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OMG. That must be Ultimate Cuteness!

Too precious.
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It sounds to me like you'd be an amazing german shepherd owner, or dog owner in general! I think you've got it pretty well planned out, really care, and are committed to making it work. I think that occasional rainy days shouldn't be an issue especially since your husband can let the dog out and let him run some energy off. That said it's very possible your dog may not even want to go out much on those days! I've noticed with my dad's dogs if he isn't feeling well due to his health concerns they shadow him and are content to lay with him and be near him. It can be difficult to get them to leave him to go out for potty breaks. Now of course that is dog dependent but it is a thought.

Cats and dogs can definitely work out too. If you can perhaps see if any of the breeders have cats that the dogs are exposed to that way you know the parents can be around cats and the puppies are familiar with them. I know a breeder near me has a really good cat that teaches boundaries to the puppies and plays with them. So a great introduction.

As far as your cats go it's really going to depend. Have they ever been around dogs? If not and you have any friends that have very mellow non cat chasing dogs you might see about having them over. I've noticed even very young kittens can be scared of dogs so while it really depends on your cats it might not be a bad idea to get them some exposure before the puppy comes so you have an idea of how they react to dogs. Cats that run scared can be hard to get used to dogs.

We got Shelby from a ranch that didn't really know how she was around cats. She just stayed lose in their yard most of the time but said that her dogs did often go after cats if they were in the yard but were trained to leave them be out at the barn. So I was prepared to potentially have to work through that but it ended up being a complete non-issue she is a 100% lover with them. They are also very good cat dogs. Just make sure to set boundaries such as no chasing the cats or too rough play from a young age. Codi the black dog in the background was raised with these cats as a puppy. I did have to get after her for playing too rough when she was young but other than that they did very well together.
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Originally Posted by kayjaymaysue View Post
I apologize for not sharing more information about our experience or current situation when asking for input. I was going to open a new thread with that information, but perhaps it would be easiest just to continue posting it here. We are hoping to get a puppy with the next two years. I would appreciate some help deciding between a WL or WGSL.

These are the breeders I have been following:
1. Alta-Tollhaus
2. Von Wolfstraum
3. Von der Traumwolfen
4. Weberhaus
5. Theishof

A little about our current situation:

- We live in the Nashville, TN area

- My husband and I both just graduated from university in December and are working filler jobs (Target) until we can get our foot in at a career job in our field (Graphic Design)

- We are renting a 3 bedroom house with a fenced yard from my grandmother and have good reason to believe we will be here until we can buy our own home. My grandmother is in full support of us getting a puppy

- My grandmother lives 5 minutes away and would be able to come over to let the puppy out to potty while we work, if necessary

- I am planning on having our puppy earn his AKC Star puppy, CGC, CGCA (hopefully), and I am potentially interested in dock diving or agility, but we will most likely pursue those only for fun

- We are confident we can offer two hours of exercise a day, maybe more if necessary, along with plenty of mental stimulation. We have three parks very close to our home and a large lake less than thirty minutes away along with some hiking trails

- My husband has no experience training dogs. His family had an outside dog when he was young

- I have helped my grandparents potty train and go through basic obedience with their Australian Shepherd, but that is the only dog I have helped train

- My mother has 5 Malinois that I adore, two of which are trained for drug detection for the local police. Her boyfriend used to be a k9 handler and has plenty of experience with German Shepherds and IPO, so I plan to get plenty of advice from them during the training process

-I have Crohn's disease. I struggle with fatigue some days, but otherwise have been able to lead a normal life. In the occasion I get very sick, my husband would be mostly responsible for our dog. Because of that, we need a dog that will be okay with less exercise/mental stimulation if that happens. He would not be neglected by any means, but wouldn't get as much as usual. We've talked about getting a doggy treadmill as a last resort for such times if necessary

Again, thank you all so much for your replies! I hope this clarifies some question some of you had, and I would appreciate any guidance you could offer on which lines would be a good match for us.
Hello, neighbor! We’re in Knoxville!

Your mother has *five* Mals? I salute her.

I will vouch for Weberhaus and Malinda Weber. I have a two years old Weberhaus pup and I am about to get another.

After putting down a deposit just yesterday on a puppy from an upcoming breeding, a full sister to my two year old male suddenly became available.

I am jumping at the chance to take her.

I am not a GSD noob; with 30 years into these dogs, I have been all over the boards, from byb to former police K9s, to one breeder who puts outstanding dogs together; to finally finding Weberhaus.

At this point, I am pretty sure I can title Malinda my Breeder for Life.

My Raff has very nice drives; he was a little rock star on the field in his puppyhood. Yet, he was never a Bitey Monster or a destructive chewer. At two, he’s a wonderful house dog. I am not doing IPO anymore, so he has had to downshift into housedogdom. He also lost his playmate in December when our beloved Lexi was stolen by cancer. He has taken it all right in stride.

Raff is super social; he loves people, including kids. But, he is also an excellent watch dog. He is dog friendly and just cares about playing.

