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Originally Posted by Jenny720 View Post
I’m not sure how someone can despise animals especially when it causes no harm to the individual. It tells a lot of about someone’s character and sure is not strength. A behavior of a particular breed, or type of animal may be not for you but to despise it is something else. It is a reminder though that not all people who do own dogs are not because they have a love for animals but to fill their own empty gaps.
Clearly I touched a never. That was not the intent. The responses you have received from others on your personal attacks should put things in perspective for you. Not every comment you disagree with requires a response, specially a personal attack. If I did that, I would be on these forums 24/7. I stand by what I said, despise, hate, dislike, pick the word. A dog that is overly affectionate, demanding constant attention, in your face, etc. is just as bad as a dog that wants nothing to do with their owner at all or one that exhibits other behaviors that are inconsistent with what dog owners have come to expect from "Man's Best Friend".

Contrary to the way you framed it, it is not about a love for animals (I don't have an unconditional love for all animals...I don't have to), it is about having high expectations of pets. I expect my dog to behave at all times, especially in public. I expect him not no sniff peoples crotch as they walk by. I expect him not to lift his leg on someone I'm speaking with (I have had that happen to me...the owner brushed it off as the dog loves me). I expect my dog to leave my guests alone. Greet, and move on.

Let's not taint this thread anymore than it has been. If you feel the need to discuss this further, PM me.

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Yeah, sorry, no. I’m not going to change my opinion because one person may think I’m a horrible person for the way I feel regarding anything.

I cannot stand little dogs. Yes, I would go so far as to say I despise little breed dogs. Why? Because I’ve yet to meet one that isn’t a yippy, yappy, in your face kind of dog. The ones that nip at, or straight up bite others that are not their owners. Little dogs seem to get this free pass for awful behavior because “ah, look how cute, they are just protecting me.” Also, they are prone to yapping constantly, in a high pitches sound that drills nails through my head.

I hate dogs that aren’t well behaved. At my sisters, i hear her giving her dogs command after command, and neither of them listening to her. It’s made it to where I avoid her house.

100% without a doubt, any of my family members hate coming to my house because of my dogs. The breed scares them. They are not poorly behaved around them, and they listen to me with no issue. If I tell them to go lay down, they go lay down. I don’t let them maul my guests with affection. Because that’s what it feels like to me at my sisters house. Like her dogs are mauling me with affection. But her dogs are fine to the rest of the family, because they are “friendly” breeds.

Yep, not my cup of tea. And I’m not ashamed of it. I just don’t purchase or seek out attention from small breeds, and have no sympathy for owners who turn their dogs into yippy, yappy, jumpy, in your face annoying animals.
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@eddie1976E I need no one to put things in perspective for me. I don’t believe any of these dogs discussed here are “bad”. I also only choose my own words. In regards to dogs and dogs that are obnoxiously misbehaved off leash- it’s always the owners that are fully responsible for their dogs actions not the dog. There are people though that rather blame an animal then the owner maybe it’s easier for them.

op - i do apologize for derailing this thread.

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I am not much of a fan of small dog owners, votes still out on the small dogs themselves. I don't see much use for them and they are generally annoying.
To the OP: As you can see the general consensus is that we picked this breed FOR the somewhat stand offish behavior. Individual dogs may be more outgoing but overall the breed has sort of a look but don't touch trait.
Personally as hot as it is I wish this mess of mine was a bit less cuddly. I feel like I have a 50lb blanket on me.
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After reading most of this thread.....thought I'd add my 2 cents......I can think of so many more characteristics and attributes which are so much more important than this one being discussed.

I've had it both ways with the 3 GSDs over my current one is more at "arm's-length" by design from the get go.......the exceptions would be when she gets a good rib slapping for doing well or a few other events where physical contact is part of the overall process.....other than that....she can find her own comfort zone......never forced by me.

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My GSDs have mostly been stand-offish. The only time I used to get one lying on my feet was when they were frightened by fireworks, and wanted the comfort of being close to me. My current two dogs are gun sure, and could care less about loud noises.

Eska tries to become a lap dog when we go to the vet, though. Shows who she's really bonded to, even if she doesn't do it at home.
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It's the labradoodles that undo me.

It's important that a pup is able to be handled- especially if just putting on a collar or leash is an issue. But certainly some GSD are more cuddly and some are not. They may be herding dogs but they are not livestock guardians- they look to their owners for guidance and seek them out as work partners. And selective breeding has certainly made those characteristics stronger in many modern GSD most of whom will never see a sheep in their lives.
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My GS pup doesn’t want to be touched

When Ryka was a pup, she’d dodge my hand and avoid head pats. She always wanted to be physically close, but I’d never describe her as very “pettable”. She didn’t want to be physically coddled outside of her own terms. It actually used to upset me a lot, but I came to terms with it.

As she matured, however, that changed. She now likes to sit beside me as I scratch her head or stroke her neck fur. She’s currently asleep stealing my leg room as I lay diagonally on our queen sized bed, lol. She loves it when I gently rub her ears or pet her from head to back. But that didn’t come until well after the land shark phase and until she was more mature and had garnered an appreciation for physical affection in the form of petting.

I will add, though, that she only seeks physical affection from me. She doesn’t care to be pet, cuddled, or snuggled by anyone else. She genuinely hugs me when I come home... everyone else she walks up to, wags her butt happily, then walks away.

Some dogs love it right away, some grow to love it, some never do. Unless the dog is aggressively defending itself from you when you initiate harmless physical attention (in other words, just petting his neck or body gently), I think it’s just your dog putting up boundaries and not understanding that pets can be rewarding.

Here’s a picture of the aformentioned leg room stealing beast. My legs are cramped, but she’s just so darn cute...

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The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

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Hello everyone! I started this thread and as I’m new to the forum I was so happy to check back and read all the responses. Let me give more background into my pups early life. The primary breeder was a woman who was killed in a wreck. That left her husband who had a broken leg and was overwhelmed. The momma dogs were allowed to have their litter in a remote barn. Other than being fed the dogs had zero human contact. They were however threatened by mountain lions who evidently got one or two pups. So, his life was pretty scary. Then at 14 weeks of age I bought him. We had to catch him and he tried to be invisible until he was finally released in my home. Since then I’ve added a backyard fence so he has access to the outside. He’s smart and happy. He will play tug and fetch. He will eat off my chest. Occasionally I’ll slip in a touch and he will shy away from it but is much less afraid than a month ago. I think that just being patient and working on trust is what I will continue for now. I think only negative things could come for me forcing him to wear a collar or leash right now. He does need to see the vet for shots though so I wish he would let me take him but I think I would lose a lot of trust to force that now. I’ve only had him 5 weeks.
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Those are some pretty rough circumstances for all involved. Were you able to meet the sire and dam? What were thier temperaments like?
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