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Originally Posted by Amelydia View Post
I think I knew the answer before I posted but I guess I was hoping for better news. If I'm honest with myself I don't have the ability or time to make this a happy safe household for both dogs. I want to, I wish I was confident enough to be able to say I can and will fix this, and maybe if it was just me or even just my husband and me we could, but with two young kids I can't guarantee there won't be another incident. I know I can do more with Sherlock to curb her attitude, but it takes one bad day, one slip up and I don't know I can stop a fight by myself.

I talked with my parents and they are considering taking Tank. They've had a GSD in the past, and they have a 1 year old larger mutt that Tank has gotten along with when they've brought her over for playdates. I'm really hoping they'll take him so he can stay in the family and I can still visit him, he really is such a great dog. He's a quick learner and so good with my kids, and honestly fine with other dogs as long as they aren't reactive.

I hate this. Its a crappy situation and I wish I had known what I know now. Maybe I could've done more to prevent this from happening.
Hind sight is always 20/20. You had an incident with your dogs. You didn't ignore it. You actively sought out help and advice. You have read and evaluated that advice. You have evaluated the realities of the future with these two dogs and yours and your families capabilities to handle them in the future. You are being proactive in a realistic solution. We are all human and make mistakes. And sometimes some dogs just don't get along no matter what we humans do.
You are putting the safety and wellness of both dogs first and foremost. I commend you for taking the honest look at the future of these two dogs in the same house and making the tough decisions on their behalf. Even though it sucks your priorities are in the right place.
I hope placement of Tank with family works out and you can still have him in your life.
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Originally Posted by Muskeg View Post
Never had a male attack a female. I'm not sure how to advise, if the attack was serious and the other dog was actually injured, next time it will be worse. I've seen small spats but never an attack. Or fight. I'm sure it can happen, as others have said, but it's not "normal".

I don't consider Tank's incident an 'attack' but more like a 'once and for all' response to her bullying ways. In the past one of my dog was attacked by an Akita. She came up in hunting mode without meeting my dog and bit him in a full blow attack. There was no prior interaction unlike in Tank's case.
To the OP: you have made the best decision for your family's sake and the dogs'. I recently had to give up a 100% sound young male due to my health issues. Missing him hurts like crazy and on my good days I wonder if I should have kept him. But my health is improving because of giving him up. He found a great new home as service dog. Once Tank lives with someone else and doing well, your and the dogs' peace will return.
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I am so sorry you are going through this. Honestly, I think you are doing the right thing. I had a rat terrier mix, as well as my young GSD. They had gotten along fine, no problem for 16 months, although the little dog was always the boss. Suddenly they got in a fight (even though I was there when it happened, I don't know what "caused it.") The GSD picked the small dog up by the neck and shook her, and we had to have her put to sleep that same afternoon. For that reason, I will never have a large dog and a small dog at the same time again. I realize many people do and never have a problem, but I have seen firsthand what can happen if and when they do fight.

P.S. Both were spayed females.
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I think you are making the right decision. Let the corgi be queen of the house in her old age. The other option is to separate and/or work really hard at this particular issue making sure to stay safe. The corgi probably has anywhere from 2- 5 more years in her.. maybe more I don't know the breed very well. But it is an option.
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I know its the right choice and even better it looks like my parents will be able to hold on to Tank for me, and as long as they aren't completely in love with him when there is no longer a Sherlock I may even be able to get him back, but at the very least I'll still get to visit him and I know he's going to be spoiled rotten with them.

For all her faults, Sherlock really is a great dog, she just isn't great with other dogs. I had high hopes when I brought Tank home that maybe Sherlock and Tank could learn to get along, after all the only dog she ever submitted to was my parents old GSD. Things were going well until they didn't and we're fortunate enough that the fight wasn't worse.

This isn't how would've planned everything, but with whats happened things are progressing about as well as I could hope.

My only other hurdle now is getting Tank fixed, my mom is willing to take him in but she very much wants him to be neutered before they take him in. Ideally I'd like to wait until he's a bit older, at least a year to 18 months, but ideally he wouldn't have to be taken in by my parents...

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Originally Posted by Chip Blasiole View Post
No suggestions on how to fix the conflict, but if they fight again, grab your GSD by the hind legs and lift them off the ground and pull him away to break up the fight.
THANK YOU!!! I was at the local community building for the rabies shots and this person had a real large junkyard dog (with no muzzle) on a chain & wire leash (?). My GSD and I was in front of a person who was holding their small dog but for some insane reason decided to get close to junkyard dog(why?) who was able to grabbed poor little dog around the neck and wouldn’t let go. Both owners was hitting the poor junkyard on the head and trying to (pull?) poor little dog out of its mouth with no success DUH! I gave my dog over to a bystander and picked up the junkyard dog's rear leg putting him off balanced and twisted my hands opposite of each other giving the poor JYD a good burn (it works great), junkyard let go quickly and tried to bite me with no success(Istill had it's leg). Poor little dog owner left and I hoped went to vet. Junkyard’s owner was upset but people just get too close to other and just think all dogs will get along.
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Originally Posted by Amelydia View Post
Unfortunately I've been operating under some bad advice, I thought I needed to let dogs establish a pecking order and that sometimes they squabble over rank but as long as things don't turn bloody it's better to let them sort it out and if you intervene before it's over they'll just keep fighting until they can finish it.
Yikes. Yeah, not good advice. I've only had GSDs (male/female pairs) and have been very, very lucky that they have always gotten along extremely well. I don't think that's any magic on my part, it has a lot to do with the temperament of the dogs, which fortunately have been complimentary to each other. But I do enforce house rules, and if there had been any sort of squabbles they would have been nipped in the bud immediately.

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