeders they were small scale puppy mills in my opinion, the dogs stayed in kennels the size of rabbit cages) the fourth only had a few older pups left and while I don't mind an older pup for a pet, these dogs were already a year old and were very skittish around strangers, which makes for a difficult time training since I would have to socialize them first.

Also a reasonable price would be $500 or less, as I said in the first post, I am not looking for show quality, just a good dog with healthy bloodlines.

As I said my goal is to become a trainer myself and to be able to help people, by helping animals, by helping people. its a nice little circle that develops after a while.
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Bummer you didn't read my post Dreamwolf. Would be a real help for you and your future to get the best GSD.

https://www.germanshepherds.com/forum...-her-name.html interesting background on your current dog situation.


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Dreamwolf, I am confused. You foster entire litters of puppies, and yet you want to breed a mongrel? I thought that most people who rescue are against breeding in general. But the numbers we always hear are about the 25% of dogs in shelters being purebreds. That means 75% of them are mixes. Doesn't that suggest that there is not enough demand to add to the number of mongrels out there?

Now don't get upset about calling your dog a mongrel, and believing it oughtn't reproduce. I have owned mongrels, and I generally like them, I am not against breeding dogs at all. But most shelters are in the business of reducing the numbers of homeless dogs, so they generally will not let a dog leave their shelter that isn't snipped. And rescues are all about dogs getting forever homes, and most of them will not place any dog in a home that contains an entire canine.

So, I really don't understand.

Lastly, your dog has a problem that prevents him from being neutered. Have you considered that this issue might be one that shouldn't be passed on?

Dreams are good to have. Setting goals and making a plan to realize your goal, that sets milestones and measures progress can make dreams a reality. But I think you are starting the SAR thing from way too close to the finish line. There is nothing wrong with owning and training dogs, experience in that area will help you on your path. But I think you should find a SAR team that needs a volunteer. Volunteer to help without a dog -- make them understand that this is something that you want to do and that you are willing to go the whole nine yards, not by telling them so, but by making your actions speak for you.

You might consider a career as an EMT, because when you are out there searching for people, that kind of expertise will be really helpful. After you have put in a couple of years without a dog, then you will know what you really need to look for in a dog that will be a good candidate for what you want to do.

Anything you truly want to be good at, is worth doing right. No short-cuts.

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