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Re: Your training goals

I am now having a problem with my 4 yr. old male GSD. I rescued a female GSD that is 18 mos. old, 3 months ago. They seem to get alone pretty well. However, he has become pretty aggressive. He also suffers from severe separation anxiety. His behavior has regressed back to the beginning. It came to a head several weeks ago when I went out into my front yard to water flowers. I heard the front door slam, saw a flash and then heard screaming,-my male had unlocked the front door and storm door, and he attacked a small dog that was walking with its owner on the street in front of the house. He would not come, off, or down, when I commanded him to. He has been obedience trained to work well for me off lead. He refused to listen or obey, and attacked the little dog even after the owner had picked it up. He did not hurt the owner. The behaviorist said he probably did not hurt the dog much, he was just being territorial. Had never seen dog or owner before and when I searched for them, couldn't find them. Called emergency vets and dog had not been brought in. It took awhile to lure him to where I could catch him. I am now very nervous. I am not certain exactly what to expect. My neighbors called the police and dog warden. They are afraid that he will come over my 4 foot chain link fence and attack them or their dog. Am having a six foot solid wood fence installed, he is now on anxiety medication, and we started to see a behaviorist, Ken McCort in Ohio. He will be tied, and barking crazily to get my attention. He is ignored until barking stops for a second. He is also having many accidents in the house while I am at work. Have had to confine him in his big crate, 10x6x6, which he hates. He barks all day. I am afraid to take him anywhere. Behaviorist thinks we can level his learned behavior of barking, down to nothing, as long as I pay no attention to him when he does bark. Any other suggestions?

Melinda W.
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Re: Your training goals


I have copied your post to it's own thread in the Behavior forum. It will get more notice, and I'm sure you will get more help and advice, with it down there than here in this thread.
HERE is a link to the topic.

-Chris (Administrator)
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Re: Your training goals

Naughty Nala is 5 1/2 months old, and is my first GSD. She has completed puppy class, and is now in basic obediance. I am new to dog training so right now I am learning just as much as Nala (actually I think Nala is the smarter of the two of us [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ).

My ultimate goal for Nala is CGC and Therapy Dog title. For right now her goal is just to have fun being a puppy, and to teach me something during obediance classes.

Maybe as time goes by, and I have a better feel for Nalas potential, and my own, we will add some more goals, and titles to our list. But for now, to be honest, I don't even know what all your dogs titles stand for. All I know is that the large majority of you have worked very hard with your dogs, based on all the titles you have earned.

There seems to be a real experienced group on this board, so be ready for all my stupid questions that will come your way over time. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: Your training goals

I believe my goal has been to learn how to train dogs the best that I can. When I was young I wanted a dog more than anything but my parents just were not too tolerant of the pet thing.
When I reached middle age I decided I wasn't going to miss out in life on that stuff I wanted to do so badly as a kid.
I have a long way to go in learning, but I have found that it can be so much fun for the dog and handler. I like to see if I can get a good and enthusiastic performance from both of us.
Here is my first dog that I trained. Gala is a bit of clown but sometimes she can do very well.
Either way I usually get a grin out of her performance. Having fun is a great goal, I think.

The "Gator" with some of her obedience wins.

Heeling is one of my favorite exercises because when you both get in the flow it is like being in the "zone".
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Re: Your training goals

I guess my goal is to have as much fun as possible with them along with making sure they are good doggy citizens.

My Halley is training in agility & obedience. Blackie is a little older now & he is only doing obedience. We are starting him in rally. Sammy is also practicing rally.

If the title comes, great, but some of the best runs I have had were with no title but the dog did something really fantastic.

For example, today there was a oppossum outside on the fence. Blackie was actively engaged in retrieving it; however, when I called him, he came. Can't get much better than that! That good of a recall could save his life someday.

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Re: Your training goals

Originally posted by Julie'somom:
Is there anyone in Michigan that is here that is active in either therapy dog training or search and rescue?
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Julies'somom, where are you in MI? We had a great trainer in Lansing. His name is Hector Hernandez, his training school (?) is called Super K9. His website is He trains police dogs and started us on the SAR style tracking.
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Re: Your training goals

Boddah, Moose, Kaitlin and I went to our first obedience class last night and they both did pretty good. After some initial excited barking at the other dogs, Boddah did great and was the only pup that could do a sit command within three seconds. I think Moose will be a bit of a challenge but he also did well.
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Re: Your training goals

This is Julie'os mom and I live in a little place on Lake Michigan called Ludington. I am about three hours drive from Lansing...but I have done that type of driving previously. Ludington is not a real dog friendly dogs allowed on any beaches, the city park etc. etc.....I can take my dogs to the state park and my gsd has made a lot of friends out there. Thanks for the trainer's name.

Julie'os mom
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Re: Your training goals

I love my Timber and my goal is to simply give him the best time ever. I dont take him to classes, bc i can train him myself. Hes good and listens to me. Yeah, he can get so excited and runs around like the road runner, but he has fun as i do with him.
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Re: Your training goals

Please Bear with me this is the first time I have ever done anything like this.
I need some GSD advice. I have a 1yr 7month old German Shepard. His name is Thunder, and on a whole he is a gentlemen. He has asserted his dominence over my 4 year old black lab (Shadow)but they get along great.
My lab and I have a special realtionship, and I never had any of these problems.I have started leaving Thunder out of the crate during the day. I go home for lunch everyday for an hour. For a couple days he's perfect, then one day I can come home and the house is destroyed. The trash will be ripped apart, cabinet drawers are opened, and emptied, my pots, pans, foil will all be chewed and spread around the house, wood from the fireplace torn apart. He even got into our liquor one day and managed to get the cover off a bottle of scotch, drank most of it, then chewed up a dinning room chair.
I have punished him, and he most Definitely knows
what he is doing is wrong. I don't hit him because he is too large and it would not make a difference to him.
For the last 2 weeks both dogs have had run of the upstairs. 4 bedrooms and a bath all to themselves. I know they are on the bed, but I accepted the fur when I got the dogs. For two weeks not a problem. I thought Thunder had finally matured. Then.. the last 4 days he has taken the spare blankets, sheets, pillows off the shelves. Chewed my suitcase, some slides we had, my laundry basket, a 5lb weight etc... The thing that gets me is the fact that I disipline him when I get home for lunch, and 3 hours later he has proceeded to do the same exact thing. He knows what he is doing. When I come home his ears are back, his head is down, and he just has that bad dog look on his face.
I love this dog dearly, but I am frustrated at his destructive behavior. My Lab did this once, and then learned not to. Please, if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate.
Sorry I rambled
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