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Why Is A GSD Right For You?

Our next discussion topic comes to you compliments of Vinnie;

I've heard it said many times that the GSD isn't for everyone so what makes you think the GSD is right for you? or what makes you feel you are right for the GSD?


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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

I guess it's more that I'm right for a GSD rather than the other way around. The day I came into this world there already several GSDs in my family. Dad bred and trained them for decades. I grew up with GSDs all around me and can still remember them all and what they were like. My first sense of loss came at age 3 when my father's prime stud and my best friend, Rex, died. My greatest joy as a child came when my dad gave me first dog, Kaiser, at the age of 5. Dad said I had "the gift" as he called it and of all his children was the most likely to succeed him in sharing my life with these dogs. He was right of course. They have been an integral part of my existence all my days and I have been a trainer for decades. Still, saying all that I have to acknowledge that I've learned more from them they they have ever learned from me.
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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

The GSD is right for me because it is loyal, protective and intelligent. It is also a great outdoor dog, loves swimming, retrieving and just going for boat rides. The dog is very versatile, and we can go from swimming in the river to playing search and rescue. I camp and fish a lot, and the dog loves tose trips. In most respects training was almost to easy.

I am right for the GSD because being retired and divorced, I am able to spend a great deal of time with the dog. I am opionated, thinking a GSD is the best breed on the planet, and my GSD has never disappointed me. My GSD is great with friends, relatives and other dogs. However, I do recognize the dog can be protective when it comes to strangers on my property, and I am very careful in that respect. I also have spent a great deal of time socializing the dog, with the neighbors, and at festivals and dog events.
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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

You don't get to pick the animals that are in your life. They pick you.

What GSDad said goes for me. But it was my grandpa that trained them... His old male that he had decided that Rocky and I were his. So there was always one or more GSDs near me at all time. More than half of me happy memories have something to do with a GSD.

As for why a GSD is right for me... I am not really sure. I have always thought that with the activity that is my life that they would be perfect for me. I don't want one for protection, cause I would be there to protect them. But the work that I do and enjoy doing, a BIG dog is helpful. Since I am short, people don't take me seriously, so with the aid of a Big dog I get my point across.... Does that make any sense at all? I guess that I want a loyal companion.. And that is a major point in the GSDs character.. They are loyal. And I love them...

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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

I'm right for a GSD Because I love all kind of outdoors activities and I can provide not only the physical but also the mental exercise this breed need and with my lifestyle I can get my dog along with me wherever I go.

As for why a GSD is right for me, lets stat that not every GSD is right for me. Between the choice of a Show Line GSD and a Mali or a Dutch Shepherd I prefer the second ones. I love all kind of dogs, but I wouldn't own any kind of dog. I like high energy dogs with high drives ans strong temperament. Couch potatoes, or mellow or skittish dog wouldn't make a good partner for me. That's why when I say a GSD is right for me, I'm talking of Working Lines GSDs (or I would had had a GSD months ago) But I also like a loyal companion, a dog attached to me with Velcro, handler sensitive and with a sense of protectiveness. I seek not only intelligence, but also trainability. For that reason I don't think I and a Nordic breed would work for me.

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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

I wanted a dog that would be mine. A dog prepared to give himself to me with all his heart and soul. With the GSD I get this and I feel that he understands that I return these feelings.

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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

because i love everything about them

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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

I feel GSDs are right for me because of the ease with which they integrate their lives around mine. A GSD that has been rescued after being abandoned by a owner who no longer wants them will bond with their new owner, just like a puppy. To really make a human/ shepherd relationship work, though, one has to be the Alpha of the household, especially with multi-dog households, and that above all, I think is the reason GSDs are not for everyone.
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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

I honestly don't really know if they are right for me or I'm right for them.... I'm not a typical (I'm an oft scoffed at type of owner, on this site at least) My nails are always done, usually red talons, my hair is always dyed, my make-up is always on, I never wear less than a 2in heel.
Dh is the die-hard purebred GSD owner. I like my mixes in dogs. However (I remember a thread where what a woman was wearing and how she looked discussed on here, maybe a year ago, she was a GSD owner, some case that made news) I am active on trails (yes you can hike in heels, for folks like me with shortened calves this can be the only way to walk) I have a cousin who has introduced me to herding (she raises border collies) proper herding, not the patched together crap I already was doing, despite appearances I am active outdoors. I enjoy an intellectual challenge in my dogs. Which herding breeds posess and encourage with me.
I'm not a typical owner, on the street you would associate me with fou-fou dogs. I ride horses, work dogs. Nails can be replaced, make-up can be re-applied......... I'm by far not a typical owner.
Dh loves his GSD's, he is an avid American Show conosseuir (sp?). I like a mixed breed *L*.
Do I deserve to own a GSD? That's up to who is adopting to us, can I handle and provide a proper environment for such a dog, I dare you to find someone better!
I'm not a stereotypical GSD owner. On first glance you wouldn't expect me to own any sort of large dog......
That's the beauty of all of us, on this board there is no sterotypical owner!
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Re: Why Is A GSD Right For You?

I'm right for a GSD because I'm intelligent (have to be smarter than the dog!), take the best care of my pets that I can, and am able to be in control of them, and am always working towards improvement. What I mean about being in control, is I am never the person at the dog park repeating "sit. sit. sit! siiiiit! SIT!" in a higher pitch, and louder voice. When I give a command or correction I do it like I mean it and we move on. I think my experience working with and training horses prepared me for being a GSD owner. Tessa was *my* first dog. My dad had a GSD when I was a kid, and I lived with roommates dogs including doing the housebreaking and basic training on a pitbull. But I'd never had my own dog before adopting Tessa, and I knew EXACTLY what I wanted when I was looking for her. As for working towards improvement, I am never satisfied to stay where I'm at in anything. I love to learn, and will be a student of sorts for the rest of my life. I'm not big on showing horses, but I'm constantly schooling my horses and working with trainers to reach a higher level. And with the dogs, we are always working on training and to reach a higher level. I think that's very important with the GSD, they NEED a purpose.

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