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Nzisaren 01-17-2019 08:59 AM

How do you wash your pet?
So I gave the dog a shower today for the second time. That's right, I went for my shower and he came along with me. My dog is very small so he just sat in the corner while I showered and didn't seem too happy about it.

I sprayed him all over with water, then stood him up with his front paws on my arm so I could get his underside.

So he sat and waited (or dreaded) while I finished my shampooing and soaping. Then I get out his doggie shampoo and lathered him up (he seemed to like this as he was wagging his tail a bit).

Then waited a bit, and got the water again and washed him all off. Then I got out, dryed off, got dressed, brushed teeth, etc. while he waited patiently in the shower stall. I figured this was good because he'd shake a bit and not be so wet when he came out.

So out he came, I bundled him in a towel and dried him off, but he was really itchy from the water and is now running around the house shaking and scratching at the floor, but he's all clean.....

So I pondered, how do other Arsians watch their pets? Unfortunatley I have no pics because i thought it might scare you to have shower pics of my dog, and in the back of your mind you'd sit there "he's naked while he's taking these pictures"..... So no you.

wolfy dog 01-17-2019 10:46 AM

I never bathe my dog(s). Just spot clean if there is 'something' really nasty in their neck from rolling into 'something'.
Other than rinsing with a garden hose, no bathing here. For drying off I have a pet dryer; turbo version of a blow dryer for people without the heat.

Jenny720 01-17-2019 10:56 AM

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I don’t wash them unless they swim at the beach I have a hose that connects to the sink and outside will either hose them or bath them off outside in warm weather. They don’t smell and feel clean. They do have doggy odor on those rainy days and snow so not furniture for them in those days. Our chihuahua will roll in something dead smelling- probably to keep the shepherds away - so he gets baths only when he does this.

dogma13 01-17-2019 11:22 AM

Lol Jenny!Your little guy smelling like carrion would make him more attractive to my dogs:)
I just spot clean my dogs for the most part.Even mud if allowed to dry will brush right out easily.The very occasional bath is with a hose and warm water outside.

Jenny720 01-17-2019 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by dogma13 (Post 9140761)
Lol Jenny!Your little guy smelling like carrion would make him more attractive to my dogs[IMG class=inlineimg]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]
I just spot clean my dogs for the most part.Even mud if allowed to dry will brush right out easily.The very occasional bath is with a hose and warm water outside.

Hee hee he smells so bad when he does that maybe he thinks it makes him more manly lol! Lol!

Kari01 01-17-2019 11:35 AM

My girl hates being washed, it's a real chore. I tend not to wash her unless she has rolled in something particularly noxious, which she seems to love to do! A bit of general mud or dirt I'll usually just wipe it off with a cloth or let it dry off and brush it out. On average she gets a full wash about every 2 to 3 months, which works fine for us. Also, if her head smells fine, then I tend to avoid washing her head and just giving it a wipe if it needs it because I don't think she really needs soap getting in her eyes and ears.

Fodder 01-17-2019 11:39 AM

I use a self service dog wash (mainly for the power dryer and to pass off clean up duty) about twice a year, located in one of my local pet stores.
Otherwise walks in the rain and swims in fresh water streams/lakes suffice.
One of the boys has bed and sofa privileges, so I prefer clean smelling dogs.
They eat well and get brushed regularly, that all helps too.

Pawsed 01-17-2019 11:49 AM

I'm in the no washing camp, too. Bathing can really dry out their skin and cause the itching you are seeing. I hose the dogs off when they are muddy, if it's warm enough, but giving them a bath is a very rare thing. Their skin and hair is much healthier with the natural oils that they produce and bathing removes those.

Sabis mom 01-17-2019 12:52 PM

I bathe Shadow once a year, just to get rid of the last of the winter itchies. Usually in June or so and outside with hose and bucket.
Sun dries her and the grass helps. I never understood the whole bathing thing.

Kazel 01-17-2019 01:05 PM

I wash my dogs very rarely, mainly if they smell particularly ripe or if we've taken them to the river/lake. In cold weather I wash them in the tub with the shower head, usually wear shorts and a t-shirt that I don't mind getting covered in water. Or in the summer when we go to the river/lake, outside with a hose is how we usually do it. My female I've given her maybe two baths in the past 7 months. Would be more but didn't get to get out this last summer much as I moved and still figuring out safe places to take her. And one of those baths was because of a new food I tried that didn't agree with her and gave her dandruff/itchy skin.

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