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Were you relieved when you surrendered your GSD due to destructive behaviors

I hate to say it but this dog has been 5x the hassle than he's worth. I understand SOME biting, chewing and general shenanigans from pups but from 8 weeks til now at 18 months old but he has ravaged my house and backyard at every opportunity given. This morning, I come downstairs to find my plastic tupperware in the back yard he had chewed up, again. I think it's time to give him up. I know of NO other dog owners who go through this. He is absolute **** and it wouldnt be AS bad if I didnt have to worry about him chewing up the siding on my house which he has taken to now. I literally would never in a million years gotten a GSD if I had known they are like this and cause absolutely destruction to your house. I would post pictures but all in all, he's easily caused over $3000 in damages (siding, flooring, electric lines he dug up, tools, couch, tupperware, chewed up my bed, etc etc)

Some people luck out & get PERFECT dogs while I get the worst behaving you can just about find. I think it's time to give him up. Absolutely no way I'll endure this for another 18 months while he "comes around."

So my question is, who here has surrendered the GSD & how did you feel afterwards
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You aren’t going to find the answer you want to hear, not here at least. Everything you’ve stated sounds like an unsupervised, untrained, and potentially very bored GSD. They are a highly intelligent and active breed that require a lot more than “get lucky, have perfect dog.”

At this point you sound as if your mind is made and it really does sound that this is not a proper fit for you.

Please look into GSD rescues near you and even let the forum know your location if you’d like help finding a good reputation rescue that can give this dog the best chance he can get. There are very knowledgeable people on this forum that can help you make that decision.

That said, if you are wanting to pursue changing this behavior, you need to consult a professional trainer.

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I doubt anyone here has surrendered their dog. There are no perfect dogs. There are only trained dogs. It sounds like a young German Shepherd was left loose and to his own devices so entertained himself. I'm not really going to address your post since you posted a year ago about destructive behavior issues in the house so it sounds like he is now living outside, and the dog going to a new home should be focused on as that's what you seem to want.

You need to do what is right for you and for the dog. No judgement there. Where are you located at? Many people here can recommend rescues or possibly help until a spot in a rescue becomes available.

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I agree with both above posters - this sounds like a bored, unsupervised dog. What have you done to keep him entertained and exercised? From you first thread a year ago, it looks like he was uncrated...n untrained, bored, under exercised dog will be destructive. Please, find a good rescue or if the breeder is willing to take him back, give him back. Not all dogs are the same. Just because your Aussie could stay out of a crate, doesn't mean the next dog will.

My advice - give up the dog to a good home/rescue or back to the breeder and if you do choose to get another dog, go for an older dog.

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Where were you when these things happened? This is not the dog's fault. Until they are mature, and even afterwards, they need constant, and I mean constant supervision. Young dogs should never be out of your sight, unless they are in a crate or a kennel.
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From someone that ventured into owning a GSD with little to no knowledge of the breed, researching the characteristics and behaviors of these dogs, helped me understand and be prepared for what lay ahead (to some extend); and even with that work done ahead of time, it has been trying to say the least. The word FIT is important, when one is deciding this type of life commitments; and it seems that this GSD, is NOT a FIT to your lifestyle nor expectations. Indeed find him a good home, and if you decide to venture into dog ownership again, please remember that not all dogs are the same, and that within the breed, there are different drives that are genetically inherited; and if you end up with a high drive dog when you thought you were getting a layed back house pet, its not going to end well for both you and the animal.
Owning this wonderful breed requires a commitment from the prospective owner, to do everything in its power to provide a stable environment of support, exercise and mental stimulation; so this new family member can thrive and reward his new pack with a lifelong of wonderful interactions and memories, which will give you back 10 fold what you put in it.
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A year ago almost exactly you did not like this dog. We tried to give you advice and point you in the right direction, but you never responded. Your very first post here was about the $3000 you had wasted on the puppy.
Now here you are 1 year almost to the day later complaining about $3000 worth of damage. And here we all are telling you exactly the same things. Supervise, train and exercise. These dogs take work and not even a lot, just some and some common sense.
My Dane puppy did way more damage then any Shepherd I have ever met, the list of things she ATE is astounding! The list of things she destroyed is even more so, and included the very expensive crate that I was assured would hold a wild animal. It lasted ONE DAY!
My Dobe cross turned my backyard into something that looked like a moonscape, and my first Sheltie was so hard to start that I very nearly gave up.
FIVE of my German Shepherds thought fencing was fun to climb and caused me endless grief and expense and my Wolfhound cross thought window glass was meant to be jumped through. Do you have any idea how expensive windows are?

I think you need to rehome this dog, I think you should have done it a year ago. Tell us where you are located and I am sure someone can point you to a reputable rescue or someone who might be able to take on this dog.
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Please rehome your dog responsibly or return him to the breeder if that is possible. There's no shame in rehoming your dog as long as you ensure his well-being and safety. Though some breeds are easier than others, I've never had a dog that was born perfect. If left to their own devices, most dogs do what comes naturally to them like digging, barking, and chewing, particularly when they are bored or isolated. As a working/herding breed, GSDs need training, exercise, boundaries, companionship, rules and structures, some more so than others. My GSDs did not do much damage in my home, most likely because I did not give them the opportunity. The few times they have damaged something were due to my carelessness.
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The simplest things are the easiest and most common sense. Protect your things by not allowing your dog access to them. My dogs earned the privilege of being out of their crates. They were 'tested' periodically, for short periods, to see if they were ready to be out of the crate. If not - back in the crate. I do not allow my dogs outside unattended, They have a designated area to go potty. They are not allowed to pee/poop in my garden. There are areas of the yard they are not allowed to play. That is reinforced by me being there, to correct them.

Physical and mental exercise is so important. Obedience is so important. Dogs to not exercise or train themselves. That is your job. If you cannot, or do not wish to train your dog, please find him a loving home with someone who will. Your dog deserves better.

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Dogs canít do that type of damage if they are supervised. My current GSD has only chewed up one dog bed in his crate because he got overheated. Thatís the extent of the damage heís caused me since he was 8 weeks old...and he just turned two. Why? Because I watch him like a hawk. And if I canít, heís crated. Heís still crated while I go to work because I have an elderly dog that he plays too rough with. Crating him keeps them both safe.

Honestly, it doesnít sound like you want to put in the effort with him. It also doesnít sound like you have a bond with him. I would call a rescue organization and have him re-homed. While they are a challenging breed, they are ridiculously smart and easy to train with the right person.

Good luck to you.
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