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Howdy Y'all

Just moved to central TX and it hasnt been the best life decision thats for sure. Ive never experienced the amount of negative events in such a short time frame as I have since moving here. Thats my sob story.
Background: I worked in Security. I ran security for schools and houses of worship. I am an instructor for various threat assessment programs, active attacker response, and firearms. This field had me very close to getting a working GSD (bomb/ordinance detection). That didnt happen and a move to TX did.
Due to some unfortunate personal events that have had an obvious affect on my families safety and well being I am back in the process of getting a GSD. The emphasis wont have to be on ordinance detection but more personal, family, home protection.
I joined because I just dont know enough. There are fair number of breeders around here but some insight into them would be awesome. In the past I used my LEO connections to get the insight needed. I dont have that here.
I am in Austin.
Looking for protection and family companion.
Teach me.
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good morning,

I don't have personal advice. However after reading other's advice over the years look for IPO clubs, rally groups, even agility forums in your area. Meet with people there, watch their dogs and find out more information about the ones that seem to fit the needs of your family. Welcome to the forum, depending on work schedules sometimes thread get missed so don't take it personally. Good luck in your search. Hope things start looking up for you.

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Yes, nothing personal, I just don't know a thing about protection dogs.

I'm sorry about your negative events recently.

You are looking to get a pup and train it in protection yourself? (not easy, do you have training experience ...if not, you'll have to join a Club?)

Have you thought about an already-trained adult Protection Dog ($$$)?

Or did you just mean, you want to get a GSD that will have a naturally protective temperament (bark when people go by, sound & look scary, defend when needed)?
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Thanks for getting the convo going. I knee you guys were out there somewhere.
I am leaning towards a young adult, partially trained. However the financial investment, from what I've seen so far, is 35,000+. Seems a bit steep but maybe I'm wrong? Sticker shock can always fade with some knowledge.
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Watch Ivanís video on protection dogs before forking out that kind of $. Itís an hour long but weíll worth the info

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Will do. Thank you.
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There is a great thread on here recently started that has info about IPO/IGP/PP dogs. I’d link it, but I’m on my phone and haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

I will say, TX seems to be a state that A LOT of GSD’s come from, with a ton being shelter dumped, which is generally a case of BYB being prevalent. Not always, but most reputable breeders will take the dog back, rather than them ending up in a shelter. In my town, it’s BB and chihuahua’s.

You might be better off actually looking into a breed rescue (again, do research, not all are in it for the right reasons) or your local shelter and getting an older GSD that already has a set temperament and is easier to work with than a pup. If it’s just for home protection, I wouldn’t shell out that kind of money. I’d invest that into a great security system, hand gun training for the family, and a one on one training to get you where you want to be with a GSD as a deterrent, but not the last line of security. If that makes any sense.
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You'd be surprised at the large number of nice GSD being dumped at shelters. And because the breed is such a loyal
dog, it usually doesn't take long for their natural protectiveness to kick in.

You don't really need a professionally trained dog for normal family/home protection. Just the sight of a GSD is a deterrent
to many people. Then the bark scares off the rest of them. You can easily teach a GSD to bark at noises, trespassers,
and strangers on or near your property.

My rescue GSD/mix learned within a few weeks of getting her from the shelter that strangers- 2 legged or 4 legged- were
not supposed to be near my farm. I taught her to bark at them. And she learned to chase them off. Don't think she'd
ever bite a stranger but she has scared a few who trespassed over our fence or gate.

My dog- 2 yr. old cost me $10. and was spade w/ all shots and health checked. Yes, she needed training but learns
very quickly because she's smart. Best money I ever spent.

Check your shelters and rescue organization and see what's available. Good Luck in your search.
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This is just my personal opinion, but I agree with others that for home security a GSD without specific intensive protection training should be more than sufficient. This breed is extremely loyal to their person (or family), naturally aloof towards strangers, extremely intelligent and biddable, and there isnít a person alive that isnít familiar with the sight of a GSD and their reputation as K9s or aka ďbad ass dogsĒ. To this day I have people, even children who will ask me about my ďK9Ē when Iím out and about with him. Nothing escapes his attention at home, he notices everything and will alert right away. But he doesnít bark incessantly, only if a vehicle or someone is by our property. If someone physically steps foot on our property, he will bark and engage in a chase if I allow it. I donít think he would bite someone unless they were physically harming or threatening me. I never taught him any of this, itís just how he is.

You could of course participate in IGP clubs which would undoubtedly not be a hindrance, but as far as paying tens of thousands of dollars I think you could do without for your purposes. Honestly for a serious dog like that, I can only see being useful in a LE operation or such as your line of work. But for the home, if someone specifically targets you and knows you have a dog... they can be dispatched accordingly despite training. Of course this is only my opinion. I do recommend whichever avenue you decide to take, to engage in a sort of sport as it creates such a closer bond and understanding. I donít participate in the protection sports but am in the middle of beginner agility with my boy and after only three classes the difference is amazing. He is so much more in tune with me and our bond has grown even stronger, we have such a better understanding of one another and I thought we were already doing well before. I wish you the best of luck on your search!
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