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Manfred is doing well. He walks well, bites less, eats his kibbles, raw chicken bones, egg shells and dried duck breasts. He is a happy healthy BIG puppy!

Today we were teaching him to target the house keys and we had success.

One thing we noticed yesterday and today has me a little spooked.

Yesterday at around 12.00am midnight, Renata, Manfred and I went for a walk. We live in the safe part of LA, more like West LA / Beverly hills. Generally it is safe, but in Sept 2011, I was attacked by 2 drug addicts.

Yesterday while we were walking home, Manfred who is generally social of all people he meets (He is EXTREMELY well socialized to people and dogs). Suddenly stopped and looked ahead at the dark street ahead. His ears were erect, his posture was alert.

I asked him to move, he would not.

I backed away and asked Renata to follow. We crossed the street and went on the side walk to the other side.

Today in the evening, I was out with Manfred. He was his usual self, sniffing, trying to get at twigs.

When we approached a certain side walk (a different one), there was an older man with a shopping bag approaching us (like 20 yards away). The man stopped and turned around and walked back the way he came. Even Manfred stopped and was alert (as described before).

I initially thought it was the older guy with the bag that had spooked Manny. But evidently not. Manfred refused to go ahead. And instead sat down, ears erect looking ahead. And he was not looking at that man with the shopping bag.

I could see nothing, it was around 6.30pm Pacific time, so a bit dark.

I did not ask or prod Manfred to move forward but tried to see what had spooked Manny.

Manfred then just turned around and ran. I kept up.

We both ran to the cross walk.

I did not see anything, but I trusted my boy.

I wonder what it could have been.....

Also, one day when Manfred was around 3 months old, we were at home, it was a saturday and Renata was still in Lithuania.

Renata and I were chatting with video on skype. When Manfred went to the bed room to the walk in closet where his bed was situated. He barked.

I was surprised, I hadnt heard him bark till then. I came to see Manfred staring intently at the closet. He was not looking down, but up... like staring at the face of a man. Except the closet was empty!

Manfred backed up and left the room, I followed. LOL.

I have lived alone since I hit my 20's. I lived alone in a 2000 sq ft apartment in Boston on a hill surrounded by its own verdant grounds. I dont get spooked easy.

But Manfred's recent behavior has me questioning.. is it the super natural that my dog is sensing?

PS: I have posted this same message on my "semi-blog" that I keep on Manfred's progress "Proud Daddy showing off his sonny". So if duplication is prohibited, I apologize, but I did want to share and get the opinion of a broader audience.


P.PS: Renata is my fiancee, who is presently with me in LA. Manfred is presently 4 months of age.
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At 4 months old, our pups can see things and stop cause they are new, but they do NOT have the experience to tell Jack the Ripper from Uncle Pete.

That's where we come in to TEACH and reassure and work thru an issue.

Or we fail them.

By giving into their FEAR reaction and running away from the 'whatever' CONFIRMING THAT THE WORLD IS A SCARY PLACE AND EVEN DADDY RUNS AWAY AWAY AWAY!

Our job is to LEAD our dogs. Not follow when they run away from fear.

This is especially vital with our pups the first year and why 'proper socialization' is key. Our pups should be curious. Can react fearful for a bit then RECOVER. And our job is to investigate what an issue is, have the pup follow us to see WE ARE IN CHARGE, and when we have the 'happy voice' and move on the puppy should learn 'oh, guess it's ok cause my leader just said it's ok and LOOK, it was ok after all!'

If you have too many potential scary things in the dark, bring a flashlight on your walks so you can investigate and work thru these times. OR don't walk at night for a few months and the daytime walks can be used to confirm your leadership role so you pup won't think they have to take charge and run, or freak out and run.


Miss Osin Blue Wildhaus NA NAJ NF

"Nothing new can come into your life unless you are grateful for what you already have. ~ "--- Michael Bernhard, gratitude
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I will keep that in mind. Thank you for your post.

But to be honest, in Los Angeles, it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

When I first moved to LA, and my company put me up in a $9000 a month furnished suite in the Palazzo at 3rd street and fairfax, till I found digs. A realtor took me around to show me places as far as Valencia, Burbank, Glendale, Santa Monica, Beverly hills, the ONE thing she would ALWAYS consider would the gangs in the area and how close they were.

LA is like a sea of violence, in which there are these extremely expensive little islands of peaceful living.

I have seen, experienced and lived it, and in the last 2 months, these are the only 2 times that I backed away when Manfred spooked.

And its about trust.

I remember, when I was a kid, I wanted to go to a concert, and dad wouldn't let me. I was upset.

I went to the kitchen and got a mug of water. Being a young boy, of course I had a bag of tricks and one of which was this potent laxative that I planned on using on my friends at some time.

I splashed around the water, pretending to mix stuff in it, went up to Dad and mom (who was sitting close to him), and gave him the mug of water and said, "Here drink! I mixed laxatives in it!"

My dad took the water, drank it. Not a word.

My mom was like " But he said he mixed laxatives in it!"

My dad : "I trust my son."

Needless to say there were no Laxatives in the water.

I learnt that day to encourage by trust. And I trust my young furry son.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.
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I do beleive that dogs and cats for that matter can see (sence) things that we can not, weather its a stange energy or whatever. Often I found my dogs staring at something and I can see nothing !! Hopefully its just nice things when they are looking over my head and staring at a wall or off into space!! I am not sure if they can sence danger but I do think they can tell about people, its a feeling that we mostly have as well but usually ignore. The gut feeling, always trust your gut and carry on appropriatly.
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