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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

this is not a freak accident but a common occurance, this happened to my dogs when jazmin and paige were young and they never wore collars again unless walking.this has happened to at least three other families that I know cause dogs will commonly go for the neck/collar when playing.

"You can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals" -french proverb
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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

Nikki, I'm glad they're OK! That exact same thing happened with Otto and Morgan, he was about Titan's age and as I was running to break them up, I thought OMG, she's finally snapped and she's going to kill him.


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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

We live and learn. Glad you were there !
Our golden was strangled by the neighbor's husky.This happened back in the 80's, as I said we live and learn. Our golden was out in the yard, neighbor's husky came along, they were playing, I look out the window and the husky was pulling Lexie.Lexie was limp. I yelled for my husband, who ran out, I watched him pull his jack knife out. I didn't know yet what the problem was. Lexie wore a rolled red leather collar.My husband had to cut the collar. The husky had gotten his jaw caught up in the collar, it twisted.He strangled her.She was gone.I'm yelling, crying screaming. Then I remembered... a few weeks back I read an article how a man got his dog breathing again by picking her up by the hind legs and swinging her around.I had read this article at the time to my husband, and we both chuckled at the thought of swinging your dog by its hind legs.My husband picked Lexie up and swung her around and her gaurdian angel was with her !! We couldn't believe it ! Off to the vet, she was fine, just scared.I went home to try to find the article and could never find it, I still had all my magazines from the month.
Anyways, after that experience no more collars on my guys while they are playing or left alone together..I do many things different with my guys now than I did 25 years ago.
If you crate a dog, the tags on the collar can get caught in the mesh.
When I first got my dish washer, Matey was a good one for licking the plates as I was loading(yes its was short lived). I came in from her walk , I was in a hurry, didn't remove her collar right away.Started to load the plates, turned my back for second, heard crash, boom bang ! Her tags got caught in the lower basket, she panicked, pulled the basket out, sent corelle wear dishes smashing and splintering all over the floor.
Yep, we live and learn.

Cindy ~ Mom to

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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

The Hooligans are never allowed to wear collars except when they're on lead. I've known people whose dogs have died from both choke collar and flat collar accidents.

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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

Well thats settled, no more collars on in our house! I also called my dad who is bringing home his second doxie in a few weeks and told him. Scary. I'm so glad I was there to see it happen. Titan just got a bath to get a bit of the anal gland stink out of him.

As for the door, we are planning on having our fence moved about 15 feet up, so it will enclose our side door, the one we use all the time. Company will use the front door. I've been planning on having my sister come over and working on door behaviour with me, looks like its going to be this weekend. Have to work on the "place" command next! Thanks for the tips everyone, and sorry to hear of everyone's losses with this issue I'm glad it didn't come to that.

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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

These work very well.

I got a dog for my husband. It was a good trade.

Athena and Zeus
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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

Originally Posted By: M&JThese work very well.

I have these on my dogs and love them. I never had a collar accident, but a friend of mine lost a 6 month old GDS pup to one and at work I got a call to a dog sceaming and the dog was tangled in a choke chain, luckily he survived. I am very paranoid about collars.

Dawn S

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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

Nikki I am so glad to hear your dogs are okay!

Originally Posted By: SuzyEthis is not a freak accident but a common occurance,
Suzy you are so right!!! Similar happened to my dogs, sashas mouth got stuck in penny's collar and almost strangled her. It was VERY scary and what if there hadn't been someone home.

Take the collars OFF ( or use the breakaways )!! I hope others read and learn from our mistakes!!

Poor Penny:


enjoying life with Penny 6/04 & Blaze 11/12
while Sasha watches over us

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Re: Titan Almost Strangled Katie

When my dog (Not full GSD) was about a year old I used to keep a chain collar on him all the time. Until one day I came home from work and he was in his crate and his collar was hooked to the bottom of the crate. Naturally he was panicking trying to pull his head away from the bottom of the crate and at the same time choking himself. Thank God I came home when I did or he might have strangled himself. Freaked me out big-time and now he never wears a collar unless we are out. He doesn’t use a crate anymore either but it's just something to keep in mind.
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Bo and Bella got stuck

It just a happened oh my, they are doing there typical mouthing and biting each others neck like always. Then all of a sudden one of them starts screaming, scared me so much. I could not tell which one at first. But it was Bo, He was attached to Bella's neck. I thouight at first she had bit into his jaw and she was stuck in it but thank goodness no. He had his top muzzel in her mouth and his bottom jaw under her jaw stuck on her collar. His teeth were hooked on it and he could not get off. Bella was so good she was staying still and he was screaming and pulling. I hurt my hand some how pulling open his jaw to free him off her collar. He ran and hid behind the couch. He was afraid, and won't come out till I got him a treat. He is fine but he is acting scared of me. I helped him!!! This is the first time I have had two GSD at one time and they sure rough house alot. Sometimes it is to much.

Heidi, human mom to
Daisy, 6 yr JRT
Bella, 3 yr GSD
Bo, 2 yr GSD
Rest in Peace,
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