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Bomber 04-24-2012 07:53 AM

new 1yr old female meeting my 1.5yr old male
Last night I adopted a 1yr old female and brought her home to meet my male. The people had her for 1 day, and previous to that the other people only had her a couple months. She is half my dogs size and looks a lot younger than 1 year as they say. I'll post pics later. I know shes a female, smaller. The lady who had her for 1 day got her for her daughter that was moving out, she had shepherds all her life and had a big male there. She was not cruel to her I dont think, but they said they got her from a trailer park. The lady I got her from was getting rid of her because her daughter got a rott weiler instead. Poor girl was bounced all over.

Anyway... I got her home, very peaceful riding, put her in my fenced in back yard and let my male Bomber out, he started sniffing her and she took off running, made one lap in the yard and cleared my 4ft gate and took off. :( 30 min of me running I caught her and brought her back,..(the next morning now and my legs are still dead).... on a leash this time and let her inside so she could feel safer as he was outside, she came out to see him and then ran back in. She did this a few times and they warmed up to each other and played, she actually chased him and even though shes so timid and mellow and a sweetheart, and hes a crazy energy ball, she seems more dominant.

I plan on getting her spayed right away... And he is not altered.

My male I had taken to some basic obedience classes....Hes so hyper and a spaz.... The instructor said another dog would calm him down a lot.... True?
I live alone and only get a few visitors and he gets so excited its crazy.

But anyways she seems really happy now, they both play great far.

Anjulian 04-25-2012 11:52 AM

Not the ideal way to introduce two dogs, but having said that, it is done and over with now. I hope that she settles down with your boy to show her that she doesnt need to be afraid. Hopefully your boy may settle down a bit as well. I had a one year old boy who was being domineering towards us but I wanted a puppy so we took him to meet the pups . My boy jumped up on the table to get out of the way, it must have been a bit of a shock to him to see 5x 11week old puppies running around. Once we decided which one we were going to have, they took the other pups away,and we let them roam around together to ensure that all would be ok. My one year old got quite protective over his puppy and became calmer and much less domineering.They are have been together for 14 months now and the older boy still lets the younger one get away with stealing his food, his toys and anything else that he wants. I am sure that my boy thought that the new puppy was his birthday present. God luck with the new addition and I hope it all goes well . Julie

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