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Multiple questions... possible mange or yeast infection? And eating issues....


I have a couple of issue with Maximus that I wanted to get opinions on.

The first is that he has some spots along the edge of his ears, where he has lost the hair and they are slightly scaly. I bought him in to the vet yesterday and she said he also had a yeast infection deeper in his ears and that his ears were "thick". She gave me some drops to use both in his ears and on the tips of his ears. She said that if it doesn't help, she'll scrape them and test for mange. This started 6 moths ago or where I noticed a couple of spots where he was losing the hair on the edges of his ears... they seemed to clear up (hair didn't grow back), and then last week, I noticed his ears getting red and some spots on the edges of his ears were reddish... which is why I took him in.

Can a yeast infection cause these symptoms? He never scratched his ears, rubbed them, etc... He never showed any symptoms of his ears bothering him.

I know his immune system is very important and can help fight off mange, which brings me to the next issue.

Right now Maximus is on a mix of kibble (ToTW and Pet Pantry) and raw, Chicken, beef, fish, pork, green tripe, etc. Since he is on a Mix, I wasn't giving him Vit E and fish oil, which I recently began giving him. The problem is that he has no food drive whatsoever... He'll leave the raw, kibble, whatever laying around for hours before he decides to pick at it. I've never seen a dog care less about food! He's down to 95lbs and is definitely on the slim side... Vet said he was skinny yesterday.

Max is 14 months old now and has never had an appetite. Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, etc? I don't have any close up pictures on my phone (just checked), but going to try to post one that will give you a general idea... it's not bad, but need to control it before it gets worse...

I uploaded a picture of Max where you can see the edges around his ear. It's not the greatest, as it wasn't taken for that reason, but can take another later if needed.

Alex & Brianna (daughter)

Maximus - Male Sable - Born 7/14/2014

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OMG what a gorgeous dog ... Personally, I don't think he's skinny (but I prefer my dogs to be leaner!)

It COULD be a reaction to the kibble and raw being mixed together.

It COULD be a reaction to something in the kibble

It COULD be a reaction to something in the "raw" - some dogs don't do well on chicken, etc.

If your vet thinks it's mange get a scraping done ASAP because regardless of how YOU try and treat, it won't fix it.

Food drive ... my dog's food drive is practically NIL unless she hasn't eaten in two days LOL ... I put food down (she's raw fed) and if she doesn't eat it in 15 minutes, I put it back in the fridge. Some days she eats all of it, some days half of it, some days none of it. She's fine ... she's energetic, athletic, etc. Just "self-regulates" and makes it easier for me to keep her slim LOL

Personally, I would quit mixing the kibble and the raw and go with one or the other.

If it's mange, the diet doesn't matter.

If it's not mange, then you want to find out what is causing your dog to have these issues ... and then, it will be diet / environment.

Good luck,

Marionís Zoo-Kyleigh, Raylan-cat, Echo-TAG,
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Your vet is the one looking at the dog, so I would let him or her proceed with the diagnosis and not try to second-guess it with forum advice. There are lots of potential causes of this sort of thing in ears, and your vet actually seeing the dog is important -- there are so many different possibilities, which all look a little different. Examples include scabies (which can almost never be seen in a scraping, unfortunately), demodex (which might be seen in a scraping), and even ringworm. However, it honestly could just be just a little bacterial infection, so your vet is probably making a judgment call to see if it responds like one.

I've had one whose ears get scaly stuff around the ear edges and scabby looking things on the inside skin of the ear (outer pinna). When we first got him into rescue, his ears had some bare spots too. The ointment or drops cleared it up easily in a week (something like Otomax or Mometamax). That's very likely the drops you have, which probably contain gentamicin (the usual ingredient in the RX ear drop remedies).

The vet is starting with the most likely cause and trying rule it out before going to things that are harder to diagnose (since skin scrapings can sometimes be inconclusive). That's pretty reasonable. Hopefully the drops will take care of it, and that will be the end of it!
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Max is a very handsome boy!. Wow, 95 lbs, picky eater..thats good. My boy same age is also a picky eater leaves his food too, is also 'slender', his weight is 80+lbs and I consider that fine. 'Slender' is a good thing!. Wish I was Enjoy

"There is a lot to be thankful for if you take the time to look. Example.. I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt!". Author Unknown

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Zymox for the ears -- often better than the vets prescription . Pet King Brands Products

possible mange? Very important to raise the immune function -- choose one food , raw or kibble , and provide essential fatty acids especially if you choose kibble, provide digestive enzymes and probiotics especially if you choose kibble.
These do not survive processing .

An improved digestive system with a proper gut flora will take care of fungal , yeast problems. MSM good addition for organic sulfur , which is offensive to mites and yeast .



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So the dog had a yeast infection in its ears, and all the vet did was give one dose of ear drops?
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Best practices for sarcoptic mites (mange) is to treat for it where symptoms are present even though scrapings show nothing. Sarcoptic mites are notorious for not showing up even in repeated scrapings.

My boy had this and suffered far too long while the vet we were seeing kept insisting food allergy. His mite infection symptoms started exactly the same way as what you're describing with the ears. Eventually he was scratching horribly all over, all the time and was unable to even sleep. He developed a lesion on the side of his face. THAT lesion finally clicked with one of the vet's technicians and she said, 'Hey, these are all classic symptoms for a sarcoptic mite infection.' Vet finally treated for mites (ivermectin) and voila! condition cured for which I was grateful but couldn't get over how badly my boy had suffered in the meantime for something so easily treated.

I did some research on my own and found that proper protocol is to treat for mange where symptoms present, regardless of scrapings results. I switched to another vet and never looked back.
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with demodex mites the immune system has to be strengthened to bring things back into a normal stasis, equilibrium.

there are many safe and effective topical treatments including a rinse made with water, hydrogen peroxide and borax (sulfur) .
Sulfur shampoos , Selsun Blue fortified , or Head and Shoulders --- or Mane and Tail PROTECT MANE N TAIL PRO-TECT 32 OZ SHAMPOO-Big Dee's Tack & Vet Supply .

Defendex -- very good stuff.

Mite Avenge

lots of non-ivermectin treatments .

ears can be treated with body warm high lauric acid content virgin coconut oil



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Mange - 2 types. One (sarcoptic) is extremely itchy. The vet would do a simple test, you can too...Rub along the ear margins to the tip. If scabies your dog will start to attempt to scratch.

Type two (demodex) is an immune system malfunction, seems quite common on this forum at this age and usually follows a rabies vaccine and/or other boosters.

Follow Carmens instructions,

To add for immune health - Bovine Colostrum
Ears/yeast - Swab out with organic cold pressed coconut oil. Rub on the ear margins too - this kills yeast and clogs mites mouth parts so they cannot feed.

Zymox , as mentioned contains a probiotic to help balance the good bacteria in the ear that has been killed off by the yeast.

Dump the kibble (carbs feed yeast)

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. - Unknown
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