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Your training goals

What type(s) of training do you participate in? Do you have a goal you wish to achieve? Those of you taking obedience classes are you planning to compete or is your goal to have a well mannered pet. Perhaps you see therapy work in your dog's future. What about the Schutzhund? Are you training for the nationals? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Or do you wish to prove your dog's breed worthiness, or are you just out there having fun? What about those that train for SAR, or agility, or herding what training are you undertaking and what are your ultimate goals?

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Re: Your training goals

I train mostly on my own but sometimes buy private sessions from a trainer when I come up against something I'm not prepared for. My first goal was to get Rocky's CGC, which we acheived. Now I'm seriously thinking about going for his CD and maybe getting into rally obedience. I'm not trying to prove his breedworthiness-- I know he's not breedworthy and he's neutered. We're just having fun and I LOVE having a well-mannered, obedient dog.
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Re: Your training goals

Well, since I got my pup we've been in and out of training. She's 3 now and we got the CGC as far as obedience goes. We just completed 4 months of agility and signed on for 2 more classes (twice a week). I may take a tracking class, but not sure yet. Still have to contact the trainer, etc.

As far a goals....I definitly wanted to complete the CGC and start agility. So we had done that.
For now, it's just for fun!!! She's a joy to train, so we are having a good time!!
What the future holds, who knows, but so far I'm glad we have come this far!!! Would like to observe Schutzhund sometime, but I don't think my girl would be cut out for it, so that's on the back-burner for now!!!!!, but would like to watch it sometime.
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Re: Your training goals

Training goals! Neat! Each one has a different plan based on their strengths...
Bella-got her CGC and working towards competition obedience as she gains confidence
Bruno-working on CGC to do therapy dog work
Ava-beginning obedience as a foundation for agility and becoming un-wild
Kramer-he does them all! training for him, as a senior, is to keep him lively and involved, he loves to work!
And the goal for all is to become truly obedient-not walking in a circle obedient but do as told when told obedient. A BIG goal!
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Re: Your training goals


My training goals are for my dogs to have fun!! If training for competition obedience is not enjoyed by both sides of the team (dog and handler) - then one must evaluate the goals again.

My goal (to date) is to train for an AKC UD title on my 18 month old. He has his CGC, we are getting ready to show in the AKC Novice B ring this weekend for the first time. (We have been in Pre-Novice for the past six months - with multiple placements.) We are currently working on the Open level of obedience (because he finds Novice so darn boring).

Jackson and I are also ready to be certified in tracking so we can begin entering trials for his TD title. This he just excelled in and loves every time I put that darn tracking harness on him.

But the bottom line here is that training helps to create an unbreakable bond between dog and human. That is why (to me) it is so important that the dog enjoys this training as much as I do. I love training, especially when you finally see that "little light bulb" go off in the dog's head that indicates "Hey Mom - I Got This Thing!"
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Re: Your training goals

Bismarch ~ Several weeks after he came to us, I started a bit of OB training, sit, down, stay. Then we went into a "pet" OB class because I wanted a well behaved pet. The instructor talked with me and said he had the potential to go into OB competition if I was willing to work with him. She also said he'd make a great Theraphy Dog. So, I set a few goals. He got his CGC and US Temperment Test Certificates (12 1/2 mos) and two month later he was Certified as a Theraphy Dog. He's now in private OB training towards his CD. First, we hope to get a BH on him in May, then we will look towards competing for his CD. He's a tough boy to train, no food or toy drive, but he's doing awesome! Well, when he's not a butthead! He's also been in beginners and intermediate Agility classes and did very well. I may put him back into Agility because he enjoyed it so much.

Frieda ~ She doesn't like group training. She has been thru several OB classes and did well. I am going to try tracking with her this Spring. I'll use what I learn in Taser's tracking lessons and work with her to see if that is her "niche". If it is, we will move forward with her training in tracking. In the mean time, I am working on getting her ready for her CGC.

Taser ~ He went thru two OB classes that his breeder had (she is an instructor) and he did very well. He got his CGC at 7 mos, then his drive kicked in. So, I did beginners, intermediate and advanced Agility with him which he excelled in. I plan on putting him back into Agility in the Fall. I had him tested for SCH when he was abt 10 mos and now we are in SCH training. We hope to get a BH on him in the Fall. My goals with Taser are to compete in SCH first. I may go for a CD with him and maybe compete in Agility.

My three are still young, so I'm taking it one step at a time and having fun with them! If they don't title, that's okay. The bond I have developed with each of them while training is worth more to me than the title. Plus, they are having F U N!
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Re: Your training goals

I'll admit it - I'm a trainaholic. Most of my free time is devoted to training. I'm in agility classes 2 nights a week, obedience classes one night a week, trials on the weekends, correction clinics/fun matches a few times a month, and training at home in between all that.
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Re: Your training goals

As I was trying to edit my post, my time elapsed, so here's the rest, continued from above.

