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How to correct this?

Hello I have a 1 year old west German working line male. I have had him since 8 weeks old. He is my first dog and I made a lot of rookie mistakes raising him by not being firm enough with him etc. So he used to be VERY bad. I even thought of giving him away at one point bc I was so frustrated but thank god I didn’t! but now with me being very strict, getting him on a schedule, and lots of play I have got most of his bad behavior to go away and he is now a good dog and my best friend

HOWEVER there is one thing he does I’m not sure how to correct. If he is out of the crate for 2 hours or more eventually he gets bored of all his toys and exploring the house. So he will come up to me and start pawing my leg or nipping me with his front teeth. He doesn’t do it hard but it’s annoying. He then thinks it’s fun when I try to catch him to correct him.

So basically it goes: he comes out of crate, walk or play for an hour, Feed him, potty, play a little, then I try to sit on the couch. He will keep busy but eventually he comes back to me and starts nipping or pawing me to play.

He doesn’t really take “no” for an answer. I’ve tried saying NO. Ive tried ignoring him, he keeps pawing or nipping until it hurts. He will do this for hours if I don’t get up to play. What I am trying now is grabbing his collar or scruff and sitting him down and trying to tell him to calm down and saying NO to him. The hard part is catching him. What he likes to do is paw or nip me then when I go to get his collar he wants me to chase him, he thinks it’s fun! Ugh! Haha I don’t know what to do. If he doesn’t stop I end up crating him but I’d rather get this behavior solved

What ways would you recommend to correct this behavior? Is grabbing his collar and making him sit and saying NO a good way?
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He is teaching you to play tag/chase. It's a really fun game, for them.
If it was my dog as soon as he starts I would crate him for just a few minutes, 15 or so, then let him out and direct him to a kong or chew and resume what I was doing. He may simply need more stimulation but that can be a slippery slope. You could try a flirt pole, some here like them or you could teach him find it games. I have found over the years though that in our efforts to constantly amuse and tire our dogs we often create super atheletes. I much prefer to simply teach that when I want to chill they need to go amuse themselves in an approved manner.
Don't grab at him or chase him when he starts, just calmly and quietly put him in his crate. If he runs off on you continue ignoring until he comes back.
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I don't like repeatedly grabbing a dog to correct them because you often end up with what you have, a collar shy dog you have to chase down and FYI dogs are faster. I would teach a place command if you don't want him to bother your or else send him to his crate and close the door. I also would not do any rough housing or highly arousing games inside. Save those for outside and teach your dog that indoors is where you relax not play.

I don't think he is being bad he is simply bored and trying to engage with you. Personally I would correct a dog for wanting to engage with me, but I would put it on cue and teach a behavior I do want inside.

This course will be covering teaching a place command and house skills, registration closes on the 20th:
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Keep a leash on him in the house, then you don't have to grab his collar. Then, I like the suggestion of crating him for awhile, to teach him he's not going to get what he wants with that behaviour.
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Not enough exercise,completely discount walks,they are not exercise, especially for a younger GSD with energy. I would double the actual exercise and make it the same times every single day. He will get into a routine and settle down as he knows it's coming,if you're inconsistent then all bets are off. My routine is an off leash walk and ball throw at one of the local bogs or parks,choice is dependent on others not being there. We walk the parks while I'm throwing the ball,twice a day,first time is 1-2 hours and second time is 30 minutes. GSDs are now 9 and 5 and have been doing this since 8 weeks old. They know the schedule and patiently wait,they also run errands with me.

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