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I'm afraid my GSD is getting jealous of my other dog

The last two times I've let my 51/2 month old GSD male and my 1 year old Labradoodle female together, there has been some pretty rough play. I'm pretty sure it's not all play, he seems to be jealous of me spending time with her. I feel like, in many ways, I'm having to go back to square 1 with some of his training that he had seemed to have down really good, since he's hit the "adolescent stage"He has some separation anxiery which has improved, but he is also really bad with jumping on people, which I've never allowed him to do, and sometimes runs away when I call, even though he used to have a pretty solid recall.

But anyway, I am concerned, as I really want to keep both my dogs, but can't have them not getting along. One piece of the puzzle may be that she recently came into her first heat, and he has very aroused since then. I have successfully prevented any mounting attempts, but I think that may be part of the aggression. (I want to use him as a stud in the future, so neutering is not an option) I am always with them when they are together, and stop any play that gets too rough, or has if dog is no longer having fun, and if there's any growling (there was once, over a bone) play time is over. And I try to spend equal time with both of them, especially when they're together, to show them they don't have to keep the other one away in order to be with me.

I would really appreciate any tips or suggestions. Thanks!
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It's normal for a dog to slide backwards a bit when it hits adolescence. It's also normal for you to start seeing more rough play and pushing of the limits. It's good that you are supervising play time and intervening when necessary.

It's important for you to be consistent and firm for, oh, the next year and a half, as he matures. It's no coincidence that a lot of dogs that end up in the shelter are 7-18 months old.

If you are new to this type of behavior or to GSDs, you may want to work with a trainer for a bit. And remember, a tired dog is a good dog.
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So... you let them together when she's in heat and just don't allow mounting? I think you are lookin' for trouble.

People here will tell you that you are looking for trouble with two of them so close together in age, too.

To prevent this behavior, keep them separate when she's in heat. Expect crap behavior from him while she's in heat.
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He’s not getting jealous, he’s getting frustrated by being teased with your in heat female. It will only get worse the older he gets. As in tearing through doors, fences, whatever it takes for him to get to her. You’re seeing easy street with him right now. Unless you plan on having a mixed litter, do yourself, and your dogs a favor, and keep them separated at all times during her heat cycles. Better yet, if the bitch is mature, have her spayed to avoid a mixed litter.

As for studding out your male, what is his pedigree? If you’re seeing unwanted behavior out of him now, what makes you feel like he is worthy to breed? Has he had health testing and temperament testing done? Do you work on any titles in any areas with him? Does his dam and sire have titles?
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I am not really seeing any where in your post just what you mean by he is being jealous over you spending time with your female.

He really hasn't entered adolescence yet, he is a bit young, but your female in heat might have brought some of those behaviors on prematurely. Adolescence begins after sexual maturity so your female is in her adolescent stage but at 5.5 months, the male, not so much.

You are right not to let the play get to rough. When you run interference, make sure that you bring both dogs down to a calmer state before allowing more play.

Is there beginning to be a size disparity between the two dogs? I assume the female is smaller framed leaving her at risk from too rough of play from the male.

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I think you've got a very frustrated young male on your hands.....I don't know how far along she is in her cycle but there will be a time when she'll be very receptive to him and you trying to keep them apart will only frustrate him more and make him harder to control....why tease your male ??....keep them apart until she's done with "heat".....
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Thank you everyone for the advice. I will keep them apart whenever she is in heat in the future, and continue to be firm and just keep working with him. (and her ) My female is still a little heavier than my male, but he may have more strength in his chest already, and is more agile.
@Jchrest, he is AKC registered with champion bloodlines. I just ordered his pedigree so I don't have it on hand, but he comes from good stock. I don't really feel like it's fair to say I'm saying unwanted behavior, he's a puppy, exhibiting puppy behavior and I just want to make sure I'm doing my best as his trainer and owner to raise him well and address any issues as needed.
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