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The Perfect GSD

Here's our new weekly discussion topic (compliments of Wisc. Tiger ).

What do you consider to be the perfect German Shepherd Dog?

If you could pick every aspect of your GSD, what would that dog look like? What color and coat type would you want? What lines would you go for? What's your ideal height and weight? What would you consider the perfect temperament? What level of drive would you want? What would you prefer as far as socialness/aloofness. Would you prefer that perfect dog to be male or female?

We're talking about your dream dog here, so no names or pictures of existing dogs, please. Discussion only.


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Re: The Perfect GSD

Ok I'll go.

I want a dog with my idea of the perfect GSD temperament. To me that means a very biddable dog, I think that biddability has been lost for many working dogs in favor of higher drives. I'd rather see slightly less drive and more biddability. I need a dog I can live with, not just work so that is why I find this trait to be very important. Next is a good balance of socialness and aloofness. No fear, will greet people in a friendly manner but is not glued to every new person. Then drive comes in, I need a good amount of balanced working drives. I want a dog that I can motivate thru play and enjoyment of spending time with me, so pack drive (or whatever you want to call it) is also important. I do not need or want a dog that fights with me over training, dominance, food, toys, or training situations, so a dog that will fight with me over these things is not of use to me. I do tolerate some of it when the dog is learning and young, but an adult dog that continues these behaviors is a dog that I would not keep.

I want a dog that is natually protective in a serious way. I want to see altertness and readiness to defend the property. This is also where biddability comes in -- when I say it's enough then they can calm down and be ok. I also want my dogs temperament to be concerned to a point about where I am, yet without clingyness. I do like a GSD with small independent streak.

Drive level needs to be better than average, but as I've said, balanced. I cannot stand a dog that goes into orbit all the time and can't think. I don't need a dog with so called "over the top" drive, just decent drive that can get us where I want to go in training. Sustained drive is very important, so is physical stamina.

I don't have an ideal with coat color, but I do like the regular coat length. I also like a dog that is on the larger side of the standard.

~Jamie Bodeutsch~
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Re: The Perfect GSD

Yay this should be fun!!

I would want a blue sable female. Regular coat length. She would be drivey enough to work, but also have a shut off switch for down time at home. She would have to be socialiable, because I take my dogs everywhere. Standard height and weight.

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Re: The Perfect GSD

80-90 lbs.
Black Sable
Working lines of course
High Drives
Aloof with people but accepting of them
Aloof with dogs but accepting of them

Carolina Johnson

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Re: The Perfect GSD

Hmmm... I would like a dog with a darker plush coat (I like a lot of black), not TOO huge, and who is strong and agile. Personality-wise, I would love a GSD that will greet people I invite into my home with a sniff and a wag and then go lay down. Maybe it's unfair of me to want this, but I would love to have one who has enough drive and energy to play fetch and enjoy his walks, but when we're in the house, will lie down with a bone to chew and be content without all the pacing and whining and pining after me. If I leave the room, I'd prefer that he not have to feel like he has to follow me all the time (ie: clinginess is frustrating in a way because I feel guilty when I want time to myself!)
Also he'd be calm and patient with children, and respectful to our cats.

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Re: The Perfect GSD

Well, thatís a lot to think about. I guess Iíll answer the easy parts first.

I like the look of the blockier male GSDs best and the darkest colors. I like the look of Blacks, Bi-colors w/mostly black and Black Sables. Of course, I like the working lines or old West German or Czech working lines to be more specific. As for size, I lean toward the standard, a medium size dog. I'm not real keen on large or oversized. Of course, for me it would be a male as far as gender.

Drive, Aloofness, socialness & temperament I really am pretty happy with one of the GSDs I currently own. If I could carbon copy that in another GSD, I would. He is aloof toward strangers but not toward me. Heís not the kind of dog who will climb up on your lap and he prefers to be undisturbed when heís sleeping (though he will tolerate it). He can be social but as I said not overly affectionate or friendly. He has a higher prey drive. I think his prey drive is part of what makes him so fun to own and have around.

(I'm sure I'm missing some things but I can always ad more later.)

Home of Sundance, Butch & Wyatt

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Re: The Perfect GSD

Blanket b/t or Bi color, dark face, eyes. Balanced, no extremes. Stock coat. Female. Medium sized (57 cm, 23 inches or so), 60-70#, strong head, good bone, tight feet. Athletic.

Social, pushy, dominant, very confident dog that is also civil, biddable, hard and could be used for PP if needed. They must also adore kids. I like dogs with a tremendous amount of drive that will settle in the house, can travel with me, stay in hotel rooms, sleep on the bed, a dog with brains. Hard, calm, full grips, a lot of fight, insatiable desire to work, strong hunt drive and natural tracking ability. Exceptional nerves in all situations.

I think that is everything.

Lisa Clark

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Re: The Perfect GSD

I had almost 11 years with her--my first gsd: Massasoit Little Bear. I adopted her at 10 weeks from the Greenfield Humane Society in MA. She was outgoing, a natural alpha, absolutely trustworthy with kids (and very loving), great with puppies and other dogs and cats, protective but not overly so, extremely intelligent (people said she was almost human), loyal, only interested in people she knew, headstrong, brave, a great problem solver and I could take her anywhere with me. She knew what I wanted without my saying a word. She kept me from getting lost in the woods many times and she had the most wonderful sense of humor. She's the reason I got hooked on the breed.

Of course she had all of the typical health problems but her temperament couldn't have been more rock solid.

Ruth & the 4 Legged Rescue Gang

Rafi the malaroo

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Re: The Perfect GSD

My ideal is as dark as possible, especially the face. Not huge but well balanced and stocky.Has to be biddable but have strong desire to work and good prey drive. Must not bark at every knock on the door when I am home, I am in control. Must love people and be friendly but know not to bother guests. Must adore kiddies. Have to be willing to lay down quietly by my side or on it's bed when it's quiet time in the house, no begging for play time or acting up. A dog who checks on my whereabouts but doesn't cling or follow from room to room unless needed. I'm sure I've left out many things, but I think the most important points are covered.

And this describes my dog exactly, so I have exactly what I want.
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Re: The Perfect GSD

90-100 lbs
Czech Border Patrol lines
Bi-color or very dark sable color
normal coat length, but the denser the better
medium drives
medium activity level
social-- but some degree of suspicion
biddable-- good pack drive
handler-focused, handler-sensitive
Affectionate with me
and a leeeeeettle bit pushy.

Frauchen von:

Grimm van den Heuvel, aka "The Doofinator"
My strong-minded, very loving boy
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