Astro (6 years old)- He's the one that started it over 5 years ago. I started him in agility to give him some much needed confidence because he came from an abuse and neglect background. He was such a mess that I had to drag him in the door at class for the first few months. I never expected to compete but one thing led to another and he earned his AX and AXJ. I retired him last fall because he was starting to slow down. He could be 6, but he may be older as well. I wanted to retire him while he was still near the top of his game. I felt I owed him that.

Starine(3 years old) - She's actively competing in agility and has a busy schedule ahead of her this year. I don't think she's MACH material because she doesn't have enough speed in Jumpers, but I do think she can get an MX provided her health holds up. She's in remission from PF. I'm also putting her back in obedience and hope to compete there.

Rio (21 months) - He's entered in his first agility trial in May. Not sure if he has MACH potential yet, I'm not sure how much speed he has yet. He's also getting close to being ready to compete in obedience - just needs some polishing. I have hopes of getting a UD, at least, on him.

Grace (3 years old) - Now she's gonna be my MACH dog - this small, fast, high-drive girl from the Memphis Animal Shelter. I cannot wait to start competing with her later this summer.

Cooper (21 months) He's training in obedience with my husband handling him. I'd like to get a CD on him - not sure how much farther he can go due to his elbow surgery.

Overall, I'm so involved in training because it's an opportunity to spend time with my dogs and have fun with them. Even when I'm sick or feeling crummy, I try to make it to class or train them becasue I feel like I'm letting them down if I don't. And I try to evaluate their capabilities realistically and not push them beyond what they're capable of, or expect more of them than they can realistically achieve. Some people in agility set their goals on a MACH with every dog, but in my case with Astro, his AX was his MACH, due to all the additional obstacles he had to overcome due to his background. The titles and ribbons are a nice bonus, but the real reason for competing is the teamwork that is involved and the bond that I experience with them after having a great run. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Re: Your training goals

I train in SchH, AKC obedience, do some other types of training to test my breeding stock, and cattle herding (for my own use). I train because I enjoy it and to test my girls for breeding suitability.

Nike has her SchH1 and we also did an OB1 and an AD. My goals are the SchH3 FH2 KKL, but a broken canine and some very bad training at my last club may prevent the SchH2,3 and KKL. I am going to start working harder towards her FH1 and 2 and maybe do her CD next winter. She will also have a litter of pups sometime this year.

Alexis is still pretty immature so we are working on obedience and tracking/scent detection. My goals are the BH this fall and we will go from there. She is also learning to work my cattle.

Treue SchH3 CD CGC is retired. She tries to help with the cows, takes walks and retrieves anything thrown.
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Re: Your training goals

There's so much I'd love to do with my puppers, but being preggers with #3 and having an 11 month old at home already kinda hampers me a bit ... BUT I belive GREATLY that training with your dog is a must! For the dog & owner's happiness & well-being!

My ten year old son has been VERY interested in Agility with the pups so we started classes recently and all are enjoying it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Where do we go from there? We'll see! Eventually some local trials, would like to take another class first - we LOVE our trainer but the next class we take I'd like it to be an outdoors course where we could practice a full course rather than individual obstacles. BUT this has been a good & positive start! My husband has been helping out with this too - it's been great family-togetherness time!

I'd like to do Therapy work with the pups. Gaia has an affinity for children especially, though she loves everyone. And Oskar is a gentle and loving soul and is as gentle with senior citizens as he is with our baby (he ADORES babies!). Oskar has even shown great empathy for people outside of his pack that are feeling down, he's gone up to several and put his head in their laps and given kisses and love ...

As Gaia is only a bit over a year old I'd like to give her another year to get out of puppyhood so she wouldn't be as excitable and would be more aware of what her body is doing. Both of them used to go to work with me at my Pop's motor shop so loud noises and wheeled things don't phase them in the least. I figure if I wait another year to start Therapy work that would be best for them & I - and give a good reason to get out of the house for a day at least once/week!

I've met with the head of our local Therapy dog group (our trainer is one of their evaluators and we all use the same vet) and she said our two sound very good for the program and understands my need to wait a bit, we have been working on what they will be tested on so I'm sure when the time comes all will go well!

There are times that I feel I should be doing MORE with these wonderful creatures that have so much intelligence & love; but they seem so very happy to just BE with us, being themselves, using what their breed gave them in subtle ways, watching out for us and reading our signals so very well. And it's always a pleasure to "teach" them a new skill, even if it's as silly or simple as "the baby is awake! Let's go get him up from his crib!"

HUGE kudos to all of you that do such wonderful & helpful work with your GSD's!
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