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Nutrish Sued For Allegedly Containing Herbicide

Rachael Ray's dog food brand, Nutrish, sued for allegedly containing 'potentially harmful’ herbicide:

"On Monday, news broke that Rachael Ray‘s dog food company Nutrish is being sued by a man claiming the products contain the herbicide glyphosate and are therefore not “natural,” as advertised.
Tests conducted in an independent laboratory revealed that glyphosate is present in the products, and that by not disclosing the information on its packaging, Nutrish is guilty of false advertising and charging customers more for a premium food that is allegedly not natural."


Rachael Ray Dog Food Brand Contains Herbicide, Lawsuit Says | Fortune

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Things like this make me want to switch to raw 100% more and more.

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I wish when these thing come out in the media they would actually state just how much of the offending agent is in the product. TBH if any non organic crop foods for human or pet consumption were tested they would all have some level of glyphosate. Glyphosate is so heavily used on crops in this country by farmers I wouldn't believe a company that said their product didn't contain some level of the stuff (organic crops excluded).

I get the fact that the suit is about false advertising and labeling but the media hype is making look like they deliberately added glyphosate to the product and lied. Sensational headlines make money.

Should there be concern? Sure. The truth is testing positive doesn't really give the whole picture. How much glyphosate? A tiny trace amount or a boat load? I would bet your favorite corn tortilla chips would test positive for the stuff and people eat tons of them. I think it would be naive to think chemical pesticides spayed on crops are not going to end up in the final yield of those crops. It's not just dogs eating this crap. It's in our food too!

Monsanto is already being sued over the long term risks of glyphosate, as they should be. The stuff is poison and it is in our food supply, our water supply due to run off and many farm soils are saturated with the stuff.

End of the day...The majority of the food supply in this country (and many others) is contaminated with all sorts of bad stuff and we've been eating it for years. I find it a shame that one company is being singled out for what is likely industry wide. I don't feed Rachael Ray kibble. But the company raises a butt load of money for pets in need and it would be shame for them to be forced to stop selling the product (part of the law suit is a sales injunction) just because this one brand got singled out for something that is likely in the majority of the kibbles on the market.
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Ziva 03.07.2013

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I’m not surprised at all. Google Rachel Ray and “dog bites.” They tried to cover that up four different times, so nothing she does surprises me. Just because someone donates to animals doesn’t make them an honorable person.
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Springbrz- great post -people do need to be aware of what is in their own non organic food. It is disturbing.
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Originally Posted by LuvShepherds View Post
I’m not surprised at all. Google Rachel Ray and “dog bites.” They tried to cover that up four different times, so nothing she does surprises me. Just because someone donates to animals doesn’t make them an honorable person.
Being an honorable person has nothing to do with it. The claim is that the food is labeled all natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Glyphosate is neither a flavor or preservative. All natural would be the the phrase that would cause a problem. Let's just agree that glyphosate isn't natural so that would be a loss in court.

The point I was making is why single out this one brand. I imagine as time goes by lawyers will have other pet foods tested for glyphosate and they too will come back testing positive for glyphosate. The key factor here is no one has said just how much glyphosate. As I stated, the stuff in all sorts of food stuffs. The splashy headlines are just a scare tactic to insight fear in pet owners to not by that brand. When in all likelyhood it is present in many pet foods in the same or similar levels.

My issue is that the media is making it sound like this is some sort of deliberate add of the chemical and/or the company knew it was there and deliberately considered to hid its presence. The fact is we don't if any pet food companies have ever test for it. Human food manufacturers don't disclose it's presence because they meet the FDA threshold guidelines for ppm or ppb and it's permissible.

I have doubt gyphosate is routinely tested for (if at all) in pet food. Not on their radar. Nutrish didn't say the food was organic. Do they need to correct their labeling? Probably. Nutrish is not the only pet food that uses the term "Natural" in branding. Let's test those brands and even the playing field is all I'm saying. If one looks hard enough something bad can be found in almost every food product.

I'm not trying to defend Rachael Ray, the manufacturer, or any one. I'm just trying to point out that this is just another media blitz with few facts presented only to create hysteria about one company that could have devastating effects on that company and in turn the charities it supports in a biased, unfair fashion.

I just see this as judging in the media before full facts are disclosed. I also don't necessarily see this as a company trying to deliberately deceive consumers. I see it as a "it never came to mind" kinda of thing. Now it's coming to mind.

And let's not overlook the fact the person suing is asking for 5 million dollars. Seems like a lot of money and no claim of health damage to his dog. Just because he believes he was deliberately deceived. The man is himself eating glyphosate every time he bites into a sandwich made with natural wheat. Just saying. He'll sue them next if he think of it. Soon he could be rich man.

Ziva 03.07.2013
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Cereal crops are desiccated with glyphosate to even ripening. The increase in yield is meager, at best and not worth the harm caused. Corn, wheat, soy, oats, barley and canola (the list goes on and on) are all sprayed prior to harvest. All of them are processed with this chemical on them. Quaker Oats is being sued for the same labeling, 'natural' and there will be more to come. Cheerios, baby's first finger food, was found to have excessive amounts of this chemical.

I know the difference between natural (no chemicals added at final production of product) and organic (no chemicals used, start to finish). Sadly, the organic labeling needs government certification, running the price up and out of reach for me. I don't think the lawsuit will go anywhere, but I do think it will put a magnifying glass on Monsanto...for that I am thankful.

Glyphosate was introduced into our food system in the '70s, the autism rate doubled. Celiac has increased, Alzheimers, kidney disease and a whole host of others have risen. This chemical disrupts the gut flora, which in turn does not allow proper nutrition.

I think while we wait out Monsanto's demise, a really good probiotic and baking our own bread, with organic wheat, is our only hope.

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I agree with Springbrz....nowadays it's all about social media and getting the story on local/national news and the OMG factor when someone sees or hears the story....I have to believe that the person bringing this law suit (with no real damages) will take what he's awarded in court or money from a out of court settlement with Nutrish...... and donate the money to shelters or rescues......or maybe NOT.
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have zero interest in the product or any other dog food product carrying a celebrity name

should they be sued --- why not vent all your anger and power to change things by going directly after
the cause of this herbicide - ROUND UP , MONSANTO -- because glyphosate is a major concern for all of us

there are dairy products which are tested for glyphosates -
When I was sourcing out my true colostrum I made a point of looking for that glyphosate free

Grain in kibble -- you have a chance pf trace herbicide

Grain in bread --- yup , traces in vegetables - possible

MOMS and Momsto2 lol -- we have a fight on our hands

I contribute to an organization that takes these 'monsters" to court and tries to impose punitive
penalty for their , MY OPINION, criminal activity . Problem is the penalties are a drop in the bucket .
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