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1st heat...CLUELESS!!

That would be me thats clueless not Luna....im assuming she will know what to do.

Im just after a bit of information on a first heat as ive always had males. I am getting her spayed but was told to let her have a season first.

Luna is now 6 1/2 months and seems to be licking her parts alot more and seems very clingy the last couple of days.

My main questions are what am I in for?? Is it a constant flow or spots?? Will she get tetchy?? Anything I can do to make her more comfortable??

Also in regards to exercise how do you do this when from what I can read I will have a pack of rabid hormone fuelled dogs scratching at her back legs?? Haha

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly received!!!

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If you walk out your front door, and around the neighborhood and back, you will probably attract males to hang out at your door. They can be a nuisance, whining and carrying on.

A better idea is to drive to your rotten MIL's house, and park in front. Walk you bitch through the neighborhood, and then pack her up and take her home. I haven't tried this yet. I don't have a MIL. But my sister has one that is a great candidate for this.

Yes, usually it starts with some spotting. Sometimes they bleed heavily, and sometimes they never bleed too heavy. For in the house you might want to pick up some washable pet diapers. A medium size is usually large enough for GSD Bitches. Mine are denim with velcro and a tail hole. If she is bleeding heavily, you can put a feminine napkin in there, and replace that.

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Most females bleed for a few days out of the 3 week heat cycle. The youngster (now 4 yo) bleeds for the full three weeks. It's OK because I don't forget that she's in heat. I modify a pair of cotton underwear for her & add 1/2 to full woman's sanitary napkin - works pretty well.

For walks, I too was aprehensive but I did not have trouble with loose males. This was when I lived in a city in Arkansas oddly enough. I didn't have ungentlmanly callers at my fence either. So this is going to depend on your neighborhood. Some people find their bitch as a bunch of potential suitors hanging around.

Our walks were short, she did nothing off lead outside of her fenced yard for those three weeks with the exception of work on the training field.

Hope that helps.
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My girl just started her first heat a few days ago (she just turned 1) and here's what happened here so far:

I noticed a drop of blood in the snow, opened her legs and was surprised to find that she was a little swollen and when I wiped with a paper towel a little blood spotted on it. She's been licking a lot, keeping herself clean. It's been 3 days and so far it's not a heavy flow, I've noticed a few drops on the hardwood, she left a few drops when I had her in a sit earlier, so now she's wearing a washable diaper from Petsmart with a human pad in it, no problem. She had an accident the first day which is super rare. She's been crying about everything and carrying on about being put in her crate sometimes. She's been hungry. Other than that, not much has changed. she hasn't become aggressive or anything, no ignoring commands, and she doesnt mind wearing the diaper. I know every dog is different but so far its not bad here
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I just went through this the first time, myself (with my girl). It wasn't that bad.

Myah got just a "little" more grumpy with my other dog - but barely noticeable, as she is a gentle, joyful pup. She also got more clingy and snuggly.

For us, she started dripping blood and I noticed it on the floor - a spot here, a spot there. I inspected her and, yep, it was from her vulva. It wasn't heavy enough for a full doggie diaper or pad, so I just went to Walmart and bought girl's panties (regular cut, size 12) and put them on her. I put a hole for her tail. I got some real cute colors and designs. We called them her "princess panties". That did the trick. We changed them out a couple times a day, max.

She cleaned herself a lot. She licked herself so much that she is only NOW getting rid of the last lick nodule she formed by so much self-cleaning.

I read all the stories, and even posted here asking, about what to do with males, etc.

I have a neutered 1.5 yr old English bulldog. He didn't care in the least that she was in heat.

We live in the suburbs on a large, fenced lot with houses on each side of us, but a strip of wilderness between our backyard and the next neighborhood over the hill. We have coyotes and I hear them in packs at night.

Nothing came into our yard that I know of. Myah is only outside when I am outside, anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. I go out with her at night when she needs to potty before bed and there were no incidents. No strange dog lurking. And I was sure some male pitties from down the street might show up or howl - nope. Could it happen? Sure. Must we be super careful? Yes. But we had no incidents.

I nixed walking her outside on a leash around town. But my friend fully doggie diapered her girl and kept up with their walks/runs.

Three weeks of princess panties (gotta love OxyClean spray before laundering to keep them looking good!) and keeping her around her own home and yard did the trick for us. No other change to her routine.

I'm so glad I made it through.

Oh, and she was a bit of a chow-hound on her food. I can completely understand! LOL!
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First heat might not be too bad. My bitch is 7 1/2 now and her bleeding will last almost 4 weeks. She will wear her bloomers without a problem and I just put human pads in and change frequently (if bleeding heavy). Yoko doesnt have a tremendous order, but her daughter Bella, lots of odor. Just depends on the bitch. Was curious why you are waiting til after just one heat to spay? Usually we wait til they are done growing (18-24 months) before spaying. The hormones regulate growth. Also, pick up some cheap (Walmart brand) baby wipes. It can be irritating to the vulva to wipe with something dry. The baby wipes are gentle and do a nice job of cleaning things up. I even use it on my carpeting when needed. Not all bitches keep themselves clean. As far as exercise, depends on your neighborhood. I live on a road that is off the beaten path and only a few fixed dogs, so going for a walk down our road is not a problem. Driving to another location and walking is a great option, just don't make that location a dog park. She may get a bit whinny when she is in a standing heat (ready to breed), or not. If you participate in obedience classes of any kind, they probably want you to not come during her heat. Do not leave her outside unsupervised at all until you are certain she is completely out of heat. Her heat can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. She can even have a split heat. Split heat is when she starts her cycle but never ovulates, only last about 2 weeks. Then comes back into full heat about 2 weeks later.

Dawn Brogan

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Let me add that when her discharge turned straw colored (fertile), I amped up my "on alert" status in our yard/neighborhood. Still, no incident.

However, she had no odor that I could smell. If she had a strong odor, from what I'm reading, it could have been an entirely different situation.

Each girl is different. Each situation is different.

And each heat can be different! Sigh...

But these girls are lovely, aren't they? I've always had males, too. I'm really enjoying Myah tremendously.

Good luck.
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My mother bought little boy underwear and put the tail thru the pee hole. Gilda is disgustingly stinky. Fiona is super clean and Gilda is not. I live in urban Orange County and no dogs showed up at my door when Fiona was in heat.

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I am 'blessed' with bitches who bleed like stuck pigs. If somebody takes their britches off while I'm at work it pretty much looks like someone was brutally beheaded and dragged around my house when I get home. I also have long bleeders. "A few days"? HAH. For us it's probably closer to 14-16, although I had one that lasted almost three weeks (bleeding). Then there was one nice little bitch with me that had a delightfully light heat. They come in all shapes and sizes, durations and levels of bloodbath.

I always recommend a nice pair of britches. It could very well save your carpets and/or couches!

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Lisl is now coming out of her second cycle. She spots a bit for a few days and keeps herself very clean. She gets a little more clingy than usual, but I don't mind. Mostly she wants to sit in my lap when I'm on the couch.

No male callers. There are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood but they are all indoor/outdoor dogs or they are tied. No problem with walks.

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