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New puppy and cats

We should be the new owners of a GSD soon and were wondering any tips or advice on introducing the puppy to our two male cats ( 17 and 18 months-cats and the puppy will be 7-8 weeks).
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I've had problems with my puppy and the cats. Although my two older cats will give her what for, she chases them less. But my 1 year old cat encourages the chasing. We're getting there, whenever the cat is around I make my puppy stay and give her treats. Although if she thinks I'm not ready to grab her she will go after the cat.

The main problem is the cat follows the puppy around 24/7. I know she wants to be friends and play but the puppy is too rough lol.
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I have 3 dogs and five cats...yes a german shepherds dream I've come to the conclusion that its in the cats hands. My pup was 3 months and bigger when I got her and she was never around cats. By the time she came into the picture my cats have seen so many dogs come in(rescues) and they pretty much accepted her. Oh she chases them around the house but in a fun way. They don't back down from her and she doesn't stop them from going where they want to go. Its all about time and supervision....the puppy needs to know they can't eat the cat Back in the day when I had only one dog and I brought the first cat in, they didn't get along at all...hissing, fur up, nails out. It took about a month and they are now the partners in crime in the household. Whenever I add another cat, I put the new cat in the bathroom with a gate and everyone meets through the gate...eventually when the cat feels comfortable they come out and wander. In your case, the puppy in the crate will make the cats curious and since they are young they will investigate this and feel somewhat safe that the dog can't get them. Please do expect some hissing and resistance from the cats but it will eventually work. Good Luck!!
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There are lots of threads about puppies/cats. Thats usually the easy part. I have 3 dogs right now that all grew up with cats I never had a problem until I got a kitten. One of my dogs just doesn't like the kitten, the other 2 are fine. The most important rule "NO chasing the cat". Since your cats are a little older than the pup you should be fine, just watch they don't get the pup's eyes. My youngest dog Lakota now 2 love playing with the kitten, she usually closes an eye when they get going.

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One of the most important things I've found about mixing cats and dogs is to have a place where the cats can escape to complete safety from the dogs. Beyond that, supervision, supervision, supervision. You don't want the pup to chase the kitties, at least not until the kitties are ready to initiate play with the pup. It might help to make sure the cats' claws are trimmed short, so that they don't hook the puppy if they swipe.

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My first cat was brought up along with my first dog so she was completely accepting of our new puppy When he pushes his luck she will raise a paw, and this usually stops him. I've just gotten a new kitten, he hasn't been around dogs. Whenever the kitten moves the dog reacts, I'm not sure why, it's like a ritual to approach and sniff whenever the cat moves around the room. My new kitten hisses and spits and whacks him on the nose, no claws out though, just a warning I guess.

My suggestion is to introduce them slowly, through scent first and then through sight (if not by glass, hold your puppy so the cats approach him/her). Gradually (over a week probably) associate the cats with good things such as a toy or treats so your baby knows that good things come when kitties appear. I'd encourage the puppy to be calm around the cats and remove her/him from the situation if overly excited (barking, whining, chewing your hands in frustration). Make sure your kitties can escape, we wouldn't want any tears! Eventually, when calm let her free to explore the cats by herself. They may hiss and spit, lash out, run away but usually your puppy will take these warnings and learn from them. Just be careful that the kittie's don't get your pups eyes. Hope this helps.

ps: It's useful to teach your puppy the 'Leave it.' command, as it applies to everything, including cats!
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Well, I'm going to be the one to rain on the parade a bit....

I had three cats with my old dog. Now I'm down to two. I never, ever, in a million years anticipated that I would have any trouble introducing a 9 week old pup to the cats. The one cat is almost 2, the other is 9. Both have spent their entire life with a dog.

The pup was very cautious at first, and is still extremely friendly. This is now where the problem is: the older cat will just run and hide or hit the pup in the face (no claws), but the younger one, the one who could actually teach the pup a lesson, will JUST LAY THERE AND DO NOTHING if the pup is too rough. No claws, nothing. Just like a dead thing. Sigh. To be fair, the cats do not live inside, they are outside. But we bring them in, and now, my pup is 8 months old and he is STILL WAY, WAY, too excited. He will eventually "leave it" if I have some sort of treat that is super high in value, but if the cat so much as's over. It's sooooooooooooo frustrating. I've seen my pup behave fine around other cats who don't run and swipe at him, but I never figured my cat would behave that way.

If I could do it over, I would make the cats live inside for the first month, so the pup would be flooded initially and he would be too small to scare the cat. For the life of me I never ever thought a cat wouldn't defend itself against a friendly pup who was just a bit rough. It's a thorn in my side and I'm banging my head against the wall, GRRR. (They have always been supervised, btw, sometimes with leash on and sometimes not, as I think it frustrates the pup more).
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both of the cats are indoors. they aren't from the same litter, but close in age. they are very playful and have both been spayed and declawed. we are getting a female puppy. one of the cats is very cautious. he runs and hides at the site of new people. the other cat is very playful and loves to meet new people/cats (we tried introducing them to my mothers cats). I hope the fact that he loves to play will help.
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I've come to the conclusion that its in the cats hands.
You hit the nail on the head. It's totally up to the cat, each individual cat.

I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. Our 4 year old Golden we got at 8 weeks and our GSD we got at 5 weeks. From day 1 it was the cats that did the training. I know which cats will tolerate the puppy and which won't. They both learned really quick that Bastian is ok to play with, Serena & Sakura will claw your eyes out and Oliver is no fun because he shows no reaction. Knuckles (now 6 months) still tries to play with the female cats (Serena & Sakura) but they tell him quick that it's not ok. He's gotten quite a few hard slaps across the head.

I also do something else... I give the cats soft food each day. The dogs know that is the cats food, they are made to lay down and watch the cats eat when they are young (it's torture on a puppy!). When the cats are finished they can go and lick the bowl, but not until the cats are done.

Now if a cat is laying on the couch, the dogs will leave it be and lay at the other end (except for Bastian - he likes to cuddle with the dogs). Cats rule in this house.

We go to my parents house almost everyday and more often than not, Knuckles comes with. They have a cat and the other day it came at Knuckles from behind the chair. Quite the comical moment to see a big GSD run for cover from a little cat! LOL

But hey, cats rule - no matter where they are. One of the first lessons my dogs learn.

- Berleen -

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my pups always want to play with the cats
but the cats are more reserved. i make sure the pup
takes it easy and slowly with the cats. it always works
out in the long run. in my dogs puppy class there
was 2 cats and because of this my dog doesn't react to
cats. my neighbor has 2 cats and she brings my dog
over to play with her cats.
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