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Unofficial 2lb additional gain! I say unofficial because it is. DH weighed himself, then picked up Seiran and weighed again. So I know it’s not accurate, but it seems like she is on the right track. I cannot see any differences in body conditions, so I just want to do this at home unofficially until her weigh in on Friday and make sure she doesn’t start backsliding again.
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Just one other thought here. I know you watch your dogs very carefully, but your DH does not. Any chance at all that Seiran sucked up something toxic? Specifically, did the weight loss start after a bunch of stuff got painted in and around your house? Could she have licked up some paint, paint thinner, or old paint flakes that poisoned her just enough to make her lose weight? And now her body has started to clear the toxins out of her system so she's gaining weight?
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The only thing painted was the front door and what we call the “airlock” which is basically a very large wooden baby gate with a latch to prevent Crios from bolting out the door. It was regular chalk paint, and dries almost instantly. Our house was built in 2006, so no lead or asbestos problems. We don’t use chemicals in the yard, or house aside from the regular dishwasher and laundry soap, and disinfectant wipes for the counters. None are under the sink because our RO system is so big, nothing else fits down there, so the stuff that normally goes under the sink is in a high cabinet.

The only chemicals she could have gotten into with DH are the pool chemicals. I did speak with the vet about that possibility, and she said it would be a lot worse than slow weight loss with chemical poisoning.
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Seiran started vomiting last night, and we called the emergency vet after hour number. The vet said to bring her in ASAP. I stayed in the waiting room a wreck waiting for news. They started her an IV drip, but did not want to stop the vomiting until they had a clear picture on why she was vomiting. I was a mess, just a mess. As the vet was calling in a team to do exploratory surgery, the vet tech noticed something odd in her vomit. He brought it out and asked if I knew what/where she has ingested this. It was a piece of a flower from one of my flowering bushes. I didn’t know what they were called, so I started googling the crap out of it. Mexican Red Bird of Paradise. I’ve been slowly allowing Seiran to poison herself without even knowing it. I feel like a POS right now.

She has always enjoyed teething on the branches, which I didn’t think was a big deal as she was just kinda mouthing it. She would bite down the length of a branch. She wasn’t eating it, just mouthing it. So I thought no big deal, she’s not swallowing or splintering pieces off it, it’s a very wet wood. Well it’s come into bloom, and she starting eating the blooms. I honestly feel like the worse dog owner ever. We have two very large bushes in our backyard. She was ingesting just enough with biting on the branches that makes my vet positive this has been the problem all along. I’m sitting at home now in tears wondering how I could have missed something like this. They are giving her IV meds to counteract the more toxic levels of the blooms. They say she is coming around, but can’t say for sure what her recovery chances are. They are updating me hourly. I left around 4am when they figured out what the issue was, and said there was nothing more I could do. I’m just in a daze. How could I be so careless and stupid? None of the other dogs chew on this, just Seiran. That should have been something I recognized and reported to the vet when all this started. I just didn’t think.

I’m hoping and praying she recovers from this, I’m just sick and ashamed of myself. Bushes are going to be ripped out today when DH gets off work. We have more things in our landscaping that can be poisonous to dogs. A whole lot of aloe, 6 mini palms, and 3 plants that look like palms but aren’t. None of which I even considered would harm my dogs. Seiran started losing weight when she was allowed to be in the backyard with the other dogs instead of being in the front constantly. I’ll be taking the other dogs out front for bathroom breaks as a precaution until DH can pull all these up.

I’m just so disgusted with myself. Praying she makes a full recovery. My negligence may cost her her life. That’s all, just wanted to update anyone who was wondering, I’ll probably take a break from here for awhile. I’ll update if she makes it through this.
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Don't beat yourself up. I have had my dogs eat plants that they should not have and they had no reaction. My dogs LOVE to eat greenery and I let them and have no problems. One dog is even addicted to eating poison ivy and will stand on his hind legs to reach up and get some growing in the hedges. I think most people that post here would have missed that.

If you need equipment to maintain control of your dog, understand you’re hanging on to your dog’s body because you’ve lost his mind!

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There is no chance I would have caught that before you did. Please don't beat yourself up. No one provides a perfect environment for the things they are responsible for. It's just not possible.

Fingers crossed, and keep us updated.

I'm about to identify and check all the plants around my house.

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Seiran will get through this she's a young other wise healthy dog....I've gotta believe if the toxin was that potent something would have shown up in the blood one here could have tried any harder to figure out her weight clearly went the extra mile trying to pin point the reason for her weight loss....your dogs are very lucky to have you....considering all the things you've had on your plate recently.. as the saying goes...."You Done Good !" and I second what the other members already said....quit beating yourself up

Be kind to your dog..he's only a few years of your life
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Landscapers and interior decorators who plop plants everywhere are among the worst enemies of dogs. If a plant is pretty, they use it, and never mind whether it's poisonous or not.

A long, long time ago, I shared an apartment with a guy who was a plant nut. I thought his plants were cool. When my little mutt started chewing on a dried up bit of plant (which I later found out was dumb cane), I thought nothing of it as I took the plant piece away from her. Fifteen minutes later, her whole face was insanely swollen up and the swelling was moving down into her neck. Didn't take a genius to figure out that her throat was going to swell shut and she was going to suffocate. As long as I live, I will never forget that frantic race to the vet. When I got close to the vet and hit stalled traffic, I jerked the car into a no parking zone, jumped out, and ran with my dog in my arms to the vet. They shot her up with steroids and Benadryl, which stopped the swelling and saved her life. As soon as I got home, I dumped every plant in the apartment in the dumpster and told my roommate that if he ever brought another eff-word plant into the place I would move out the same day. He started to get indignant but shut up when he saw I meant business. I have never had plants in my home since then, and I've routinely removed landscaped plants.

When in doubt, rip it out.

And as I've said a million times, just because something is natural doesn't mean it won't hurt or kill you or your dogs.

Here's a couple of websites with lists of poisonous landscaping plants. The first one focuses on desert plants.

Did the ER vets do bloodwork on Seiran? If they did, what were her sodium and potassium levels? This is important since she was never tested for Addison's disease. I have no doubt that she was poisoned by the plant, but unfortunately a dog can simultaneously have more than one medical problem that sends her to the ER.

Hope she makes a full recovery! Please keep us updated.
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My father worked for the Dept. of Agriculture for many years and after retirement he worked at a plant nursery/landscaping business.They absolutely do know what plants are toxic to various animals and people.It's actually pretty complicated as to which plant is poisonous to which animal.A dog can chew something that has no effect on them but would kill a horse if it ingested it.Your county extension service or state agricultural dept. will identify plants for you if you send a pic.Keep anything delivered from a florist away from pets too,unless you do a little research on what's included in the bouquet
I'm glad your girl is doing better Jchrest!


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Originally Posted by dogma13 View Post
I'm glad your girl is doing better Jchrest!
Huh? JChrest's dog went from bouncing around with her canine buddies to currently lying in the ER on a IV, seriously poisoned by a toxic plant, and the ER vets can’t say for sure what her recovery chances are, and are updating JChrest hourly. This is "doing better"?
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