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selzer 09-07-2013 04:42 PM

Unexpected Socialization Experience on my road this AM
So I was waiting for my brothers and father to come with the new fridge.

And waiting.

And waiting.

So I finally decided to let Karma out front to run around. We went out back and found the yellow ball that still squeeked. I took it in front so that the other bitches back there would stop squeeking so much. And I threw the ball, and she chased it, and put her mouth on it, and left it there for me to go and get it.

Why does this always happen to me. They seem to think the object of the game is to put spit on the ball, and watch Susie come and get it and throw it again.

Ah well, she decided that it was more fun to go behind my back yard, to where the horse fence overlooks the ravine so she could have a conversation with Ninja. Since I am a little leery of the woods, ticks, and all, I went and got her leash and brought her back up front.

At the moment I got her back to the driveway, where I thought I might do some training - ha! four orange-shirted cyclists come up along the road. Awesome! We walked to the end of the driveway and watched the cyclists. More were coming. We watched, Many said hi to us. And I said hi back.

One said it was a good thing my dog was so well-trained. LOL! She's just a puppy, and this is great socialization for the bike path.

Finally, I abandoned the idea of the Fall Half Century that I did one year, and figured Boy Scout Troop, and so I asked the last group, if they were boy scouts, and they said yes.

Kind of nice to get a positive socialization experience that I did not have to drive to.

She did awesome with the cyclists, as they were going east and we were on the other side of the road. But the Amish fellow was going West, and his horse was huge. And while she did not bark, she was a little taken aback when it came up near us.

Still, in all, she did quite well. And after the fridge was in place, I let her run around the living room, meet my brother, his buddy, and my dad, and then piddle on my rug in excitement as I cought her to put her back in her area.

Evenso, it was very positive. If I take her with me tomorrow to get the girls, we might do the bike path, and I won't have to worry about bicycles at least. She will still drag me, and I won't be able to let the girls handle her. She is small but strong as an ox. I could put a prong on her, but I will just continue as I am going, and occasionally she gives my arms and shoulders a break.

kjdreyer 09-07-2013 07:09 PM

Nice opportunity! As a biker, I certainly appreciate the non-barking-non-chasing dogs!

selzer 09-07-2013 08:40 PM

Yeah, definitely sometimes you just accept that a training session can turn socialization session, and run with it.

She is gentle and easy to manage, training will come. Monday I had her up at the lake in PA, at my friends' house with my nieces, and their dog, and another couple and their dog.

We have a ways to go with her. I'd like to title her in December, so I need to get on the ball with training, but a pretty September day and dozens of bicycles and an Amish buggy were something I just couldn't pass up.

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