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ariannasmom 06-05-2009 01:58 PM

Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
Georgia went in this morning to the vet to have an x-ray done on her left leg where she has been limping. The vet just called to tell me that the joints in both back legs are bad, the one left leg has a stratched legiament, and that she has the start of hip dysplasia.

My heart feels so broken right now, she is a mommas girl.

Can any one give me some heads up on what to expect from here on out...

Thanks for reading.

ariannasmom 06-05-2009 02:29 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
*Update* Contacted the breeder we got GA from and she wants a second opinion on the X-rays, As she believes its not possiable that GA has the Hip Dysplasia.

Tbarrios333 06-05-2009 02:35 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
I'm so sorry
I was hoping everything with her skin sores and limping would turn out o.k.

Wish you and GA the best of luck~

BlackPuppy 06-05-2009 02:39 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
Its good to get a second opinion. My vet said Doeraks hips looked great. The OFA said he had moderate hip dysplasia. (Also, some vets have no clue on how to take the proper x-rays.)

I wish you best of luck. Some HD can be corrected with surgery when caught at a young age.

flygirl55 06-05-2009 02:44 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
Glad to hear that the breeder is at least taking an interest. Do you know what her parents were rated by OFA?
If she does have HD, there are many things that can be done for her, from medication to surgery to homepathic treatments. My 10 yr old had HD and spinal issues that were managed most of her life. In the end, they did take her but she had a wonderful and productive life until then, so all hope isn't lost...

JeffM 06-05-2009 03:00 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
When we got Riggs at 13 months, he was slow getting up. XRays said he had HD in the left and also bad knee's/elbows.

3 yrs later he's still going strong with no signs of pain. We play multiple times daily.

Thor started limping in the back end. XRays showed HD in left hip. Went to a specialist who said he didn't have HD but his vertebrae is pinching a nerve causing the pain/limp.

Hatterasser 06-05-2009 03:01 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
When we brought Thor home, he was limping badly. At 11 months old, HD never occurred to us but the vet took x-rays. The vet stated that he never certifies HD under 2 years old but in this case he was going to certify Thor....literally square pegs in round holes. At 5, Thor shows signs of what is likely to come. When he squats to poo, his legs quiver badly. He sits very slowly (always has). But we have him on glucosamine condroiten, which seems to help a great deal. He's still active, loves to run and chase his squeakys and balls, and I'm sure will be fine for a few more years, though I expect he'll reach a point where it becomes harder and harder to sit and then stand up again. A former GSD we had lived to 14 with hip dysplasia. Still it is hard to see a 10 mo old suffering. I think good diet, exercise and care will help as will the addition of GC tablets. It's helped Thor.

ariannasmom 06-05-2009 03:22 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
Yes the breeder is an excellant lady and has worked with us every step of the way with Georgia.
Both Georgias mother and father rated good through the OFA on hips and elbows.
She came with a HD guarentee, Which is why the breeder and I are so shocked.
Im going to get a second opinon on the X-rays, and pray that its just a fluke.

Thank you all so much for the replies, I will update as soon as i know more.

WiscTiger 06-05-2009 04:03 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
For the Stretched legament you want to do a few weeks of restircted activity so it can have a chance to heal up.

I am glad your breeder is working with you and I would also second, third or what ever getting a second opinion.

How many hip xrays does your Vet take to be sent in for certification? Is there an Ortho Vet some where around where you live, even if you have to travel for 3 - 4 hours it might be worth using them as the secondopinion or a Vet school.

I have a female that was OFA rated as Mild dysplasia, she is 7 1/2 now and shows mild signs of her hip bothering her. I am trying to find a joint supplement that agrees with her tummy. To me mild dysplasia is easy to work with.


Doc 06-05-2009 04:46 PM

Re: Hip dysplasia, bad joints-10.5 month old
Can you post the x-ray? There are a bunch of folks in here that can read x-rays just as good if not better than the OFA. Position of the dog is the single most key element. And most Vet's do a poor job of positioning the dog correctly.

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