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Who did you win over to the dark side?

So my DH is a cat lover. I love cats as much as I love putting away laundry. He never wanted a dog. He got two when he got me. We I wanted to add another to our home and started dropping not so subtle hints, he said no way, no how. Then I showed him pics of the litter I was interested in. He asked how soon we could get “it.” We weren’t sure if the breeder would be sending a male or female, we wanted it to be a surprise.

When I told him we may be getting a rescue from Texas (Lobo) he gave me that look. I’m sure you’ve all gotten it a time or two. And said “You know once he’s here, you’re going to want to keep him.” Then I showed him a pic of Lobo, and he got excited and asked when he would be here. He’s such a sucker! And the perfect partner. He knows I can’t let any animal suffer. But I’ve never had an issue turning over my fosters when they were healed up and trained enough for a new home. He’s stuck by my side through countless fosters, and holds me while I bawl when they leave. He said he doesn’t even want cats anymore, and that’s a huge thing for him. He’s always had at least one cat. Now he has none, and 3 dogs, all of which he spoils rotten, and leave me being the bad cop in the situation.

So who have you managed to lure to the dark side of the world of GSD’s?!?
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My husband used to say he was more of a cat-person than a dog-person. He still can't bring himself to say he's a dog-person, but he will say that he's a GSD-guy. We just have one cat at the moment. I've never gone out of my way to look for a cat, but somehow they turn up.

My 3-year-old has started saying occasionally "Levi is my best friend," so hopefully he'll grow up to be a dog-lover also. Levi is one of our GSDs. It was a bit of a struggle to get him (our son, not the dog, hah) to start talking, and one of his first multi-syllable phrases was "German Shepherd." I was so surprised he knew that.
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Ha ha, my husband did not want a dog really. But gave in.

Now he dotes on our dog, talks to him in a special dog voice, worries about his health, and refuses to ever drop him off for boarding because he can't stand the sad look that our dog gives him! Now I have to be the "bad guy"!
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Same as Jchrest - I came to the relationship with two existing dogs (boxer 4yrs and a rottweiler 2yrs) and DH came with a cat. He had never owned a dog before let alone molding a puppy. He did eventually bond with my rottweiler and when I started shopping for a 2nd dog after the boxer was euthanized for old age he was realllly ambivalent about it. But something about fluffy little shepherd pups cannot be denied and when he set eyes on the black pup (the breeder had said a sable and a black from the litter were a fit for our needs) he was smitten. Its 2 years on and he is just in love with that shepherd and vice versa.

My rottie was let go in December due to injury and old age and DH was more excited about our next new addition this last week than I was. I was considering a corgi and I was all getting cold feet about raising another pup and a smaller dog for the first time.. and meanwhile he is sending photos and "birth announcements" to all the friends and family. I couldn't back out after that! I think I have created a monster.

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My husband was never an animal lover.Over the years he's done a 100% turn around.First it was a stray cat we took in that claimed him as 'his person'.It opened his eyes and heart to the wonderful relationships one can have with animals.He loves our dogs and calls them his kids.(I know,cringe!)Our lives pretty much revolve around our pups
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It was 100% my fault - LOL

My husband already had 2 GSD's that were grown and gone. 2 Adult kids and when we got married it was either the baby talk or the puppy talk.
Puppies won GSD was the only dog choice because it was my husbands favorite. He grew up with them as a kid and had his own as an adult.

Let me tell you though, getting 2 GSD puppies a few months after getting married is not easy. You learn really quickly if you have a partner for life!
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I had my first dog for three years when I met my husband. They bonded instantly. But later he said that this dog was going to be the last dog...ever..... Ha, ha, little did he know what was going to show up in the parade of animals over the years. As long as I did the training he enjoyed everyone of them, incl. the fosters. He built hutches, coops and cages for all other pets we got over the years. And oh, almost forgot, we also raised our homegrown kids in between all of this. He is the best hubby and yes, he will be the only one...ever.... <3 We have such a good life.
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My fiancee has had dogs before, but they were always like pomeranians or other smaller breeds.

When I first showed him the German Shepherd that needed rehoming, it was more like "isnt this a pretty dog? i hope she finds a home" after a about a week of ruminating on it and the dog still hadn't found an owner, I started seriously considering taking her in. It took some convincing, because we had just 2 months prior gotten another new dog. But I just wasn't connecting with the new dog in the same way he was and German Shepherds were my favorite breed. I convinced him to let me at least meet her and and take our other new dog to meet her just to see how she was.
After the initial meet went well, I couldn't take her home right away because I needed supplies and her owners agreed to hold onto her for two more weeks while I got together money for a new crate and food, etc. My fiancee was iffy but I pleaded with him, telling him I would make myself solely financially responsible for her, he wouldn't have to pay any money, I would do all the work taking care of her so he'd never even have to trouble himself with her and he agreed.
It was a little bit of a rocky start. The two girls were initially doing well together until our husky came into heat (i'll spare the details for that as i have a whole other thread about it.) We had to separate them. I moved in with my fiancee while we were looking for a bigger house and since Gaia (our GSD) didn't like the husky, and she didn't like our roommate at the time, she had to stay in her crate for most of the day, only going out for long walks and I played with her in our tiny bedroom. She would whine a lot of the time, which upset my fiancee a good bit because her crate was right next to our bed, but no dog would want to live their life in a cage, I couldn't blame her. His anger would make me pretty sad, but I really didn't want to give up on her.
We finally got a bigger house with a huge yard, and now we have a fence so she gets to run around and has 3 other dogs to play with (and 1 that she hates, but it's okay!)
He has grown to love her a lot now that she's in a less stressful environment, she's less fearful and less hyperactive because she's much more stimulated! He has come to understand the breed and knows that not every dog is a tiny, happy love machine. She's had a few instances of being protective of our territory. She barks at anyone she doesn't know who gets near her crate. We pretty much have to train her to like our friends, but as long as they (our friends) do what we tell them to it's not hard to get her used to them.
This was something that had turned him off from her, but I think now that we know how to manage it he has come to accept her for the breed that she is and the issues that come with it!
He doesn't mind taking care of her himself now, it was part of our agreement, but he knows how tired I get caring for 5 dogs. He plays with her outside and he's no longer intimidated by her at all!
He knows she's just a big baby in the body of a giant predator!

He's even agreed that once our dogs have had their day in 10-15 years, I can get more GSDs because I love them so much xD
I think he's realized that he doesn't have the patience for raising and training dogs, so he's fine with me being the one to choose since I'm going to do all the work!
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