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Tedious Behaviour

My girl is 3 years old. She went through a stage where she would take a 'dislike' to 1 out of 10 dogs she met but she has been so much better. Last week my daughter took her for a walk and said she was amazing, lots of dogs without reacting at all, impeccable recall until they got to the car park and met a black lab who was minding it's own business and my girl pounced. Daughter was mortified, called our girl back and apologised.
So today my family held a surprise birthday party for me and my brother bought his new 4 month black lab puppy and my girl wasn't having any of it. The pup is a joy, incredibly submissive and certainly not in my girls face. In the end I crated my girl (she loves her crate) but then she just barked and barked unless I was in the room with her. Party and pup in another room. We did get it so that they could be in the same room together, mine on a leash, pup the other side of the room. I have no idea why my girl didn't like this pup. The pup didn't do anything wrong.
Would meeting off territory help? The fact is that at the moment i can't take my dog to any gathering that includes the pup. And I am so disappointed, my girl is a joy but today i could find no excuse for her behaviour.
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