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Exclamation Adopt Male or Female German Shepherd

Hi Guys,

I currently have a 7 month old male German Shepherd named Ranger. I am looking to add another one to the family that is about the same age as Ranger so that Ranger has a buddy to grow up with. I have been around dogs all my life but have never owned more than one German Shepherd at a time. I do not want to spay or neuter until 14ish months as that is what my vet and breeder recommend. My question is, should I get a female or male German Shepherd? I have been told that once males reach maturity around age 2, they might fight for dominance, which I obviously do not want. However I have also been told that dealing with a female German Shepherd in heat with a male German Shepherd in the house, both not spayed or neutered, is extremely difficult. If you guys have any advice on which sex to get and why, please let me know. Thanks!
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I advice to not add either one. They will bond too close with each other unless you do all the work twice with them separately. He already has a buddy; you! I have a 4 year old female who is well trained. Added a male pup a few months ago and I can tell you that I work my butt off. They are separated a great deal. Once in a while I allow them free play and it can get pretty chaotic so I break it off and separate. But if you decide to go through with this plan anyways, get a female; a nice three-four year old.
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Mine are different ages and play together well. If you adopt from a rescue, will the dog be intact?
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What you heard about two male dogs is correct.

It is not that difficult to have an intact male with a female in heat in the same house. Crate and rotate or keep in a separate room. Some people advise the "two door" method.

I have repeatedly raised two same age GSDs and never once had a bonding issue problem with any of them. I am not saying it doesn't happen, I have read about it, just don't know anybody who has lived it and it has not been my experience.

I find two dogs are easier in a general sense than one in a lot of ways as do some others on this forum.
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I would agree with Wolfy Dog. Your puppy does not need another puppy. It is three times the work if you do it well, not less, as some people think. Each dog needs individual time with you for training, playing, bonding, and exercise, or you will end up with two young, strong, and poorly trained adults that are much more bonded to each other than to you. Read up on "littermate syndrome." If you desperately want a playmate for your puppy, find a friend that has a dog and let them play. Or get an older dog, say 3-4 years and NOT another puppy.

About the male vs. female issue, I'm not sure what to tell you. Usually I would say get a female, as there is less chance for fighting, but it honestly sounds to me like that would most certainly lead to an unplanned litter in this situation.

I am not trying to make you feel bad or put you down. I just want you to be well aware how much work you will need to put in if you go for another puppy. Good luck, and whatever you decide to do, please stick around and ask questions. We are all very passionate about GSDs, and many here are highly experienced. We will be glad to help.
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I would not get two males. I have two that don't get along. We crate and rotate. It's doable, but I would recommend getting a female if you have a male. Crating and rotating for heat cycles is better than crating/rotating all year round.

Don't get a puppy for your dog. Get a 2nd dog only if you want one. And if I were you, I'd wait until the first dog is 2-3 years old so that he is well-trained, out of the puppy phase, and can teach your new puppy good habits instead of bad ones. Good luck!
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I made a mistake when advising to get a male. I edited it. Not sure if that came through. So if you do brush al this advice aside and still want another dog, get a FEmale.
Curious what you are thinking about our tips.
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I try to alternate genders, but it also depends on the male. They arenít all male male aggressive. I had a male rescue who was extremely dog submissive. It didnít matter what dog I put him with, size, breed, he was always submissive and tried to make himself as small as possible. He was in daycare for years a few times a month and never had a problem with any other dog. If the OP isnít sure, have an experienced trainer help them. A one time fee is worth avoiding trouble later.
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I did this once. Not necessarily for the same reasons the OP is but I got 2 GSD puppies who were 5 months apart in age. I figured they would get along and it would be great. It was a male-female combo. The female hated the male their entire lives. It was rough and ultimately I had 2 poorly trained adult dogs.
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We've had any and all combinations over the years--male and female is easiest in MOST cases--female and female is the worst---and if you're not careful/vigilant can be very very bad--We've always had multiple dogs with no big issues training wise etc. As others have said your dog will do great with you by itself---If you get another dog... get it because you want it....your GSD already has a buddy.....YOU

I thought I should add this---if you do get a second dog be careful...very careful to treat them equally...if you show any favoritism---or if one even thinks you are...they can get jealous---that over time can cause dog to dog issues.
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