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bluefrogmama 06-19-2014 09:33 PM

Need urgent help, please!
I don't even know where to start, I'm so devastated and need help desperately! We brought home our 7 month old male in January and things were progressing very well until about 2 months ago when he started acting very aggressively towards strangers. By aggressively I mean full out lunging, showing teeth, foaming at the mouth, barking nonstop. I could not redirect him no matter how hard I tried. I took him to a trainer who works with GSD's, he bit the trainer, the trainer recommended shock collar training. All other trainers said in no way to use shock training on him. I then contacted and started working with a behavioral modification specialist. She gave us very specific training to work with him on reconditioning. Then he got out of the house a few weeks ago (my fault, I know, I'm still sick about it!) and attacked a jogger, bit him, drew blood, it was horrible! His aggression continued to escalate. Last week we took him to another trainer 3 1/2 hours away to board for 4 weeks (he has worked with GSD's for 40 years, trains for SAR, has worked and been successful with aggressive dogs) we felt this was our best shot at reconditioning him. We received a phone call 2 days ago that completely broke my heart. His recommendation is that if he were to come back into our home (we have 2 young kids), something horrible could and would happen. He feels that there is nothing we can do to change him, that he wired for high prey drive and cannot be in a home with more than one person. He had another GSD trainer he works with assess him and she came to the same conclusion. He is very high drive and extremely aggressive. He said he cannot and will not work with him. I contacted the breeder and she said she can't take him back, she has too many puppies. I don't know what to do! If I can't find a home for him, he will have to be PTS. The trainer said he could potentially work well in a military setting or with one person that is very experienced in high drive, working GSD's. How do i find such a person?

Sorry this is so long. I love this dog so much. He is so sweet with me, just a goofy lovable boy. I am also angry. I was very specific that I wanted a low drive family companion. This is not what I got. Please help! I can't imagine having to put down this baby but I don't know what to do!

zyppi 06-19-2014 09:50 PM

what a heartbreaker!

First and foremost, you have to put your children first. Do not try to put this dog back into your home.

Do you have a vet that knows German Shepherds? If so, get their opinion and reassurance that is isn't a health issue.

Bob_McBob 06-19-2014 09:52 PM

That sounds like a nightmare situation. Where did you get this dog?

glowingtoadfly 06-19-2014 10:11 PM

How awful! Maybe someone on the board can help!

bluefrogmama 06-19-2014 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by glowingtoadfly (Post 5666401)
How awful! Maybe someone on the board can help!

I so desperately hope so, thank you!

bluefrogmama 06-19-2014 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by Bob_McBob (Post 5666297)
That sounds like a nightmare situation. Where did you get this dog?

I sent you a pm

Jax08 06-19-2014 10:40 PM

Could you please PM the breeder and pedigree?

I'm very sorry. Sometimes dogs just aren't wired right.

llombardo 06-19-2014 11:55 PM

Before I got to the end of your post I was already thinking military or police if it's not medical. I would start looking into that and get a complete check up and blood work done to make sure.

JakodaCD OA 06-20-2014 06:58 AM

I also would not take bring this dog back into your home.

What about your trainer? Would they be willing to keep/place him? Maybe they know of someone who would be interested in him..

Placing him with some inexperienced is not an option, if you can't find someone experienced (and i would stick with your trainer for help with that), unfortunately I would put him down, to much of a liability.

Your breeder since they won't take him back (because "can't" isn't an excuse),,may be able to help/direct you to someone experienced.

David Winners 06-20-2014 07:18 AM

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Where are you located?

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