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First, I think you need to expand on what you mean by biting and when it's happening.

What I'm reading right now is that she has no bite inhibition and was never taught to have any. Basically, you are dealing with an issue that should have been fixed as a puppy. So same rules apply. Redirect with a tug or ball. Teach him what is appropriate to bite. Any biting on the human stops the game completely. Biting is not fun. It gets no reward.

I'm not going to evaluate your personal life. But will say that people think you have to go weekly to a trainer and spend a ton of money. No. That's not true. Find a good trainer that will give you your moneys' worth. Work on what you learned, then go back for another lesson. I bet a good trainer could have this issue under control in 3 sessions with you. First one to learn, second to follow up because we never get it right the first time, third time to solidify what we learned.

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