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Konotashi, You Are Not Alone

I can/can't believe my mother did this.

She comes home from work and says she's going out to yoga but later her friend from work is dropping off her dog to be watched.

Dad asks if it's for a couple hours or a night? No, for a week.

Is it housetrained? Of course.

How big is it? Just a small puppy.

Is it yappy? No.

Is it good with other dogs? Oh, yes.

Does it have a crate? I don't know.

Well, it's here. Scraggly haired, whiny little brat of a thing. It's scared of strangers, both human and other dog. It is not housetrained, marking twice in twenty minutes with people standing right there (second time he raised his leg against the chair and got a resounding "WTH" before anything escaped. It is small at least, just a little smaller than Shania. It has no manners, jumping all over people and furniture. It did come with a crate, something OK for transporting in a car, but not something to keep a dog in for lengthy confinement. Did I mention he is 5 years old.

Mom's response: Oh that's ok, we can just leave him out.


Me & Dad: One: Shania and this dog do not know each other. They will NOT be left out alone together. Mom: Then Shania can go in the kennel. Me: No, this is HER home, not his. When you are not watching him, he is in the kennel.

Me & Dad: Two: He has p***** in the house twice in less than twenty minutes. Mom: Shania pees on the rugs all the time. Dad: She only pees in the house when you don't let her out at lunch. And any pee spots he makes you will blame on Shania. Mom: Whatever (in mom speak that is "yes I will" to the blaming Shania, not necessarily the letting him out part).

Dad: Three: That dog will be attached to you at all times. Mom: Except when I'm not here. Dad: That's right, because it will be in the kennel. Mom: But... Dad: I Will Be In The Kennel.

Dad has made is very clear to her that this week, SHE is taking care of that dog. Neither of us were consulted on this dog sitting adventure of hers. I'll but it out on my lunch hour but that's it. If she wants more than that she will be billed my regular $20 per day for my services.

I just thank god Shania seems to like him. As in no whinning, pacing, drooling, snarling, or hiding.

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he's cute but that is still no excuse....

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What is wrong with mothers these days?
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I bet he is house trained and instead is marking because he is in a new home and can smell the remnants of old pee from your dog. Get the enzyme spray on over drive now,lol I agree the new dog should be kenneled when no one can watch him but hopefully your pup will get some good socialization out of this and enjoy a buddy for a week
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lol this remind me of my cousin dog. This dog looks like a coton de tulear or however you spell it. My cousin dog was calm though, never jump on people. Your mom's friend dog looks cute.

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Meant to post last night but spent most of the evening in the walk-in clinic with a friend.


For the last two nights guess where the "guest" has slept. Not in the crate. In my parents' water bed, up on the pillow. Guess where my dad slept. Not in his own bed.

And since the little "prince" doesn't have to follow any rules guess what he decided to do today.

Well, this "well-trained" dog decided he was going to bolt out the door (deciding maybe that suicide by Caterpillar snow plow was better than a week at our house). Some (ME!) tries to stop him. The little *******, ******** BIT ME! The only reason I'm not in the hospital waiting for stitches is because I had my heavy snow gloves on. Happened around 2:00 and one finger he got a good hold on (not just a nip, full bite all the way back to the molars) is still sore.

It is soooo lucky it is still breathing.

And I know exactly where I stand with my egg-donor, considering that **** thing is still here. It is still running loose in the house, though now it is dragging a leash.

So for the next week, I'm staying locked in my room with Shania. Shania will be locked in my room when I'm at work (that solves any problems of Shania getting blamed for any pee or poop in the house).

To add insult to injury I got the phone bill today. The one the witch and I split ($35 from me for internet, balance from her for phone). $170.00!!!!! She hasn't paid it in 3 months, AGAIN!!! If I thought I would get the money from her each month, I set up it for pre-authorized withdrawal just to make sure it got paid and it doesn't screw up my credit (since it's in mine and my dad's names).
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Looks like a cute dog that ended up in a hostile environment for a week.
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