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Vet appointment-I'm scared

Shadow is going to the vet Saturday. She has this thing on her tongue that looks like a raspberry, it's been there all her life. She also has a hole/dent and the very tip of her tongue is split, these were all prior to her coming home with me.
Anyway, recently the raspberry thing has looked different? sort of. Darker, redder, maybe bigger?
I discussed this with the vet and the decision was sedate the crazy witch and check her nose to tail, do some blood work since she is six this year. Sedatives and Shadow frighten me, but there is no way to get a good look in her mouth otherwise so I have been sitting here quietly freaking out all week.
Can someone please tell me I am just nuts?
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Hi Sabis mom,

No, you aren't nuts. You are reacting just like most of us would. We all worry when we take our pups to the vet for one thing or another. Heck, I worry when I go to the doctors!

If Shadow has an issue, you'll handle it. If it's nothing to be concerned about, you'll celebrate. Either way, you'll manage just fine.

Sending best,
Lynn & Traveler
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Thanks for the encouragement.

She is all I have left. And I am so scared. I know that seems stupid and I am a grown woman, but I just cannot lose this one to.
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Sending you and Shadow good thoughts for an uneventful vet visit.

I know you've been through so much recently--the thought of illness right now is scary. Focus on positive thoughts and a good outcome, if only to keep Shadow from picking up on your anxiety before the vet. Maybe it's just age changing the look of the spot -- our own marks and moles change as we age, maybe dogs' do too.
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Sending calming thoughts for you and Shadow.You're both strong enough ladies to overcome anything.
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Sabis mom, you are going to lose this one too. I am sorry, but she is six years old, and some time within the next 6-7 years, she is going to cross that bridge where you can't follow. It is a price we all pay. Some of us get our dog to 13 or even 14, some dogs don't make it to six. In some ways, we really are only temporary guardians of these critters. We do have to give them back. And it always is hard.

That said, yes you are working yourself up. Unless she has had a negative reaction to sedation, they should be able to safely sedate her lightly to be able to look at the thing in her mouth. The thing in her mouth, if it has suddenly changed, is more of a cause for concern and getting it checked now is being proactive. Hopefully it is nothing to be concerned with. That not being the case, hopefully you noted the changes and brought it to the vet in time to prevent any disease to progress further.

Worrying about it can't add a hair to your head, or a day to her life. It can take away time that you have. And it can make her more ill at ease -- make the entire ordeal more stressful, so cut it out. It really isn't helpful.

The werewolf lost use of her back legs briefly a few days ago. I took her up and they anesthetized her, took pictures, and gave her a reversal shot. I could not have improved the x-rays, or improved the experience for her by being nervous at all. I willed myself not to be nervous. X-rays were ok. We are unsure what is going on. She is inside most of the time, and maybe it was heat-related. It was miserably hot to be running around with the big dogs, and she only has one speed (fast-forward). Sometimes we have to discipline this particular emotion so that our dogs are not negatively effected. I know it is not easy. Parents have to do it, when they take their kids to the ER -- no one is served by parents melting down in front of their kids. Our kids need to be reassured by our presence. So do our dogs.

This is why so many vets want to take the dogs into the back (away from owners) to work on them. Because we make it worse for the dogs by worry/nervousness -- dogs can smell that shtuff all the way out in the parking lot. We have to not just pretend we aren't nervous but we have to figure out how not to be nervous.
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Free Your Dogs From Warts or Papillomas

She's had it forever. Could just be papilloma virus she got as a pup. You all went through a tough time, loosing home, motels, moving, bud passing and she has picked up on it. Seems she might just be having an immune system malfunction that has allowed this to get a little angrier. Or you might be seeing things differently now that Bud has passed.
You're not nuts. You are helicopter dog mom
You have the app. Do a biopsy just to be sure, bloods might be helpful in some other way (baseline for her current health status), but doubt will relate anything back to what is happening in the mouth.
These clusters are not uncommon. And, she has always had.
Boost her immune system, nutritionally and emotionally
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Yes I am crazy, and yes I am doing my very best not to transmit to her how very scared I am.
Sedative is to allow a complete nose to tail, she has been abnormally itchy, has lost weight, has a spot on her eye and has broken a couple teeth. The scar tissue on her ear tips seems an odd color and is getting lumpy, and she has what I hope is a cyst on her neck.
Vet and I are suspicious of either a low grade systemic infection or some type of auto immune thing.
Activity levels are normal, food and water intake are normal, coat and skin look great, but her stools have an orangey color and she has random bouts of soft stool that has a greasy look to it.
She eats a good quality kibble with raw pork, raw chicken and raw veggies and berries. She gets coconut oil added to kibble and an occasional egg. She eats better then I do and she has had essentially the same diet all her life.
I am trying to be reasonable, but I really am terrified. If I lose her, I have nothing left.
The lump on her tongue was always a concern, she had it when I got her and the vet was certain it was a wart or scar tissue. It has never changed until now. I check it once a week. The blood work is simply because she will be out anyway and six is perfect timing for a baseline.
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I'm sending you positive thoughts. Yes, I would be scared also, but at least you'll know how she is.

"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together,keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever." A.A. Milne


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Oh, I know these fears. I hope everything works out to be not so serious as what you are fearing. One of my wolfdogs had a spot on his tongue, and it turned out to be granular tissue, irritation from chewing on nylabones. Many times our imagination works overtime, and things turn out to be not as bad as we fear. I so hope that's what you will find out.

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