If you look at the Weberhaus site, he is out of Loki/Tom.

Tom was lost to bloat not long ago—devastating. So glad I got my Tom puppy. I think of him every day. He was a police K9 in the Czech Republic.

Loki is super outgoing, just like Raff.

One suggestion to anyone considering Weberhaus would be to ask to join the Weberhaus Facebook page. There are lots of discussions always going on (and) pics.

Another plus is breeder support. Malinda stands behind her dogs and she is very available for questions. The FB group is another great resource.

You will not be disappointed.

Here is Raff, the superhero. He’s wearing a t shirt to keep him from messing with an owie. I just love this pic because it shows off his Czech head.
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I used to live in Nashville and work as a graphic designer. :-)

So...on design jobs...don't wait for an opening to be posted. I found my job at a downtown design firm just by writing a letter and attaching a resume, even though they had not advertised any openings. Just pick out the places you want to work, research them, tailor your samples, and approach them. These days, knowing a bit of HTML and CSS is a big help...if you can do some web as well as print, you will be popular. Also I have been doing increasing amounts of UI (User Interface) design - this field is going to be BIG in the future. If you can freelance some while you're jobhunting, it will lead to referrals, grow your portfolio, and earn some extra money. OK, enough about work! Good luck.

On dogs...I thought I liked GSDs, but you already know way more than I ever did! They seem to be a breed that can adjust well to cats (although for my shep/husky mix, cats are definitely a No...for my allergic husband, that works out OK.)

Rumo ~ rescue shepherd/husky mix
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Thank you for the advice. I have been researching about drive and nerves, but I still have a lot more to learn! I will definitely be open and honest with the breeders I contact. I care about being as honest and accurate as possible, so we can get the right puppy for our family. I've been looking for some local clubs or events I could visit to see some of the lines that are popular in our area, but I struggle with social anxiety, so I haven't ventured to any yet. But that is on my list to do before we get a puppy! German Shedder lol, our house is already covered in cat hair, so I'm sure we won't mind some dog hair thrown in. I don't mind the extra vacuuming
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Thank you for the breeder recommendations! They will go on my list. I have looked at Warkonhaus before and definitely liked what they offered. Visiting local clubs or events is definitely on my list to do before a puppy, but as I told huntergreen, I struggle with social anxiety so I haven't ventured out yet. I realize how important that step is and I will get my husband to go with me sometime. The local IGP clubs in our area seem to only allow members that are willing to participate competitively, and that's not something we can commit to right now. Very disappointing, since I was so interested in the sport. I still want to visit to see the dogs though.
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Thank you! I wasn't sure whether I should keep it going or start a new thread, I 'm glad I did the right thing!
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Aww, such a sweet picture! And what a wonderful cat!
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Thank you! I do have a lot planned out, sometimes I go a little overboard though! I get anxious sometimes worrying about all the little details. I've just waited for this puppy for such a long time, I really want to make the right decision for our family and the puppy. I want to offer the best home possible.

I was really worried about how my illness would work out with the puppy, I appreciate the support from everyone on that! I would secretly love if our dog wouldn't want to leave while I was sick! My grandmother's Aussie is like that, she doesn't like to go anywhere without my grandma, especially when she's sick. It can be a pain, but it's also so sweet.

That is a question I am planning on asking every breeder I contact. Having the puppies introduced to cats when they are young is important to us. As far as our cats, they have been around my grandmothers Aussie and seem to do really well with her. Jazz, the Aussie, is really calm though. She's about six years old now. Our cats do get nervous and run when Jazz gets excited and starts running around, which is more like what the puppy will be. One of my grandmother's friends recently got a beagle puppy, and our cats did not like her at all. Granted, the puppy is super hyper and wasn't being well supervised by the owner when our cats were around (the puppy charged our cats and chased them into a room before I could react while the owner was talking), so I intervened and separated them. I don't want to risk a bad interaction again, so I think the next puppy they meet will be ours, so I can ensure the puppy is tethered and our cats don't feel cornered. We are also planning on making our guest bedroom into the cats safe haven where they can escape the puppy's antics if they want some quiet.

That's amazing how well Shelby worked out with your cats! I love those pictures, reminds me a lot of our cat Jack-Jack with Jazz. Beautiful animals! Hopefully one day I'll get to see something that like with our pets!
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Hello! My husband and I just graduated from university in the Chattanooga area! I met quite a few people from Knoxville while I was there.

She does indeed own five mals as well as a sweet little pit mix that she took in. They also have about a dozen chickens, two rabbits, and a barn cat lol it's quite the zoo!

Thank you for sharing your experience with Weberhaus! Raff sounds like a wonderful dog and he is absolutely beautiful! Love the picture! Having a dog that is good with people, children, and other dogs is important to us. I'm sure a lot of that comes down to proper socialization and exposure, but genetics play a big role as well. I'm sorry to hear about Lexi.

I've looked at the Weberhaus Facebook page, is that the group you're talking about? Or is there another private one? I'm definitely interested in joining the community! I'd love to see what their dogs are doing in their new homes.
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