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Looking for a Breeder for a Psychiatric Service Dog Prospect

I've been researching and looking for breeders since the beginning of this year. Searching through hundreds of websites and trying my best to avoid any suspicious ones or any that seemed linked to puppy mills. I've done hours of researching the different lines, temperaments, behaviors, diets, pros and cons, but I'm burning myself out looking by myself. This is my first time looking into and getting a dog but I've done my homework. I'm really passionate about this breed too. I love everything about the personality of German shepherds. I'd just like a little more help and education from more experienced people out there.

I'm looking for a reputable breeder, obviously. I'm in the US, specifically the Arizona area. What complicates things a little is I need this puppy to become my psychiatric service dog that I will be training. So even temperaments and good nerves across the board. I realize it varies from dog to dog how they act and their different personalities. Of the different lines I find that the West German Working Line is closer to what I'm looking for but knowing that they're rarer I'd settle for a mixture of the working lines. But I'm not strictly set on that line. As long as I find a puppy with the proper attitude, personality, willingness to work, and temperament I couldn't care less which German line they're from. I'd like to avoid the American show line because of their bad traits. If there's any breeders who are having puppies at the end of this year or the beginning of next year that's all the better, although not a requirement. I'm willing to wait and find the right breeder and puppy for me. If you can help point me to the right person I'll appreciate it so much!
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