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allryuken 10-14-2012 07:50 PM

hi everyone,

I seem to have trouble finding games my dog loves, he gets bored with fetch, bored with treats, bored with tug o-war.. seriously he will play for a minute or two then just plop down and look at me like "Go get it yourself.." or "Pfft i've had enough of pulling that rope"

The only game he loves to play is wrestling, and i just want to know if it can lead to any bad behaviours.

my puppy has LOVED to bite hands and wrists, i have been saying "ow!" and acting hurt when he bites and he's gotten softer and softer, so i don't mind him biting now as he does it gently.

I have a big king sized bed, he loves nothing more then to get on the bed with me and just go at it for 10 minutes. He'll charge at me, lung at me, we'll roll on the bed together while i tickle him and he mouths my wrists, he runs at me full speed on the bed and i catch him midair.

I don't mind doing this with him and its fun but only if it won't lead to any serious issues later on - thus i'm posting here.

Thanks in advance.

doggiedad 10-14-2012 07:54 PM

how much training and socializing are you doing?
"find it" is a fun activity and you can do it

allryuken 10-14-2012 08:34 PM

Sorry, I suppose I didn't quite get enough information.

The pup is 10 weeks old, he's getting his second vaccination next week and then he'll be doing his first puppy class. I'm still trying to train him and he isnt ready for anything like find it. So far i've trained him to sit and he does that 100% of the time when he's focussed, but having trouble teaching him other stuff.

It's my fault more then his, i need to become a better teacher. :)

So he is 10 weeks old, he has met lots of other humans who have come over for a visit, but no other dogs yet, other then the litter mates he last saw 2 weeks ago.

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