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Introducing a Collie pup

Tomorrow I will be looking at an 8 week male Rough Collie pup that, if everything works out with Deja, will come home at 9.5 weeks. I have met her dogs before and she is an awesome breeder, tests for everything possible, raises these puppies in her house, vet checks before they leave etc. The pup is stable, friendly and forgiving according to the breeder, not one who struts his stuff.
Throughout my life I have only introduced mellow pups to mellow dogs and later the WL shepherds to these same mellow dogs and never had any problem with the older ones accepting the youngster.
This time however, it will be introducing a mellow pup to my Deja, who gets along well with other dogs but is intense in her play. She is not assertive at all and has never shown any sign of DA.
I need a plan to make this intro successful and have a couple ideas but want to hear more options from you guys.
Do I take Deja with me? If yes, the breeder will isolate the mother dog and other pups and I will hold the pup and let Deja sniff its butt and then proceed gradually. I want her to know that that pup is mine (at least that's my thought right now). Deja will be well exercised before we go. It is a 2 hr drive.
Or, no intro at the breeder but just take the pup home at 9.5 weeks and do the first intro at home like I have always done successfully.
My main worry is that she will be too rough for the pup or do I keep him separated for a few days like a shut down period so she'll get used to his presence?
Usually I cross bridges when I get there as I consider myself pretty inventive, but this time I feel I need some ideas besides my own.

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I have a collie/aussie cross at home but he is more collie. Although he is a very calm adult he was an extremely playful puppy. I don't think you can find a nicer, more easygoing breed than the collie. He has superior social skills and was like that even when he was young - he reads other dogs really well. I think that supervising them in the car ride back might be a handful and if it were me I would rather introduce them at home. I don't know how old Deja is but I would say that might be a factor in how to handle introductions. My Collie cross was a strong and resilient puppy and was not afraid of older dogs at all. Hopefully Dejas parenting instincts will kick in a bit and she will go easy on him. Good Luck!
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She is two. I haven't seen much parenting in her as she never had or will have pups.
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First, I would like to say I am jealous! Collies are great dogs! Congratulations!

I always do my introductions at home by putting the puppy in a crate and letting first the most dominant dog meet and then add the rest one at a time. I have never had a problem with this method, but my dogs do a lot of meet and greets with dogs they don't know. That could make a difference.

The one thing I would be concerned about would be if your dog is a rough player. All of the Collies I ever met were sweet, kind, and gentle souls, rough wasn't their nature. Although I don't let my dogs play rough among themselves or with other dogs, that does not change their desire to play rough. I have had soft dogs as well and nothing was going to make them hard and tolerant of rough behavior although I have seen them come to resent it and become reactive to it. This is one of the reasons I don't own a Collie now.

Assuming you only have the one GSD, I don't see this as an unmanageable situation, but I would not let the GSD get rougher than the Collie can tolerate. It just would be fair to the Collie.
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Congratulations on the pup! I grew up with a collie and love the breed. I would not bring Deja to the breeder's house to meet him but would do the intro at home. I think a collie and a GSD will make a good pair. You might be surprised with Deja - I find my GSD adapts his play style according to the dog he's playing with. He is very rough and pushy with my parents' equally rough and pushy ACD, but he is very gentle with their 5lb yorkie mix. Likewise he is quite gentle with my 8yr old aussie mix.
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Originally Posted by osito23 View Post
Congratulations on the pup! I grew up with a collie and love the breed. I would not bring Deja to the breeder's house to meet him but would do the intro at home.
Yeah, I have been thinking about this as well as others have mentioned and decided to check out the pup without her. She maybe overly excited and tense too, which doesn't help that intro.
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pictures pictures pictures...I'm going to live vicariously thru you until I someday have another Collie.

Don't take Deja. Put the puppy in a crate when you get home, sit on the floor and treat Deja for being calm while letting her sniff the puppy safely. Put the puppy in your lap and let her smell him.

I was really worried about Jax and Sierra with Seger as a puppy. They learn

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When I brought Brennan(golden)home, I was nervous about Midnite. Midnite was only with me for four months and working through his reactivity. I put the puppy in the dog run outside, then let the others out one at a time. They are so used to dogs coming in and out that the process took not even 10 minutes. They accepted him quickly. Midnite tried breaking him out of the crate more then once. Midnite turned out to be his best buddy and took him under his wing. I will say that Brennan picked up some GSD traits along the way. Good luck with your pup

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