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OK, my .02, I am usually more patient and tactful, so pleas forgive my bruntnes...

You have an 8mos old high drive working line GSD.. What would you expect with an 8mos old kid?!!! This is a dog that will mature much faster then a child/baby, but they are still an entity with thoughts, opinions, feelings, energy, emotions etc... To assume crating while you work with a daily fun time would work is akin to thinking the 8mos old baby will eat once, poop once, and maybe cry once.... Not going to happen!

You need to acknowledge that you brought another existential being into your home. You decided you would take responsibility for it, which is awesome, as long as you acknowledge that your life has changed... It will be time before the dog matures and learns routines and grows a bond with you... It takes effort your part to teach, PLAY, lots of exercise and mental stimulation to a growing intelligent being, and yes, take time out of your day... Does it suck? For a time, yes... Is it worth it? Only you can answer that.. From personal opinions, YES, ABSOLUTELY! This dog will. Give EVERYTHING EVERY OUNCE OF ITSELF TO YOU! For little more then food and occasionally good play... But as a pup in its needy mode it requires you to adjust, to sacrifice, to find a way to play it out before you work.

Now, best and fastest way to do that is nose work... Playing ball is physical but not mental.. Nose work is both and a 20min session can do what an hour of ball or 2hrs of walking can do... But that does not mean the pup is done for the day... You may have to do 3x sessions a day of 20min breaks, alternating obedience and or ball/tug.. As you do this your pup will learn patterns and what is expected, it will play energy out, and have the mental stumulus it needs to become what it is predestined to be.. It will form a bond and willingly sacrifice its comfort FOR YOU! BUT YOU NEED TO EARN THAT FIRST!
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thanks for all your advice, I will try your suggestions. yes I got her as an 8 month puppy and was told she was crate trained/obedience trained which was clearly a lie. She is potty trained which is a plus but nothing else.
I will keep everyone updated
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She may have been trained for the home she had but people rarely give up a dog that is extremely well behaved. Usually a friend or family member will take a trained dog. So assume she doesnít have a lot of training. My dog was a huge challenge at that age, but by then I was working with a private trainer. I wasnít doing anything wrong but he needed just a little more than he was getting. The trainer taught me to listen to what my dog was saying to me. Your dog isnít being difficult. Iím sure you understand that. She is telling you she needs more or different handling. Follow the suggestions given here and consider getting her into a local dog club for more training. One that specializes in working line dogs. Maybe do IPO or whatever itís called now. Tracking and BH teach them to pay attention and to use their innate abilities. It will also build your relationship. I can promise you if you put in the effort now, you will be rewarded with the best dog ever.
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Your dog's energy level has nothing to do with being 100% Czech. It is the result of her genetics, but not because the dogs in her pedigree are Czech. There are dogs from 100% West German lines that are the same way. If the trainer said 100% Czech bloodline dogs don't settle until they are nine years old, I would look for another trainer.
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For what it's worth, she may have been crate trained. It's just that you, a total stranger, are putting her in the crate and not her person. Then, when she makes enough noise, you let her out.
When I first got Katsu at 4 months, she was, for the most part, crate trained. My breeder warned me she will make a fuss when I put her in the crate because I'm new to her.

You will have to teach her how to settle in the house. My boy is 9 months, almost 10, and there are days where he won't settle right away. Nosework/Scentwork games, teach some tricks, tug, flirt pole, fetch will all help. Sometimes a raw bone, or other chew (frozen kong, etc) can help settle a dog in as well.

Good luck, she's very pretty.
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I agree with others she isn't use to you yet. Keep working on the engagement/bonding games. Let her bond to you. Between her young age and the fact she is new to you, this all sounds very normal for a WL pup.

I got my dog when he was 5.5 months old. His true personality wasn't really revealed to me until a good 2 or 3 months. When I first got him we were asked to leave a puppy class because he was jumpy/lunging and very forward defensive..he was insecure yet, both with me and his new surroundings. All that was due to insecurity, and it will always be a part of his genetic make up, but he does not get insecure much anymore. A good trainer once told me you can't change what they are but a skilled handler can sometimes change what they do. It sounds like your dog is a genetically high drive. With time, trust, quality training things will improve. I highly recommend IGP for you, if you have the time and a club that you can make it distance wise. You may make friends that are also mentors. I know I did.

As for work, I work from a lot and I have a new high drive pup. He barks his head off when I first crate him, but settles quickly once he accepts it is not his turn to be out lol However, and I never know when it is going to happen (could be one hour, could be 2 if he takes a deep nap), he lets me know loudly when he feels it is his turn to be out again lol I KNEW this could be an issue. I also have 2 autistic boys who are constantly "noising". One is non verbal and babbles loudly. I can NOT risk my job and I can't rehome my kids lol

I have actually worked from my car in the driveway. Or I crate on my 2nd floor. work from my finished basement, and wear noise cancelling headsets. I've gone to coffee shops etc. I know you have clients actually visiting so that isn't an option for you.

As for the neighbors... how long does she scream for? Have you considered giving her a large marrow bone to keep her quiet for a period of time if you have an appointment with a client? I give a large frozen raw meaty cow shin bone if I have something where I really need quiet. Or a large kong stuffed with something? I am not a fan overall of leaving anything in the crate with them, nor am I a fan of recreational bones especially once their adult teeth are in. But if you are in survival mode and need to get through client appointments sometimes you do what you have to do.

I don't know what you do, but honestly how bad would it be if dogs were making noise in a separate part of your house and you explained to clients you are crate training a new dog? My clients do not know I work from home so I need to keep the environment not sounding like a home. But if clients are visiting you they know you live there and people have dogs. My marriage counselor worked out of her home. She had 4 Black Russian Terriers. She and I spoke more about dogs during our sessions than about our marriage issues lol ( and yes I am divorced now lol)

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I work from home and have clients visit as well.

For the first month or so, what I did was that I put my dog in daycare in Wednesdays and I scheduled all of my meetings on that day, allowing clients to pick any time long as it was on a Wednesday!

Then he graduated to being in the house for meetings, but gated in living room and trailing a leash. (not all clients enjoy dogs)

Then somehow my dog figured out that I don’t like him to stand in front of my clients and smell them. He is now just left loose, and he lays quietly in hall outside of office while we meet. People compliment his calm behavior.

However he is between 7-8 yrs old now, so his energy level is vastly different from your pup! Just thinking how about how I dealt with meetings in the first weeks/months.
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I have a tread mill, you can probably find one for cheap used. You will have to show your dog how to use it and make it a fun thing, but I would put your pup on it for 30 minutes and believe me you will be able to get some work done.My Zoya is Czech also.
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No treadmills for growing dogs. It is mindless exercise for lazy dog owners (MHO) unless you are physically incapable of working with her/him. monotonius exercise can hurt his structure as well.
If you need to keep a GSD content by exhausting him on a treadmill, find him another home.
I can understand using a treadmill for dogs if it is a medical reason. But I think they were first introduced in the dog fighting circuit.
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Maybe a good doggie day care?
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