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Puppy being good around strangers?

Hi all!

I bought an 8 week old GSD last week, so she's now 9 weeks old. I've had dogs before but not a GSD. The thing is, with puppies I've had before (Rottweiler and Collie), when we have a visitor they go crazy, jumping up and misbehaving etc.

However, with my new puppy she is very reserved with strangers. She doesn't seem nervous or fearful, just reserved. She doesn't jump up but greets them in a very mellow manner. Sitting at their feet, licking their hand and having a good smell of them. Of course she gets a huge fuss and treats for this behaviour.

She is not fully vaccinated yet so I can't socialise her very much at the minute. I am just wondering if this is typical behaviour for this breed or not?

Thanks for reading, Jo x
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It sounds to me like you are lucky! You have a nice, calm, laid back puppy, do you wanna switch?


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encourage the calm polite greetings. Dont allow your guests to encourage jumping and being crazy. Beyond that, socialize her like crazy with good friends and when she's good after her 2nd round of vaccinations, get her out with dogs you know are well behaved. Enjoy the calm. It'll probably turn very landshark like soon enough!

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Thanks for your replies!

I was just a little nervous that it was a sign of her being nervous around people or something. So it's nothing to worry about?

When she can leave the house she'll be coming on the school run with me, to the shops... infact anywhere I go that I can take her I will.

This brings me to another question I have actually though I'm not sure it belongs here but - how much can she walk at this age? I'd like her to come on the school run with me but it's 2.5 miles twice a day. Is this too much? Thanks again x
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My puppy will be 14 weeks old tomorrow and she is the same way! Happy to see people, approaches with a wagging, low tail, and sits politely for petting. She's been like this since we got her at 9 weeks. I too was concerned that perhaps I missed the signs of a shy puppy when picking her and so I decided against waiting to socialize. After her first shots, I took her everywhere with me. To me personally, it was a MUCH greater risk to have a fear aggressive dog vs. any illness. A risk I had to take. At 9 weeks, she approached some people cautiously; happy but still a little cautious. Now after working with her for a month, lots of high value treats around people; she's still polite and calm, but I don't see caution anymore. Could just be the fear period? But our puppy's sire was the same way, he confidently, calmly approached us and has been that way his whole life. Oh, and my last puppy was 12 years ago, we had a rottweiler too. Anyway, his temperment was the same as our current girl. Slightly reserved around strangers but always friendly, sweet and calm.
As far as exercise goes, I'm pretty nervous about hip dysplasia (our rottie had it) so we are taking the slow approach to exercise. Right now, our girl gets a one mile on leash walk (it takes 20 minutes because I let her explore) and we play fetch in the yard, plus she plays TONS with our older dog. I wouldn't do a 2.5 mile walk with my puppy yet, but I'm curious what others will say on that.

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she's laid back for now, beware.
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The way you describe it, she doesn't sound like she's nervous about meeting people so I wouldn't worry about it unless she actually shies away from them, showing fear.

My puppies have always been overly effusive greeters, which can be more difficult in the long run because you've got to teach them that it's not appropriate to jump all over people and maul them with kisses!

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Okay well we just had another visitor (who will be the dog walker who comes to play with her the 2 days a week I can't be at home), and she was the same. She shows obvious signs of being happy though, wagging her tail etc. I won't worry about it and just see how she goes then I'm very glad she's not jumping all over people because people get very annoyed lol.

Dakotasmom, is this safe to do? I'd like to take her out, I really want to get her socialised but obviously I don't want her to get sick. I've been carrying her to the pet shop etc but she is far too heavy for me - I can barely make it there and back without my arms and back dying lol. What do other people think about taking her out now after only her first round of vaccinations?

Thanks x
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I'm sure the experts will give better advice, but I took/take my puppy every where. I have since the day I got her a couple days shy of 8 weeks old. I didn't let her walk around places that other dogs frequent I.E. pet stores or places of that nature. However secluded parks and running/hiking trails where fair game. As for the distance, I would work your puppy up slow and look for signs of being tired. Others may not agree but my puppy was doing a mile or two at 9 weeks old. They just had to be at her pace. At 3 months we did a 7 mile mountain hike off leash with no problems. Most days just about 3-5 miles now. She loves it!
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I agree with a few others on here. Keep encouraging her good behavior that you lucked upon and try to prevent negative. I think the hardest and most important thing is controlling your company.

It might be rude to some, but when I had a new puppy, and in a month when I do again, company wasn't allowed to come in my home and greet my dog, neither was my dog. The greetings would always take place on my terms.
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