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Year old barking at every sound in the house

Jupiter's barking is really starting to get on my nerves. I spend most of my day in my office (where I also sleep and so does he). It's gotten to the point that whenever anyone calls in the house, he starts barking. If someone comes into my office, he starts barking. If I'm reading in the loft bed and someone comes up to talk to me, he'll start barking. Also, when I use the restroom (of course he has to follow me), whenever I reach for the toilet paper, he starts barking.

I am sensitive to noise, and it's starting to bother me.

He does know a "speak" command, but it's never seemed to help him be quiet.

I have a spray bottle which I can threaten him with, and that sort of works.

I have tried calling him and giving him a treat, and that helps.

Overall, though, it's getting much worse. Over the past two months, he just gets barkier and barkier. It's really obnoxious! Help?
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